Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-195-198-Why We Should Care About Julian Asange, Ecuador’s History & the Espionage Act!

Julian Asange is in prison after years of publishing the crimes of the elites. His health is in jeopardy and both Ecuadorian Presidents have used him for their own political gains. And now he faces 175 years in prison if he’s extradited to the United States under the Espionage Act, a outdated law!

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As of the recording of this video Julian Asange has been in Belmarsh Prison in England for the crime of being a real journalist. Well the English authorities, say it’s for skipping bail in Sweden. You know the horrific crime of bail skipping that deserves public execution via guillotine to be brought back in style. But it’s really because he revealed American War Crimes and the criminal behaviors of the elites.

I know some of you are asking “So what’s the big deal? Who cares about Julian Asange being locked up in a Super-Max Prison! He’s someone that we can’t even have a beer with and spent 7 years of what some are calling freeloading in the Ecuadorian embassy!” Let’s breakdown some of these sentiments.

Why is having a beer with someone the barometer for liking someone or voting for a leader? Ok look, having a beer with someone shouldn’t qualify whether someone is eligible to tell the truth or run a country. It should only qualify playing darts, reminiscing about the good ol’ days by over using the phrase “Back in My Day” and of course learning how to recycle by crushing cans on your head to prove once and for all that recycling isn’t for pussies.

And 7 years of not leaving a building is hardly freeloading. If that’s the case I guess Rapunzel is just a story of a hot bitch, freeloading off tower paid for by her parents and hates state-covered haircuts! Barbers that the taxpayers of the Kingdom are paying for are going to waste! While we’re at it Guantemo Bay is just a bunch of freeloading terror suspects, suckling at the freedom of America’s torture program!

We should all be outraged that Asange is in a Super Max prison for a sexual assault case that was dropped! And Jeffrey Epstein, who is on trial for sex trafficking of minors, is NOT being put in a metal box and dropped in the Mariana Trench with a tube that drops raw fish to him everyday. The criminal justice system really seems confused about the terms criminal and justice. I get that Justice is blind but did we ever bother to ask who blinded her? It could’ve been the inventors of the criminal justice system or Jeffrey Epstien’s unwanted jism!

Julian Asange, the founder of Wikileaks was granted asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK by Ecuador’s former President, Rafael Correa. Correa did do this to gain favor with the far left movement in Ecuador but we’ll get to that shortly. So what exactly did he reveal and why do people have such a disdain for this Australian. It goes far deeper than the fact that he doesn’t constant tickle our funny bones by saying “Shrimp on barbee” or quoting Crocodile Dundee all the time.

Asange has revealed that American Soldiers fired on Afghan citizens and 2 Rueters reporters thinking they were terrorists and hid this information. America wants to extradite him and has incarcerated Whistleblower Chelsea Manning for revealing this information to Wikileaks. This shows American War Crimes, yet the people committing these crimes are not called to trial.

America is using their world famous “Shoot the Messenger” policy, which we saw in effect when journalists were murdered by the American soldiers. I mean can we really expect much more from a global military force that’s BFF’s with Saudi Arabia, a country that very likely melted a journalist with acid? We cannot.

The US charged him with conspiracy and hacking confidential files. Meanwhile the entire staff of CNN & MSNBC get to go free for spreading conspiracy theories of Russian election hacking for 3 fucking years! And the NSA, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube gets to hack your life for the sake of theatrical security and consumerism.

You should get a better password US Department of Defense. Use numbers, capital letters and special characters guys! Password basics 101 and even my grandmother knows that! But if the people running your government can’t really understand the basics of the Internet I doubt they should be in charge of important things like healthcare, free press and the military. Did someone reset the password to ‘Password’ but the ’s’ were 5’s. This is more on the DOD for pushing the veil of security to commit crimes and then being bad at hiding them.

Currently Chelsea Manning is facing penalties of $500/day for the first 30 days and upto $1000/day for the next 60 days that she’s in prison because she’s not willing to say that Asange hacked confidential files to get the footage. The best defense they have so far is “snitches won’t get stitches!” Usually poverty is a crime in America but in this case we are criminalizing someone into poverty! Brava America, Bravo!

