Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-198-The Espionage Act Will Determine Asange’s Sentence!

107 year old law will determine that Julian Asange will receive 175 years in prison for revealing the crimes of the elites! The Espionage Act is an outdated and controversial law that is meant to censor the press!

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At the time this video is made, Julian Asange has not be extradited to the United States. IF he does, he faces up to 175 years in prison, under the Espionage Act. 17 violations of the act and 5 years for skipping bail for a crime that’s technically not a crime because of lack of evidence.

But wait a minute Krish, isn’t Espionage like spying for a specific nation?

It sure is. 

But Asange isn’t a state! He’s a man. A man we can’t drink with because he’s become so beardy that the beer foam would get stuck on his bristly face and that’s not cool in public anymore.

You’re right he is a man but lest we forget that Mike Pompeo called him a ‘non-state hostile intelligence service’! Basically anything or anyone that delivers truth is usually hostile to liars and their pants since we know that liars pants are subject ignition. Since America loves a good theater performance with it’s news we should be watching Pompeo’s pants!

But he’s Australian. Aren’t they allies of the United States?!

Probably. But the Intelligence community considers him a threat because he does his job as a publisher and a journalist and tells the truth despite what country it’s about. 

Ok so a 175 years over an act that is named after the basic plot of every James Bond movie seems like it’s a bit over the top right? So what the hell is the Espionage Act? It’s a 107 year old law that is supposed to ensure that there is no support of the enemy during wartime! [SC Wikipedia 1] The problem now is we’re constantly in wars what we keep waging. At this point peace activists would be considered enemies of the aggressive state. I’m astounded that America hasn’t punished John Woo for the use of Doves in his films as an act of ‘non-state hostile violence’! And then publicly execute all doves as punishment! 

When the Espionage Act was being written, President Woodrow Wilson said: “There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit, born under other flags but welcomed under our generous naturalization laws to the full freedom and opportunity of America, who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; who have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into contempt, to destroy our industries wherever they thought it effective for their vindictive purposes to strike at them, and to debase our politics to the uses of foreign intrigue …I urge you to enact such laws at the earliest possible moment and feel that in doing so I am urging you to do nothing less than save the honor and self-respect of the nation. Such creatures of passion, disloyalty, and anarchy must be crushed out. They are not many, but they are infinitely malignant, and the hand of our power should close over them at once. They have formed plots to destroy property, they have entered into conspiracies against the neutrality of the Government, they have sought to pry into every confidential transaction of the Government in order to serve interests alien to our own. It is possible to deal with these things very effectually. I need not suggest the terms in which they may be dealt with.

So basically he’s saying that if you’re a naturalized citizen you follow what the government says as blindly as you can. In wartime government can and will do anything they must to uphold the values of a country. But what if the values of a country are no longer to serve the people but to serve corporations or currency or greed driven by both, do the citizens not have the right to the truth of the government’s actions? And does the government not pay for the crimes it commits in the name of flag? The Espionage Act answers those questions with a swift, “Hey go fuck yourself you liberal pinko commie cuck!” 

Wilson goes on to say: “Authority to exercise censorship over the press….is absolutely necessary to the public safety

This is where every journalist and songbird of free speech should come out and stand by Julian Asange. The endless wars have become the American economy over the lives of not just the citizens of a variety of countries but also America. And in order to keep it’s warring economy running, America takes as many lives as it needs and corrupts it’s own democracy to ensure the election of politicians that will continue to fuel the war machine. This act says that anyone who publishes information about the nefarious dealings of the state is an enemy and justice will be taken swiftly and blindly!

And to further walk the authoritarian line the Sedition Act of 1918 prevented more acts of speech including: “any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States … or the flag of the United States, or the uniform of the Army or Navy“. 

We can’t say anything about the uniform of the military? Because the American Military’s fashion sense is the best! If you’re going to commit war crimes based on fear and a false sense of security, you should really look your best. You know like the Nazis. They got a fashion designer to make dictatorship look good. America one upped them by getting an old bearded star spangled grampa to show you how to create endless wars with style. Now would James Bond be an enemy of the state because he dresses better than the American Military?

The Espionage Act remains to be a controversial old and outdated law that has attacked a laundry list of peace activists and truth tellers. Socialist party leader Eugene Debs, who addresses how war and peace are determined not by we the people but the elites. Daniel Ellsberg, the Whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, talks about how this law is unjust. And now most recently the newest victims of this authoritarian law posing as democracy are Julian Asange and Chelsea Manning. 

This law is the reason why Whistleblowers are not seen as patriots to a country but rather enemies of the state. But that’s because people like Julian Asange, Daniel Everett Hale, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and of the like are not doing it for the glory or fame, but for the rights and protection of the people.

The reality is this is not about the people, it’s about the positions of the power that need to control our lives and what we do. And because thier secrets about how these powers that be have manipulated we the people have been brought to light, they pit the people against their heroes using laws like the Espionage Act. 

An even bigger question to ask about all this is whether Asange, an Australian journalist that has won the Sydney Peace Prize, can actually be tried for Espionage against the United States, a country that he’s not a citizen of? Probably not, legally. The Espionage Act, in it’s newest iteration is criminalizing Investigative Journalism for the sake of hiding the crimes of the states and those power. 

To stand by Julian Asange and against the Espionage Act and the persecution of every Whistleblower is to stand by the truth. It’s to ask why a government that has the best interest of the people in mind would have act in the shadows, like it was ashamed of it’s actions. A lot of governments are doing the walk of shame because of whistleblowers and truth tellers like Asange. 

And instead of changing their ways and looking for a more peaceful resolution, they get angry at these Whistleblowers, and keep going back to suck the dick of the War Machine and not only get oiled in their face but the faces of every person in that dorm. It’s a disaster and these Whistleblowers just want better for you. The Peace Machine ejaculates doves. That’s beautiful and less to clean up.

Question why we can’t question the actions of an unjust war mongering leadership. And more importantly when are the criminals of these exposed crimes coming to justice under the true meaning of the Espionage Act. They conspired against their own people and it’s time we saw these war profiteers and corporate sellouts become the prisoners of their own corrupted system. Perhaps with them out of the way we can have a more fair, just and peaceful world.


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