TransContinental: Texas, Climate Change, & Aquaman

We decide to head to the South over the Summer, so that was our bad. It was nuts, because when we were in Texas people would come up to us say “Well it’s ONLY going to be 90 tomorrow!” What? ONLY!? That’s not an ONLY temperature! That’s an ‘HOLY FUCK it’s 90! How are we just not on fire! That sentence basically normalized Climate Change in the South. Which is very evident there! We’ve seen crazy weather on tour. Madison WI had the largest flood in a hundred years. California is on fire. New Orleans might flood again but people too drunk to care. This shouldn’t be normal!

The people I feel really bad for are meteorologists. Their jobs are so much harder now because of Climate Change! The weather is completely unpredictable. They used to be able to roll out of bed, behind the green screen from a rum and coke bender and walk in front of the camera, “What is July?! It’ll be hot probably! Wear shorts! Where’s my whore!?!” And they’re back into their bed!

I don’t understand how meteorologists aren’t freaking out on camera all day “I don’t know what its going to today! There’s a storm front, but who knows what that’ll become! A hurricane?! But y’all won’t even listen! It’s Climate Change folks and it’s about to ruin your life! Get with it! Invest in solar! INVEST in SOLAR! Back to you Tom!