TransContinental: America’s Largest Church … Walmart!

We have seen really amazing things across this country. Sometime it’s in places we would’ve never expected it! We were in Arkansas when we saw America’s Largest Church…Walmart. Yeah, the Walton’s built a church to consumerism and they’re headquartered near one of my favorite cities, Fayetteville. There’s 2 streets named after them! Yah took the streets?! What? You took our small businesses and now you’re taking the streets you bastards! What will we march on if you take away our streets!? That’s all the Middle Class has, is the streets!

I just feel bad every time I have go into a Walmart. And that’s the only time we do it, when HAVE to! And you always know when that’s the only option. It’s usually when it’s only glow of light in the distance past the corn field. But I genuinely feel terrible when I have to go into a Walmart! I apologize to every single employee I see. “I’m so sorry! There’s just nothing else! I know you know! But, there’s like nothing!”

I got a little impatient with a Walmart employee a while back and I did feel awful about it for a while. We were driving back from Asheville back home on one of our tours and it was late. Like a little after midnight. So we stopped to get some ginger beer and Walmart was our only option. So we went in got our tasty treat and go to the counter. The lady scans and it goes “Ok, where’s your ID”

I’m sorry for what now?

I need to see your ID. You’re getting beer.

No no, we’re getting Ginger Beer.

It doesn’t matter what flavor the beer is, you have to be 21 to purchase it!

What’s happening right now? Is this a nightmare? Am I trapped in a nightmare!?” That’s my hell by the way. Stuck in a Walmart, arguing the logic of Ginger Beer with a woman at midnight! We looked at her were like “It’s not alcohol. Like root beer? You know Root Beer? Do you think Root Beer is alcoholic too!?

I hope this lady isn’t at BBQs shotgunning cans of Mugs getting a false sense of confidence about her drinking because that is going to lead to so many problems! And I realized that’s a huge issue with Walmart is that it not only kills small businesses, the working class and the human spirit but also logic.