TransContinental: New Orleans, A City That Is Dedicated!

We headed South first. One of our first stops was New Orleans, which is an interesting city. And that’s an understatement when it comes to New Orleans. You can drink on the streets in New Orleans! Yeah, you can carry your open containers of alcohol right on the streets, which incredible. Look we all used to do that in college with Coke cans that we’d half empty and then fill it with vodka and our own sadness and walk around campus like we were kings. But New Orleans they have their sadness in a bottle out in the open! They’re fuckin proud of it! It’s kinda great!

What’s not great are the streets themselves! Driving in that city is a nightmare because the streets are all shit. Potholes like I’ve never seen before! It was nuts. That had to have come about at some Town Hall meeting.

Ok everyone we have enough money to either fix the streets or drink on them.

THE DRINKING ONE! Let’s do the drinking one! There’s so much more we need to forget. Oh man, I need to something to shake Bobby Jindal’s vile smile out of my head!

It’s an interesting city.