The Dispatch! It Doesn’t Matter Whether John Bolton Was Fired Or Resigned!

John Bolton is no longer a part of the Trump administration. There’s a debate going on in corporate media about whether he was fired or resigned but that is a smokescreen. Similar to when John Bolton pushed the smokescreen of weapons of mass destruction to go to war for oil. We can argue about this or that but the war profiteers will be lining their pockets and coming out on top regardless of what the outcome is.

Arguing about firing vs. resignation misses the larger point of who Bolton is and has been since the Bush presidency. John Bolton has been described as a cheerleader for war. Clearly his mustache is the Pom poms.

Give me a ‘W’! Give me an ‘A’! Give me a ‘R’! What does that spell?? Freedom!

Bolton’s departure from the Trump administration has to with the failure of starting 2 wars. One in Iran and another in Venezuela. If you’re a Trump supporter then you should be upset that Trump placed a known war criminal in charge of National Security. That’s like putting a known cannibal in charge of a soup kitchen for the homeless. There are going to be some incidents and people might disappear.

John Bolton has wanted war with Iran since he pushed for war with Iraq! He’s the reason Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal AND approved a bunch of US ships to be stationed off the coast of Iran. This is basically shooting a peace agreement and then claiming the war is over. Then winking at everyone in the room as you walk out the door with a very clear erection!

Bolton was part of pushing the coup in Venezuela. He called the country a part of “a troika of tyranny” similarly when he called North Korea part of an “Axis of Evil”. It’s good to have a catch phrase for war so you can make sure to merchandise the destruction of a country.

Troika of Tyranny, get your T-Shirts, Hats, Buttons, Balloons, Bra & Panty sets, condoms, stuffed Maduro dolls, Bolton stache replicas and more! For 3 easy payments of Forever Wars!

The administration basically said Juan Guiado, someone no Venezuelan had heard of, was the legal president of the country because “Murica!” If you go against these made up facts clearly you’re a communistic, socialist, pinko, cuck! America is about God & Country…let me rephrase, America is GOD but also a country! Juan Guiado was pretty much made in GW University, right wing, think tank to specifically be a pawn in a coup. They also put economic sanctions on Maduro’s people and prevented the country from acquiring profits from CitGo.

This like the arranged marriages of dictating false presidents! But instead of your parents it’s your neighbor from 5 doors down making the decision! “No this person you actually elected and have a connection with seems great but this random human you’ve never met is who you should really marry have lead your country! And if you don’t agree, we will just freeze your bank accounts and boot your car! Oh and just for safe measure, set fire to a portion of your house and claim that you did it! You know what they say: ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’, so get happy so we can move forward with our lives!

So does it matter whether John Bolton got fired or resigned? No! What matters is the wars & coups he’s attempted & succeeded in and what he does next. If we aren’t publicly keeping an eye on him he could slink into the shadows to try again another day. If anything we should know where he is at all times. Who knows who his next target could be? Who knows what the next catch phrase for war he’ll come up with? What we can know is that his next steps will enrich the lives of some more war profiteers and criminals under the veil of National Security.