The Dispatch! A New Standard For Education!

We have a new standard for education in America. You spend your time in high school, learning not just what it takes to be good at either passing tests or passing the ball, but also how to be a person. After you graduate you apply for college, and if your parents get approved the extraordinary amounts of loans it will take for you to get a formal education, you get to go to college. There you will continue to learn how to be a person while figuring out new strategies of how to be a good test taker and a model cog in the system while learning the most efficient way to do a keg stand. After you graduate, people will tell you the real world is hard and scary and you’re now burdened with thousands upon tens of thousands dollars of debt. And your job isn’t even close to what you went to school for and makes you barely enough money to keep on the same college budget of Top Ramen and Royal Crown Cola let alone pay off your student loan debt.

America: land of the free, unless you want basic needs then you’re going to have to pay for it and contribute to our debt economy to keep living.

America’s education has been a hot button topic in the political machine for a while now. The education system is corrupted and in America is a contributor of income disparity among younger folk. Recently Presidential Rat Racer and US Senator Bernie Sanders has re-proposed the Robin Hood Tax as a way to decrease this debt disparity in America. Senator Sanders proposed this idea over 4 years ago when he said we should tax high risk stock market exchanges at 1/2%. This would generate enough income to cover free public college for the American youth.

This time he’s proposing that we use this same tactic to eliminate the $1.6 trillion student loan debt and then use this tax to help cover free public tuition of those that want to pursue higher education. So this would mean that as Wall Street pursues its greed driven actions, America’s youth would benefit and learn that the stock market is not what determines the economy but rather is a popularity contest to determine how well rich people are doing.

But the folks over at Wall St. think this is pretty unfair! Why should they foot the bill of student loans? They didn’t tell young Timmy to get a communication degree! To be fair with the state of things being so polarized as they are in America we all could use a communications degree!

Wall St. not wanting to foot the bill isn’t shocking. They didn’t foot the bill of the financial collapse. I bet they didn’t even pay for that bull statue on their own street. The point of Wall St. is to enrich the rich and by whining about this tax on high risk trades they’re showing how they don’t actually care about people! I mean we’re literally talking about a fraction of a percent to decrease an astronomical debt for future consumers! This is also goes to show that the people that claim are in charge of our economy are no good at math. Probably a product of our debt ridden and corrupted education system.

Another argument against this so called Robin Hood Tax is why its forgiving student loan debt? What about healthcare, veterans, homelessness? What about making Jeff Bezos look less like the hate child of the monopoly man & Zack Snyder’s Lex Luthor!? Fair questions, but the lack of funding for Veterans comes from an over inflated war budget. So reallocate some of money used to kill brown people & dissidents to help the veterans that rich politicians hired to do their dirty work.

And we have plans for Medicare For All that involves a public option going against the private ones! If you want to decrease homelessness perhaps churches can help house these folks in their enormous gilded facilities! As for Bezos there’s nothing we can do for him that his $250 billion net worth hasn’t tried.

These excuses shift the blame away a backward, profit driven system and put it back on we the people for wanting basic needs. No one should be penalized for wanting an education! America is the only country where students are walking away with thousands & thousands in debt! It’s like America is really living up to the stereotype that Americans are dumb! Not only because most people can’t get an education but our solutions are met with the same whininess as a 5 year old asked eat their vegetables!

The new standard of education should be one of critical thought and accessibility to everyone not just to the elites who can pay exorbitant fees or the poorer families willing to go to debt. This tilted system was created with the help of Wall St. and now they have a chance at un-tilting it! Besides the Internet has all the information you’d want to learn in college anyway, including the stories about what happened to the rich when they kept fucking over poor people!