Asange also revealed the DNC emails that showed how corrupt they were and the plans against Bernie Sanders. Instead of owning up to this, the Democrats have been screaming Russia for 3 years, like a bratty child. DNC is accusing Asange of revealing Trade secrets. Trade secrets like using Bernie Sanders’ judaism against him. So basically their big trade secret is Anti-semtism. So it’s good to see that somebody is keeping Hilter’s dream alive I guess. Hitler never really died, he just horcruxed himself into the both parties of the United States. 

He’s revealed election manipulation in Kenya, Barclay’s Tax Evasions, the true horrors of TransPacific Partnership, Hilary Clinton spying on France! Which I assume she did because she’s such a patriot that she wanted to see if the Statue of Liberty was really a gift or was in some kind of Trojan Horse to steal our liberty using the sultry female form! I’m glad after 200 years someone is taking that bronze bitch down a peg or 2. You’re a true patriot Hilary Clinton!

Wikileaks also revealed the torture of prisoners at Guantanemo Bay. You can’t take photos of yourself breaking the 8th amendment against cruel & unusual punishment and flash the peace sign. That’s disrespectful on so many levels.

He also revealed the Secret Bibles of Scientology. That’s a phrase that has probably shut several parts of your brain as self preservation protocol because there’s too much hypocrisy in one phrase. In the Vault 7 leaks, Asange showed us that the CIA is hacking smart cars, TV’s and more! Which has made my mother say that she was right when she pushed my family back to the rotary phone.

Yet, despite this information being out in the public thanks to work of Wikileaks and Julian Asange, the perpetrators of these crimes are roaming free to break constitutional amendments and treat citizens like criminals. Meanwhile, Julian Asange is set to be extradited to the United States for the crime of being too truthful.

The current President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, disliked Asange, and let British officials come into the Embassy and drag him out to prison. Ecuadorian President called Asange ‘discourteous’. I’d use that word to start describing American war crimes in Iraq. They claimed it was because he skipped bail in Sweden when there was a sexual assault case against him. A case that Sweden dropped due to lack of evidence.

Basically when Sweden found out about this, they reacted the same way most of us would react if Twitter was trending that you had died, even though you just tweeted a very tasteful photo of yourself in the gym shower. But unlike finding out you’re dead on twitter and doing something to prove to you’re alive, Sweden doubled down on their own death, metaphorically speaking. Sweden has reopened this case against Asange for a 3rd time, still with no evidence.

The Judge in UK courts found him guilty on charges of failing to surrender. He called Asange a “narcissist who cannot get beyond his own selfish interest”. [SC The Intercept 5] Asange put his life and career on the line to reveal truths about the world’s police and the elites. He wanted to bring them to justice for their crimes. Obviously he did it because people love giving blowies to guy that knows information. Information is the sexiest thing in the world and he willingly exploited it.

You guys remember how there were scantily clad teenage girl dancing and rhyming at the side of every debate stage as auditoriums were filled with chanting fans! You guys remember how dudes would drink beer and paint their faces for every spelling bee!

You know how the sexiest character in all of television, James Bond, is always reading Howard Zinn books and telling bad guys about the real history hidden by the elites and drowning in pussy because of it. Classic sex symbol.

As Asange remains in Prison, other journalists from Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill reminded the world that Asange is being punished for publishing leaked documents that were also published by the New York Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel and El Paris. Some of these journalists and publications were responsible for smearing Asange when he was getting the truth out there in an attempt to discredit and isolate him.

This has more to do with the fact that public opinion of Julian Asange is the opposite of their masters. So they’re on the bandwagon based on the popularity of subject matter since these outlets spent years criticizing Wikileaks and its supporters. They don’t have real opinions or principles they stand on, they are the cheerleaders and jocks trying to get people to love them and they’ll do it any way that they can, even if it means defending the sexy sexy nerd.

Asange is being targeted for publishing information and being labeled a hacker and as Mike Pompeo called him, a non-state foreign intelligence agency. [SC Politico 1] That’s basically Pompeo’s rapper style slam on Asange! “You ain’t even a country bro! You non-state and shit dawg!” Nobody tell Pompeo about the BBC or the Independent or several other state funded publications across the pond that gather intelligence and reveal that to the public as journalism. People should be sending the White House and the UK parliament the definition of “Journalism” with a “Free Asange” poster!

