Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan-196-Julian Asange’s Health Crisis

After 7 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy and now in Belmarsh Prison, Julian Asange’s health remains in crisis both psychologically and physically.

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Exposing the truth can come with some dire consequences. But unlike a creeper lurking in the shadows of a parking garage, waiting to unveil themselves from under a trenchcoat to unsuspecting theater goers, exposers of the truth are considered heros. But despite that they’re still ostracized and imprisoned for challenging the authoritarian leadership of some countries! This is the case for Julian Asange and the consequence is the toll he’s taken on his health, both physical and mental. 

Since 2017, Dr. Sandra Crosby has been checking in on Julian Asange’s health in the Ecuadorian Embassy. In her affidavit that was released in April, she said that she was spied on her visits and found her notes about Asange in the Embassy security room, which violated Doctor-Patient confidentiality. Those 2 years proved to be the darkest episodes of ‘Scrubs’ & ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ ever!

Dr. Crosby described Asange’s conditions as such: “The hostile, non-confidential, and intimidating environment was palpable.” The Ecuadorian Embassy was watching Asange non-stop. This is the ultimate way of playing God. Watching his every move, especially when he sleeps and in the shower. One has to wonder how many Asange dick pics did these guards take? Look, no one finds it romantic when you wake to someone staring at you in REM sleep! It’s mostly the stuff of nightmares! And did Asange get to masturbate at all in the Embassy? 

Since Lenin Moreno became President, attacks on Asange’s psychology have increased. With the inclusion of constant surveillance, Moreno limited the number of guests he could get because Moreno claimed he was conducting hacking business in the embassy. The internet was also cut off by Moreno because he claims that Asange hacked his phone. That goes to show that Moreno really needs to get an iPhone and not this Andriod bullshit.   

Dr. Crosby has pointed out how unhealthy his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy has made him. She addressed that because of the British threat of arrest if he ever left the embassy, he hasn’t set foot outside for 7 years, which has led to severe anxiety, depression and even thoughts of Suicide, proving that he probably hasn’t gotten the chance to masturbate in 7 years. But, as Dr. Crosby wrote, it’s because of his indefinite terms of his detention.

He’s needed dental surgery and shoulder surgery that Suzie Dawson addressed in 2018 on Redacted Tonight VIP! Asange’s eyesight is diminishing because he hasn’t been able to see the horizon in years. Noone even brought him a painting of a horizon to keep in his room. I bet with how unfairly he was treated, the guards, under President Moreno’s orders, hung up a Salvador Dali, melting clock painting. They want to make Asange’s concept of time as bankrupt as their morality.

Dr. Crosby also reported that he has weakened bones and is at high risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer! Sure you can say “Well everything causes cancer!” Yeah, probably, cancer is a mutation. There’s a chance to the pro-Moreno, Hillbot, this video might cause cancer in the truth sector of their brain! So I don’t think it’s far fetched that isolation and a high stress environment causing a weakened immune system can increase cancer risks. 

With his lack of sunlight and horizons, lack of access to medical attention, his constant surveillance and his ambiguous detention time, Asange had lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in conditions less habitable than a prisoner! Which is why in the mind of the British & Ecuadorian administrations, they were saving Asange! You know, saving him from the terrible conditions they put him in!  

Dr. Crosby also said the effect both physical and psychological will be severe. Basically Asange is like a rescue dog that’s always going to shutter at the sound of the door closing. He’s a rescue journalist. And psychologically Asange continues to be tormented. He’s in a Super Max prison in the UK and if he gets extradited he’s going to be put into ADMAX in Colorado. The same prison that held the unabomber! He’ll be in prison with murderers, drug dealers, rapists and worst yet, weed smokers!

At the current moment, what’s happening to Julian Asange is in violation of the 1984 Convention of Torture, articles 1 and 16, which states “parties to taking effective measures to prevent any act of torture in any territory under their jurisdiction” & “Parties are also obliged to prevent all acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment in any territory under their jurisdiction, and to investigate any allegation of such treatment.“ 

A major question we need to ask ourselves is: WHY THE FUCK DID IT TAKE TILL 1984 FOR US TO SAY TORTURE WAS BAD! Is it because of the book? Holy Hell I figured after we had a device that would roast a human alive in an iron bull, we’d rethink this torture thing, but we waited a few hundred years! 

What is happening to Julian Asange is psychological torture that has physical reprecussions.  Currently in prison, Asange is isolated and the weight of UK’s extradition decision is amplying the stress of being in a hostile embassy. And sure there are some folks who say “Well who cares about stress? It’s not a big deal, people are stressed all the time and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. If you can’t see it then it doesn’t really affect you because mental health isn’t real!

Mental health issues are intangible yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any physical manifestations. For example, when I get super stressed out, I molt. My skin starts to shed the shed the stress and I physically become anew! Much like a snake, in moments of stress I also take like 3 days to digest my food and I spit venom, verbally and also literally. And that’s all stress related. So thinking that there aren’t any physical issues that comes mental health concerns is bullshit. 

Look I understand that some people out there are saying “Why should we care about this Australian’s health when we in America can’t afford our healthcare!” And you’re right! People’s health isn’t considered to be important over the profits that can be made. But I’ll quote Sean Love of John Hopkins Medical School as to why we should care about Julian Asange’s health and the health of every person! “Whatever you think of his politics, he is a human being,” Love said, “and under international law, he deserved to be treated fairly and not in cruel or inhumane ways.


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