Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-194-Why Any Blue WON’T Do!

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Any Blue Will Do!” But is that something we should aspire to or should we figure out who we’re actually VOTE FOR! Also why wouldn’t we vote for Tulsi or Bernie if ANY Blue Will Do!

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Any blue will do! That’s the mantra that most corporate Democrats are lulling themselves to sleep over as 2020 approaches. This is the idea that as long as there is a Non-Trump Democrat in the White House as Commander in Chief, things will return to the status quo. You know that status quo that has conservatives and liberals at each other’s throats for absolutely no reason and having us forget that the tilted economic system has money and control funneling upward. 

There is a glaring problem with this idea of ANY Blue Will Do! America has become color blind and can’t see that a lot of the blue is actually red. Take for example, Joe Biden. He’s not a Democrat and has never been one. 

From his pro-segregation policies, which were rooted in not spending tax money on bussing black school kids, to his Crime Bill, that criminalized a plant and black citizens to the fact that he has the stones to tell the people he’s a working class man! Just because your first is Joe is doesn’t mean your average! In fact your record shows that you’re pretty much below average. 

Biden is running on the party of Blue but his hands are stained with Red. Not with blood, but from the red ooze that comes out of Strom Thurmond when you hug him. It’s like when a pen explodes in your pocket but instead ink is it’s just regular old racism. 

Candidates like Mayor Pete & Kamala Harris are part of the any blue, but don’t have any policies they really stand behind. Kamala’s records show that she’s horrific in terms of criminal & prison reform. And other the fact that Mayor Pete is from the LGBTQ community and has a difficult last name, there isn’t really anything else interesting about him. 

In fact both Kamala and Mayor Pete, along a multitude of Democrats running for the Presidency, have claimed that policies don’t matter, but rather it’s the people that matter. Since policies don’t matter, I guess we can let out all the people that have been wrongfully imprisoned for being in possession of marijuana plants. We just give everyone healthcare for free and the pardon the debt of public college! Oh and I guess we can just implement a Universal Basic Income for all. 

Policies do matter. More than saying that you are for Medicare for All or a more affordable plan for public education that doesn’t involve a debt economy, we want to see a plan! And that plan can’t be “Well I’m not Trump!” Sure, by name and possible skin texture & overall sagginess, these Democrats aren’t Trump. But everything else about them is Trump. 

Mayor Pete is guilty of gentrification and Trump is the embodiment of gentrification. I believe he has that tattooed on himself as a “Trump Stamp”! The criticisms of Mayor Pete’s initiatives to get rid of vacant homes and lots involve clouds of dust being released into low income neighborhoods, which I’m sure his administration can praise as a “New Dust Bowl of Success!” But in reality this was toxic and released lead into the air. 

There was no plan to develop anything interesting for the area. No plans to create centers for education, work or mental health, but rather it continued devalue low income neighborhoods. Crime rates and eviction rates have not decreased and Mayor Pete didn’t finish the project. Have we considered that he’s got ADHD that led him to run for office instead of finish what he started? And if he does win how many incomplete projects will this guy have? Maybe he’ll just forget and start developing a waterfront in South Bend, instead of continuing to run for the Presidency. Really he’d be the perfect President to start wars America has no intention to finish. 

Kamala Harris wants to be Smart on Crime, which is a rebrand of Tough on Crime. Trump is all about rebrands.Trump and his Department of Energy recently rebranded methane to molecules of freedom. Because we all have the freedom to choke on that said freedom! Death is just the freedom of human beings to die! And it’s a human right! Except for fetuses! They’re only allowed to live.  

During the debates, Kamala Harris played Den Mother to fighting candidates and said a lot of nice things. These nice things don’t match anything in her record. She wants racial equality, yet her Crime Bill created inequality. She wants to free kids from cages, yet the Prison Industrial Complex she has supported has profited from America’s backwards immigration policies. She wants people to be reminded and comforted that at 3 am Kamala Harris will be working hard if she’s elected President, when that’s the thing a lot of us fear! That’ll you’ll be working and cooking up schemes and using your big city lawyer talk to fuck the American people over. 

And Joe Biden is Trump through and through. Biden & Trump’s charisma is wrapped in fake machismo. Biden basically said if Trump and him were in high school, he’d beat the crap out of him. That’s about as close to Biden’s foriegn policy plan as we’re going to get. “Oh yeah, Putin? I’ll kick your ass! Me & You, outside on the White House lawn, 2 minutes to midnight! Dukes up you bear fightin’ shirtless commie!” 

Biden’s primary fall back when anyone on the debate stage criticized him was “Hey, come on, I’m friends with Barack Obama!” To which Obama was ready to drone strike the Democratic Debate stage to get rid of Biden sullying his name and keep on brand of using drone strikes against American citizens! If Biden & Bernie have taught us anything it’s that consistency is important. And Trump has taught us that a brand is everything!

Now if ANY Blue will do, we’d logically go with someone like Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders. Tulsi’s policies include plans for non-interventionist, anti-war foriegn policies, Medicare for All, pardoning people like Julian Asange and Edward Snowden. Her anti-war stances has gotten a lot of criticism from anyone that can profit off simplifying global affairs and McCarthyism. 

Tulsi as a combat vet has seen how terrible the theater of war really is and has figured that a more peaceful diplomatic approach might be better for the long run. Especially in a region of the world that has been destabilized by American Military Intervention. 