Things are shifting. Whistleblowers and publishers like Asange, Manning & Snowden are seen as heroes for the work they do. We have Presidential Candidates like Tulsi Gabbard praising the works of Asange & Snowden, going so far as saying they’d pardon whistleblowers! Papers like the Guardian, New York Times and more are coming on their side because they republished what these guys revealed and if they can go to prison and get extradited then so can any mainstream publication. This is about challenging the crimes of authority. This about making sure that a government doesn’t hide it’s nefarious activities from its own people under the guise of safety and protection. It’s about the truth and not imprisoning it.

Exposing the truth can come with some dire consequences. But unlike a creeper lurking in the shadows of a parking garage, waiting to unveil themselves from under a trenchcoat to unsuspecting theater goers, exposers of the truth are considered heros. But despite that they’re still ostracized and imprisoned for challenging the authoritarian leadership of some countries! This is the case for Julian Asange and the consequence is the toll he’s taken on his health, both physical and mental.

Since 2017, Dr. Sandra Crosby has been checking in on Julian Asange’s health in the Ecuadorian Embassy. In her affidavit that was released in April, she said that she was spied on her visits and found her notes about Asange in the Embassy security room, which violated Doctor-Patient confidentiality. Those 2 years proved to be the darkest episodes of ‘Scrubs’ & ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ ever!

Dr. Crosby described Asange’s conditions as such: “The hostile, non-confidential, and intimidating environment was palpable.” The Ecuadorian Embassy was watching Asange non-stop. This is the ultimate way of playing God. Watching his every move, especially when he sleeps and in the shower. One has to wonder how many Asange dick pics did these guards take? Look, no one finds it romantic when you wake to someone staring at you in REM sleep! It’s mostly the stuff of nightmares! And did Asange get to masturbate at all in the Embassy?

Since Lenin Moreno became President, attacks on Asange’s psychology have increased. With the inclusion of constant surveillance, Moreno limited the number of guests he could get because Moreno claimed he was conducting hacking business in the embassy. The internet was also cut off by Moreno because he claims that Asange hacked his phone. That goes to show that Moreno really needs to get an iPhone and not this Andriod bullshit.

Dr. Crosby has pointed out how unhealthy his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy has made him. She addressed that because of the British threat of arrest if he ever left the embassy, he hasn’t set foot outside for 7 years, which has led to severe anxiety, depression and even thoughts of Suicide, proving that he probably hasn’t gotten the chance to masturbate in 7 years. But, as Dr. Crosby wrote, it’s because of his indefinite terms of his detention.

He’s needed dental surgery and shoulder surgery that Suzie Dawson addressed in 2018 on Redacted Tonight VIP! Asange’s eyesight is diminishing because he hasn’t been able to see the horizon in years. Noone even brought him a painting of a horizon to keep in his room. I bet with how unfairly he was treated, the guards, under President Moreno’s orders, hung up a Salvador Dali, melting clock painting. They want to make Asange’s concept of time as bankrupt as their morality.

Dr. Crosby also reported that he has weakened bones and is at high risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer! Sure you can say “Well everything causes cancer!” Yeah, probably, cancer is a mutation. There’s a chance to the pro-Moreno, Hillbot, this video might cause cancer in the truth sector of their brain! So I don’t think it’s far fetched that isolation and a high stress environment causing a weakened immune system can increase cancer risks. 

With his lack of sunlight and horizons, lack of access to medical attention, his constant surveillance and his ambiguous detention time, Asange had lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in conditions less habitable than a prisoner! Which is why in the mind of the British & Ecuadorian administrations, they were saving Asange! You know, saving him from the terrible conditions they put him in!

Dr. Crosby also said the effect both physical and psychological will be severe. Basically Asange is like a rescue dog that’s always going to shutter at the sound of the door closing. He’s a rescue journalist. And psychologically Asange continues to be tormented. He’s in a Super Max prison in the UK and if he gets extradited he’s going to be put into ADMAX in Colorado. The same prison that held the unabomber! He’ll be in prison with murderers, drug dealers, rapists and worst yet, weed smokers!

