The Dispatch! Prime Day and the God-King Bezos!

Prime Day! A day where we celebrate one of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos and ascend him to God-Hood via sales and consumerism! Jeff Bezos, who is now known as the lord of Free Shipping & Drone Bombing households with consumer goods, should be known for depreciating work conditions and crippling entrepreneurship in America. Prime Day! For only $99/year you can make sure Mom and Pop live under a bridge, that was constructed and contracted by Amazon!

Amazon has been known for competing with it’s own sellers on it’s own website! Amazon has become the retail market place by virtue that most customers go to first when they make a purchase. Half of the economy is going to Amazon’s sales. And if retailers want to be seen and sell their inventory they have to go to be on Amazon’s platform. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, Whole Foods and the Washington Post. At this point he’s controlling news and every aspect of consumer goods and with this tactic he’s making his way to own Wall Street and the Banking Industry. Give it 5 years and a few more spineless Congress-people and we’ll have a merger of the United States government with the God-King Bezos.

Some of us might be thinking that small businesses being a part of Amazon is a good thing, but in reality it provides them with no incentives and is usually crippling. Companies like Harry’s Famous Flowers in Kentucky went out of business because of online shopping. When they did get online they weren’t getting any traffic on Amazon. They got a few orders and by time they paid the Amazon fees of $40/month and 15% of sales to Amazon and the gas for delivery, the net gain was $6! Jeff Bezos wanted to make sure Harry would not be famous for his flowers, but rather his bankruptcy for even thinking about challenging Amazon. Bezos makes a big deal that 58% of the sales are coming from the third party retailers but in reality most of that is in the fees that these sellers have to pay to be on the platform. This would like be renting out a cubicle at your office job!

Not only do they charge these fees for being a part of their marketplace, but Amazon is known to steal products of entrepreneurs and give themselves top billing on their own platform. This was case for a headphone seller on Amazon. Her product starts doing well and then Amazon rolls a replica of the product on their own and is on the top every search. Amazon has no fees to pay and now the entrepreneur is paying money to lose. This is happening in lieu of Nate Sutton, the associate general counsel at Amazon, assuring Rhode Island Senators that this was not the case. I’m fairly certain the Churches of Scientology are less shady than Amazon.

Amazon is also known for its horrific treatment of its employees. From being timed for bathroom breaks to nose bleeds due to cardboard particles in the air, workers have described Amazon as a modern day sweatshop. It’s modernized by the fact that their bosses will text them before they are flogged for taking an extra 72 seconds in the bathroom. These kinds of pressures have known to and do cause both mental and physical stresses on humans. Bezos’ own paper, the Washington Post reported that was once a dead baby that was found in one of these warehouses. Someone tell Bezos that dead baby jokes are often not funny, so dead baby realities are significantly worse!

Bezos has said that he pays his employee at minimum $15/hour. Now they also did report that Amazon increased wages by a solid 25 cents an hour. What a noble lord and God-King. Just because you met the bare of minimum of wages from 2012, doesn’t mean you get dictate pee breaks and extra brutal conditions. Plus a bunch of Amazon workers from their corporate sector to their warehouses and even to their App based drivers, are temporary workers. This means Bezos and his Amazon compatriots don’t have to cover health insurance or provide any benefits for them. Well except the glory of being in the shadow of the great God-King Bezos and his Angel of dictatorial work schedules.

Amazon has repeated been flagged and penalized by OSHA, yet continues its operations exactly as it always has. And when Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzales asked his journalism students to file a Freedom of Information Act request from OSHA about Amazon, they got a 100 page report, which was mostly Redacted. They claimed there were secrets about Amazon’s business model they can’t reveal. Yes, the same way Guantanamo Bay can’t tell you exactly how they Waterboard people, Amazon can’t tell you how they cheat workers!

A lot of employees have also said that they don’t feel like these warehouses are made for humans. And they’re right. I bet they aren’t made for humans. If you don’t think the shabby treatment of what God-King Bezos would call “Meatbags for Rent”, is not on purpose then you haven’t watched the robot apocalypse movies like they’re prophecy. You’re probably still allowed at most movie theaters in your community for not telling people the robot revolution is coming and we must prepare ourselves for it.

Look Bezos isn’t dumb. He and the other neo-fuedal capitalists are prepping for automation. Robots don’t have to pee. They don’t have babies. They don’t eat. They don’t sleep. They will pack and ship Prime Orders non-stop till Bezos has so much money that its mass is causing the Cayman Islands to sink. And some of the Robots will pleasure him sexually with the sound of PayPal transfers, which is probably the only way Jeff Bezos can ejaculate.

And on top of this, Amazon Web Services hosts Palantir, a tech company that has surveillance equipment that can track people’s background, connections and family with just their name. In conjunction with Amazon’s facial recognition software, these are being used for immigrant deportations illegally by means of ICE and are incredibly invasive! I think it’s safe to say that Big Brother is no longer watching us. He has been put out of business by Jeff Bezos who, much like the Judeo-Christian God is watching us everywhere, especially in the bathroom! And now Mom, Pop & Big Brother are living under the Amazon Bridge.

Jeff Bezos’ marketplace will not only discriminate against entrepreneurship and employees, but also the consumer. Eventually with the collection of enough data the platform will show people in various income brackets specific products and block them from others. And if Amazon continues to exploit new ideas by stealing them from working class people, that bankruptcy will create a new low class Amazon workers who have to shop at Amazon and get products dictated to them by Amazon! And if you don’t fall in line, the God King will offer you free shipping to the land of the dead.

Amazon is a hosting site for small businesses to have an online presence, but it’s also selling their own line of goods and services. This is a monopoly of supply and demand. Amazon is becoming everything and on the verge of dictating what we do and don’t need. Unless we fight to break up this service, things are going to get worse for employees, consumers and the spirit of a competitive and collaborative market place. Prime Day will not just be another consumerist holiday but an unbreakable law to feed into the growing expanse of the Bezos ego and sociopathy.

At the current moment, our society has found itself in what economists like Dr. Richard Wolff and Anand Giridharadas call a neo-fuedalist era. This means that we’re an era where the world is not run by the Democratic rule of people, but rather the rule of the most financially wealthy and most exploitative. Instead of potato farms, they’ve got server farms. Instead of castles with moats they’ve got massive headquarters where poor people used to live surrounded by a sea of old broken desktops screens.

So if you’re Prime Member and a consumer, I’m not here to shame you and tell you that your worship of a false God and prophet is evil and you’re no better than Bezos. I’m here to tell you that this is the reality we live and we can change it. We can go out and support our local entrepreneurs and provide help and aid to former Amazon workers. I know Amazon is convenient, but at this point the convenience fee is dystopia ruled by an unfair and false God-King.