Now some people’s criticism of these non-interventionist ideologies is that if America leaves places like Afghanistan or Iraq, Russia or China will swoop in. With what? The American Military is 10 times larger than the next 9 countries militaries combined! No other country has the resources or military bravado to be present in as many parts of the world like America does. One might say that no other country has as much Big Dick Energy as America does. Besides what we really need to be worried about is if the CIA will take over instead, if the Military does leave. 

If you paid attention to the clusterfuck of the Democratic Debates you saw that Tulsi didn’t really get a fair shake. She wasn’t asked a lot of questions and when she was asked something her answers were measured, nuanced and she talked about plans to get to a progressive future. And even in her most heated moment, she chose to stay on point with facts instead of name calling, yelling or invoking fear and Russia. 

For example her plan for Medicare For All is a transition step to offer the choice of a government run Medicare option for people or to keep the insurance that your employer provides. Look healthcare needs to change in America, but to go from a fully private run healthcare to fully public run healthcare is too much of a shock for some folks. It’s like when someone flushes the toilet when you’re in the shower. People are going to get burned and angry. 

The end result is always going to be a Universal Healthcare, we just have to wean people off the private option that has dug its nails into our backs. Plus if you want conservatives to be on board with this plan we have to work them into it. If there’s a comparative proof of concept more and more people will be on board with Medicare For All. It’s like having a venn diagram that in course of 4 years moves further and further away from itself. 

Part 1 of the debates were focused on Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker. And Senator Booker is trying really hard to prove to everyone he’s not the Pharma Whore we know him to be. He has taken over $300K from the industry. So it’s cringey when he talks about regulating an industry that bought his very nice suits and poisoned most American communities. The bluest thing about Corey Booker is the little blue pill he’s pushing down America’s throats so we can all feel some Big Dick Energy. 

Booker isn’t shy about telling you he’s from a low income neighborhood in New Jersey. Booker’s home in the Newark Central Ward is worth over $150k, which is roughly less than average for the cost of a home in that area. He’s more of a Bruce Springsteen than Springsteen. Except he’s partnered with corporations that want to get all the people of his neighborhood blasted on their drugs all the time to forget they’re in a low income neighborhood and most of Bruce Springsteen’s catalog.  

During the first Democratic Debates, Elizabeth Warren did do pretty well, but she got a ton of time to address her points and plans. The issue with Warren is that she says some nice things, as all politicians do, but will she back the DNC when they coronate their chosen candidate? If a corporate candidate is selected will she continue to have the same fire or will she wave the white flag till the next wave of elections roll around?

But with the amount of time she got, I have to wonder if she’s being groomed by the hands of the DNC to be next nominee. Liz Warren does say as many nice things as Kamala Harris does, quotes Bernie Sanders and has been nicknamed by President Trump. This makes her the anyiest of the ANY Blues. The DNC might be seeing their mistakes by backing Biden, Booker or Harris, which sounds like a law firm that will win cases for you and then take your house while you sleep. 

During the second part of the Democratic Debates, Bernie repeated his consistent message that politics has been stagnant and what institutions we have to be in a fight with. But much like any of the other candidates on stage he didn’t provide a plan, because he doesn’t want the other candidates to just grab his plans and run with it and claim it as their own. America has political altziemers and Bernie has to play it close to the vest. 

But when you talk about Tulsi or Bernie under the context of “Any Blue Will Do”, the Corporate Democrats claim they’re not viable. But a gentrifier, 2 cheerleaders for the Prison Industrial Complex, a sponsor for pharmaceuticals and a segregationist are viable? I don’t think we’re living in the darkest timeline, we’re living in the most illogical one!  

At this point America needs a leader that’s going to be for the rights of people, not the corporations. They’re interested in creating a progressive, innovative future through cooperation, not lining their pockets by stoking fear. A president that is going to come up with rational ideas and run an economy on compassion instead of competition. We need someone that’s more about policies than platitudes. 

The voting process in America is complex and filled with redundancies. From voting in the caucuses to the primaries and then general elections, to other caucuses, people don’t want to do all this work, unless you give them a candidate that’s worth all that trouble. 

That’s what happened in 2016. Hilary Clinton was not worth the trouble. ONE of the many reasons she didn’t win was apathy. Another reason was that she was a bad candidate for the Democratic Party! But to some people in this country, Trump was the embodiment of God. Which goes to show that God is just a human with a great PR firm despite his several bankruptcies, financially and morally. 

In 2008, Barack Obama ran on ‘Hope & Change’, which we need after a Bush Presidency. But there was a lot of betrayal with that Blue sweet-talker proved to be more of the same. He increased the surveillance state, demonized whistleblowers, increased drone warfare, deported more immigrants than the previous 3 Presidents combined and his cabinet was picked by Citibank! There was not a lot hope when we saw no change! There was a lot of Black & Blue for the country. 

Look if you’re willing to vote for a color, then you might as well write in a can of paint from Lowes as your candidate. “Behr-Ultramarine Blue” or “Valspar Teal” or “HGTV Sky Blue”. That’s a more diverse set of blue than the Democratic Party, and it’s just as corporate! 

The point is Any Blue Won’t Do. This election should be about a candidate that is willing to work on reforming the inequalities in our society, and progress society for all of us. Voting for a color or against someone will result in the same thing we saw in 2016 and will push us further into status quo that brought us here. I’m not here to tell you who you should vote for, but to know who you are really vote for.