At the current moment, what’s happening to Julian Asange is in violation of the 1984 Convention of Torture, articles 1 and 16, which states “parties to taking effective measures to prevent any act of torture in any territory under their jurisdiction” & “Parties are also obliged to prevent all acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment in any territory under their jurisdiction, and to investigate any allegation of such treatment.

A major question we need to ask ourselves is: WHY THE FUCK DID IT TAKE TILL 1984 FOR US TO SAY TORTURE WAS BAD! Is it because of the book? Holy Hell I figured after we had a device that would roast a human alive in an iron bull, we’d rethink this torture thing, but we waited a few hundred years!

What is happening to Julian Asange is psychological torture that has physical reprecussions.  Currently in prison, Asange is isolated and the weight of UK’s extradition decision is amplying the stress of being in a hostile embassy. And sure there are some folks who say “Well who cares about stress? It’s not a big deal, people are stressed all the time and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. If you can’t see it then it doesn’t really affect you because mental health isn’t real!

Mental health issues are intangible yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any physical manifestations. For example, when I get super stressed out, I molt. My skin starts to shed the shed the stress and I physically become anew! Much like a snake, in moments of stress I also take like 3 days to digest my food and I spit venom, verbally and also literally. And that’s all stress related. So thinking that there aren’t any physical issues that comes mental health concerns is bullshit.

Look I understand that some people out there are saying “Why should we care about this Australian’s health when we in America can’t afford our healthcare!” And you’re right! People’s health isn’t considered to be important over the profits that can be made. But I’ll quote Sean Love of John Hopkins Medical School as to why we should care about Julian Asange’s health and the health of every person! “Whatever you think of his politics, he is a human being,” Love said, “and under international law, he deserved to be treated fairly and not in cruel or inhumane ways.

With Julian Asange in a Super Max prison for the crime of publishing the crimes of the corporate elites and empires, after Ecuadorian President Moreno gave British police the authority to arrest him from within, we have to ask: Why Ecuador? I mean wouldn’t want to go to Brazil with it’s progressive prison reform movement and giant Jesus statue? Or perhaps even Papua New Guinea, where I assume every citizen is given a free guinea pig?

Asange was being accused of sexual assault in Sweden and was being called into trial. A case that has since then been dropped. Sweden had a penchant of openly extraditing people to the United States, where Asange would be tried and probably put into prison for life or get the death penalty, because America is a country where truth is manufactured carefully under the tender love and care of the intelligence communities and lets also say the Illuminati and God.

After he applied, Asange was offered asylum by then President Rafael Correa, who had been in power for 6 years at that time. Prior to all this Correa was considered a progressive leader. He had made deals to enrich Ecuador with its oil reserves and redistributed the wealth to the people. But in doing so, he had to drill on indigenous land. He went so far as to make indigenous protests illegal and even took their language out of the textbooks in schools! According to Correa, there was only one language…money! It’s the ultimate example of money is speech!

If you’re a progressive that’s left of center, fighting against the indigenous people to such an extent that you not only take their land for capitalistic gains, but also removing their language seems very authoritarian and dare I say Republican. I do dare say it. Correa was also using this position and wealth to go after any journalist, cartoonist or media outlet that would criticize him. I feel like with so much machismo we should really start exploring the correlation between hugs received from dads and dictatorial behaviors.

So in order to curry his favor with the Ecuadorian left again, in 2012 he offered asylum to Julian Asange at the Embassy in the UK. To some people this was acceptable, to others it seemed as deceptive as your dad wearing a baseball cap backwards to hangout with the cool kids only to narc on them later.

Things started to fall apart for Correa in 2014. Oil prices crashed and so did a third of Ecuador’s economy. During this time of crisis Correa had a bunch of unfinished projects and went into the debt. Eventually Correa had to flee Ecuador to Belgium because he may or may not have kidnapped the opposition party’s daughter. Kidnapping is not on any political spectrum! Left, Right or Center, we can all agree that’s a pretty bad look.

You know that friend that always bails you out of a jam. That friend you can call when you have money problems or need a couch to sleep on or a quiet place to bang a hooker, but that same friend also has weird dark side. They’re always talking about animal experimentation, chimeras or keep using the phrase “Hitler had some interesting ideas” and you have to think to yourself, “Why the fuck am I friends with this person again?” That’s who Rafael Correa is to Julian Asange.

