TransContinental: Puzzle Pieces!

I have had a lot of people ask me why we do this. Why do you go on tour so much? Why do you drive everywhere? The notion of being on a 4 month tour is insane to people. We love it. It’s a great experience. I recommend it to everyone. If you have the opportunity then you should do it. It’s also astounding to people that we drove through the whole country. Here’s the thing, flying is awful!

The idea of flight is amazing and beautiful and we took that idea and added security, TSA and an indoor mall and ruined it. Everything leading up to the miracle is flight is awful. I have to be groped without anyone buying me dinner! I have to deal with racism and classism. By the time we take off, I don’t even care that we’re doing something that only birds have accomplished.

I knew I was done with flying when I was at O’Hare in Chicago a few years ago and saw an older woman that was cursing out and aggressively trying to attack a flight attendant be carried out by 2 Police Officers. They had her by the armpits and when she started kicking the cops so one of them just restrained her legs and carried her out like a pig on a spit. At that point I was like “Yeah, I don’t think this is bringing out the best of us!

I love driving across the country. You see so much and you meet so many people from different walks of life. You get to understand things a little bit better! The way I see it it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. We all start with like 10 pieces. And every place we go, every person we meet, every interaction we have, story we hear, we gain a few more puzzle piece. Some that fit the pieces we have others start a whole new section. But with each piece we get the puzzle gets a little clearer. And the reality is we probably won’t ever finish the puzzle, but we might get close. And that’s amazing to me. That’s why you should leave and go see someplace new. I hope tonight has added a piece to your puzzle.