Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan-197-How Two Ecuadorian Presidents Used Julian Asange!

Former President Raphael Correa gave Asange asylum to gain favor with the political left in Ecuador. The Current President Lenin Moreno booted Asange for a shot at the world stage. Both Presidents have used Asange for their own reasons!

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With Julian Asange in a Super Max prison for the crime of publishing the crimes of the corporate elites and empires, after Ecuadorian President Moreno gave British police the authority to arrest him from within, we have to ask: Why Ecuador? I mean wouldn’t want to go to Brazil with it’s progressive prison reform movement and giant Jesus statue? Or perhaps even Papua New Guinea, where I assume every citizen is given a free guinea pig?

Asange was being accused of sexual assault in Sweden and was being called into trial. A case that has since then been dropped. Sweden had a penchant of openly extraditing people to the United States, where Asange would be tried and probably put into prison for life or get the death penalty, because America is a country where truth is manufactured carefully under the tender love and care of the intelligence communities and lets also say the Illuminati and God. 

After he applied, Asange was offered asylum by then President Rafael Correa, who had been in power for 6 years at that time. Prior to all this Correa was considered a progressive leader. He had made deals to enrich Ecuador with its oil reserves and redistributed the wealth to the people. But in doing so, he had to drill on indigenous land. He went so far as to make indigenous protests illegal and even took their language out of the textbooks in schools! According to Correa, there was only one language…money! It’s the ultimate example of money is speech!

If you’re a progressive that’s left of center, fighting against the indigenous people to such an extent that you not only take their land for capitalistic gains, but also removing their language seems very authoritarian and dare I say Republican. I do dare say it. Correa was also using this position and wealth to go after any journalist, cartoonist or media outlet that would criticize him. I feel like with so much machismo we should really start exploring the correlation between hugs received from dads and dictatorial behaviors.

So in order to curry his favor with the Ecuadorian left again, in 2012 he offered asylum to Julian Asange at the Embassy in the UK. To some people this was acceptable, to others it seemed as deceptive as your dad wearing a baseball cap backwards to hangout with the cool kids only to narc on them later.   

Things started to fall apart for Correa in 2014. Oil prices crashed and so did a third of Ecuador’s economy. During this time of crisis Correa had a bunch of unfinished projects and went into the debt. Eventually Correa had to flee Ecuador to Belgium because he may or may not have kidnapped the opposition party’s daughter. Kidnapping is not on any political spectrum! Left, Right or Center, we can all agree that’s a pretty bad look.

You know that friend that always bails you out of a jam. That friend you can call when you have money problems or need a couch to sleep on or a quiet place to bang a hooker, but that same friend also has weird dark side. They’re always talking about animal experimentation, chimeras or keep using the phrase “Hitler had some interesting ideas” and you have to think to yourself, “Why the fuck am I friends with this person again?” That’s who Rafael Correa is to Julian Asange. 

When Correa fled, the Presidency was turned over to his successor and Vice President, Lenin Moreno. Now Moreno was supposed to honor the legacy of Correa by keeping what he’d built intact, but Moreno did exactly the opposite. Moreno immediately prosecuted everyone that Correa was working with and had to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund to balance the budget and finish all of Correa’s projects. The loan which was finalized the day after Asange’s expulsion!

The International Monetary Fund or the IMF is a centralized bank headquartered in Washington DC, that is comprised of 189 countries and is apparently in the business of stabilizing economies. Now despite Ecuador’s oil addiction backfiring on them, they weren’t in a total recession, so taking $4.2 billion loan by Moreno seemed like it was unnecessary. The loan details say that this will allow the Central Bank of Ecuador to be THE bank in the country after it was decentralized by the Correa administration in 2008.

As time went on Moreno continued to distance himself from Correa. He removed various offices that he didn’t feel were necessary. He reinstated the people’s right to protest and made sure that there was a voice for the people of Ecuador. But he was also shifting his views on Julian Asange who had received Diplomatic status in the Embassy. This move basically says you can voice your complaints about the Ecuadorian government or any world power, but under Moreno, the Brits and the States will be drag you out of your house and arrest you. Moreno won’t, because he’s a benevolent dictator, but those pigs in the UK and US are just mean.

At this point Moreno had also cut ties with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and started backing the US coup President Juan Guiado. If there’s one way to pledge allegiance to the United States it’s to back their coups! Guiado is unknown to most Venezeulan citizens and Maduro was legally elected as the President of Venezuela.

This is all in line for Moreno to buddy up with the United States. The deal with the IMF, supporting Guiado and ejecting Asange are showing the US that the Moreno administration is willing to side with them, no questions asked. The United States is the one country that Asange has published a lot of secrets about. From the war crimes, election manipulation by it’s top politicians to credit card fraud and so much more! And America still wants to try him here and sentence him for a lifetime. 

Julian Asange was caught between a rock and a hard place. A possible extradition to the most imprisoned country on the planet or be a prop for a pseudo-authoritarian like Correa and get asylum. He chose the latter to keep publishing the truth. The truth that he is now in a Maximum Security Prison for. Moreno bargained for his seat on the world stage by supporting lies and ensuring that the manufactured truth will not be questioned.


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