When Correa fled, the Presidency was turned over to his successor and Vice President, Lenin Moreno. Now Moreno was supposed to honor the legacy of Correa by keeping what he’d built intact, but Moreno did exactly the opposite. Moreno immediately prosecuted everyone that Correa was working with and had to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund to balance the budget and finish all of Correa’s projects. The loan which was finalized the day after Asange’s expulsion!

The International Monetary Fund or the IMF is a centralized bank headquartered in Washington DC, that is comprised of 189 countries and is apparently in the business of stabilizing economies. Now despite Ecuador’s oil addiction backfiring on them, they weren’t in a total recession, so taking $4.2 billion loan by Moreno seemed like it was unnecessary. The loan details say that this will allow the Central Bank of Ecuador to be THE bank in the country after it was decentralized by the Correa administration in 2008.

As time went on Moreno continued to distance himself from Correa. He removed various offices that he didn’t feel were necessary. He reinstated the people’s right to protest and made sure that there was a voice for the people of Ecuador. But he was also shifting his views on Julian Asange who had received Diplomatic status in the Embassy. This move basically says you can voice your complaints about the Ecuadorian government or any world power, but under Moreno, the Brits and the States will be drag you out of your house and arrest you. Moreno won’t, because he’s a benevolent dictator, but those pigs in the UK and US are just mean.

At this point Moreno had also cut ties with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and started backing the US coup President Juan Guiado. If there’s one way to pledge allegiance to the United States it’s to back their coups! Guiado is unknown to most Venezeulan citizens and Maduro was legally elected as the President of Venezuela.

This is all in line for Moreno to buddy up with the United States. The deal with the IMF, supporting Guiado and ejecting Asange are showing the US that the Moreno administration is willing to side with them, no questions asked. The United States is the one country that Asange has published a lot of secrets about. From the war crimes, election manipulation by it’s top politicians to credit card fraud and so much more! And America still wants to try him here and sentence him for a lifetime.

Julian Asange was caught between a rock and a hard place. A possible extradition to the most imprisoned country on the planet or be a prop for a pseudo-authoritarian like Correa and get asylum. He chose the latter to keep publishing the truth. The truth that he is now in a Maximum Security Prison for. Moreno bargained for his seat on the world stage by supporting lies and ensuring that the manufactured truth will not be questioned.

At the time this video is made, Julian Asange has not be extradited to the United States. IF he does, he faces up to 175 years in prison, under the Espionage Act. 17 violations of the act and 5 years for skipping bail for a crime that’s technically not a crime because of lack of evidence.

But wait a minute Krish, isn’t Espionage like spying for a specific nation?

It sure is.

But Asange isn’t a state! He’s a man. A man we can’t drink with because he’s become so beardy that the beer foam would get stuck on his bristly face and that’s not cool in public anymore.

You’re right he is a man but lest we forget that Mike Pompeo called him a ‘non-state hostile intelligence service’! Basically anything or anyone that delivers truth is usually hostile to liars and their pants since we know that liars pants are subject ignition. Since America loves a good theater performance with it’s news we should be watching Pompeo’s pants!

But he’s Australian. Aren’t they allies of the United States?!

Probably. But the Intelligence community considers him a threat because he does his job as a publisher and a journalist and tells the truth despite what country it’s about.

Ok so a 175 years over an act that is named after the basic plot of every James Bond movie seems like it’s a bit over the top right? So what the hell is the Espionage Act? It’s a 107 year old law that is supposed to ensure that there is no support of the enemy during wartime! [SC Wikipedia 1] The problem now is we’re constantly in wars what we keep waging. At this point peace activists would be considered enemies of the aggressive state. I’m astounded that America hasn’t punished John Woo for the use of Doves in his films as an act of ‘non-state hostile violence’! And then publicly execute all doves as punishment!

When the Espionage Act was being written, President Woodrow Wilson said: “There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit, born under other flags but welcomed under our generous naturalization laws to the full freedom and opportunity of America, who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; who have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into contempt, to destroy our industries wherever they thought it effective for their vindictive purposes to strike at them, and to debase our politics to the uses of foreign intrigue …I urge you to enact such laws at the earliest possible moment and feel that in doing so I am urging you to do nothing less than save the honor and self-respect of the nation. Such creatures of passion, disloyalty, and anarchy must be crushed out. They are not many, but they are infinitely malignant, and the hand of our power should close over them at once. They have formed plots to destroy property, they have entered into conspiracies against the neutrality of the Government, they have sought to pry into every confidential transaction of the Government in order to serve interests alien to our own. It is possible to deal with these things very effectually. I need not suggest the terms in which they may be dealt with.

So basically he’s saying that if you’re a naturalized citizen you follow what the government says as blindly as you can. In wartime government can and will do anything they must to uphold the values of a country. But what if the values of a country are no longer to serve the people but to serve corporations or currency or greed driven by both, do the citizens not have the right to the truth of the government’s actions? And does the government not pay for the crimes it commits in the name of flag? The Espionage Act answers those questions with a swift, “Hey go fuck yourself you liberal pinko commie cuck!

Wilson goes on to say: “Authority to exercise censorship over the press….is absolutely necessary to the public safety

This is where every journalist and songbird of free speech should come out and stand by Julian Asange. The endless wars have become the American economy over the lives of not just the citizens of a variety of countries but also America. And in order to keep it’s warring economy running, America takes as many lives as it needs and corrupts it’s own democracy to ensure the election of politicians that will continue to fuel the war machine. This act says that anyone who publishes information about the nefarious dealings of the state is an enemy and justice will be taken swiftly and blindly!

And to further walk the authoritarian line the Sedition Act of 1918 prevented more acts of speech including: “any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States … or the flag of the United States, or the uniform of the Army or Navy“.

We can’t say anything about the uniform of the military? Because the American Military’s fashion sense is the best! If you’re going to commit war crimes based on fear and a false sense of security, you should really look your best. You know like the Nazis. They got a fashion designer to make dictatorship look good. America one upped them by getting an old bearded star spangled grampa to show you how to create endless wars with style. Now would James Bond be an enemy of the state because he dresses better than the American Military?

The Espionage Act remains to be a controversial old and outdated law that has attacked a laundry list of peace activists and truth tellers. Socialist party leader Eugene Debs, who addresses how war and peace are determined not by we the people but the elites. Daniel Ellsberg, the Whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, talks about how this law is unjust. And now most recently the newest victims of this authoritarian law posing as democracy are Julian Asange and Chelsea Manning.

This law is the reason why Whistleblowers are not seen as patriots to a country but rather enemies of the state. But that’s because people like Julian Asange, Daniel Everett Hale, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and of the like are not doing it for the glory or fame, but for the rights and protection of the people.

The reality is this is not about the people, it’s about the positions of the power that need to control our lives and what we do. And because thier secrets about how these powers that be have manipulated we the people have been brought to light, they pit the people against their heroes using laws like the Espionage Act.

An even bigger question to ask about all this is whether Asange, an Australian journalist that has won the Sydney Peace Prize, can actually be tried for Espionage against the United States, a country that he’s not a citizen of? Probably not, legally. The Espionage Act, in it’s newest iteration is criminalizing Investigative Journalism for the sake of hiding the crimes of the states and those power.

To stand by Julian Asange and against the Espionage Act and the persecution of every Whistleblower is to stand by the truth. It’s to ask why a government that has the best interest of the people in mind would have act in the shadows, like it was ashamed of it’s actions. A lot of governments are doing the walk of shame because of whistleblowers and truth tellers like Asange.

And instead of changing their ways and looking for a more peaceful resolution, they get angry at these Whistleblowers, and keep going back to suck the dick of the War Machine and not only get oiled in their face but the faces of every person in that dorm. It’s a disaster and these Whistleblowers just want better for you. The Peace Machine ejaculates doves. That’s beautiful and less to clean up.

Question why we can’t question the actions of an unjust war mongering leadership. And more importantly when are the criminals of these exposed crimes coming to justice under the true meaning of the Espionage Act. They conspired against their own people and it’s time we saw these war profiteers and corporate sellouts become the prisoners of their own corrupted system. Perhaps with them out of the way we can have a more fair, just and peaceful world.