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We recently had the Third Democratic Debates or as I like to call it, Democracy For Commercials! The Democratic Debates have basically become political Baskin Robins. There’s 31 flavors and about 26 of them are really the same flavor with a different kind of poisonous food coloring. As for the rest, well…1 of them is trying to warn us about how ice cream is going to go obsolete because of self serve sherbert machines. 1 of them is trying to be our favorite. 1 of them is melting in front of our eyes and convincing us it’s not. And there’s 2 flavors we the people actually want. But in the recent debates, one those flavors was not on stage. I am of course talking about Tulsi Gabbard. 

And for everyone wondering what flavor she is, you’re probably not listening to Tulsi’s message! Tulsi Gabbard can’t just be put into one carton! She’s a complex human with a tapestry of thoughts, ideas and emotions. She’s not just one of our favorite flavors, she’s all of them. 

Presidential Candidate and Representative Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t on the debate stage because she didn’t get onto enough DNC approved polls. Which is basically the same thing as saying someone can’t get their tumors treated because it was a Phillip Morris approved lung cancer. Basically Representative Gabbard met every unique supporter requirement with ease and when she arrived on the second Debate Stage she tore down DNC darling, Kamala Harris by using…Kamala Harris!

Tulsi pointed out Kamala Harris’ horrific criminal justice record! Which as it turns out was all criminal and no justice at all! As Kamala just ruffled through her papers for a come back, I could see the words ‘Russia’ and ‘Putin Puppet’ begin to form over her head. They had nothing. So they went with a smear campaign of Tulsi being an ‘Assad Apologist’. A narrative that is time and time again proven to be false. 

Tulsi Gabbard, who was a member of the foreign affairs committee, met with Assad to see if there was a diplomatic and peaceful resolution for not just to benefit the people of Syria but also the active American military personnel fighting another war we shouldn’t! As of right now, America’s slogan isn’t “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness”, but “Arm The World Because We Win!

On the Useful Idiots podcast, Tulsi pointed out that she’d rather be and advocate for peace than a war hawk. The question we should be asking is why are the liberals so ready to go to war! Wasn’t peace the liberal thing to do? But the only time we call Trump ‘Presidential’ is when we he’s ready to turn a country into a parking lot with the big dick of the American Military. “I mean his rhetoric and what he says about women & brown people is abhorrent. But dropping bombs on those brown people is very Presidential!

Now if you’re a loyal Trump supporter his militaristic approach to the Middle East and the media fawning over his Presidential role via war mongering should piss you off! Trump ran on a non-interventionist foreign policy plan. He said he was going to put America First, but it seems like it’s now second to fucking over 7 different countries to line the pockets of the fossil fuel & war industries. Recently he tweeted out that America is locked and loaded and he’s waiting for the Saudis tell him how to use the American Military to enact a regime change war in Iran! Tulsi called him out for being Saudi Arabia’s bitch! 

I’m waiting for corporate media to completely miss the point and go off on how she used a naughty word. How dare she use the ‘B’ word instead of propping up the ‘W’ word! WAR! We need war! Can we really expect more from the propaganda wing of the American War Economy! 

Even when it comes to Drone warfare she’s got pretty measured response to the large responsibility we have to use this technology as weapons! I’m against using this technology for warring purposes, because it’s pretty clear we don’t know how to use it, but I still understand Tulsi’s point of view. Drone warfare under Obama increased killing Americans! And Drone warfare under Bezos would kill even more Americans by shooting consumerism through every window!

But weaving a false narrative is all they have against Tulsi Gabbard! The Harris camp didn’t come out and make a statement about whether they had changed their views on Criminal Justice reform but rather deflected. Kamala Harris still stands for the Prison Industrial Complex! And clearly also Hawkishly contributing the American War Economy! 

Since Kamala Harris didn’t really talk about criminal justice reform but rather criminal injustice, let’s look at how Tulsi Gabbard squares up against her! Tulsi worked with Republican Representative Tom Garret to introduce House Bill 1227 which would Federally Decriminalize Marijuana! Because of the confusion the state by state decriminalization of Marijuana creates, Representative Gabbard believes it would benefit the American Economy if it was FEDERALLY Decriminalized. In her state of Hawaii alone, banks are encouraged to decline loans to any businesses associated with marijuana sales. This is killing entrepreneurship and chill vibes!

She’s against the classification of Marijunana as a Schedule 1 drug. The outrageousness of this comes from the that not a single human or animal has been killed by the use of marijuana! Physicians have stated that there haven’t been any complications with marijuana use, BUT we’re losing 130 people/day to the opioid epidemic. But marijuana continues to be classified as a lethal drug and oxycontin is prescribed by doctors by the pound! That is unacceptable. I mean the doctors really should know better to use the metric system! If it’s good enough for drug dealers it should be good enough for the MD’s.

As of right now there is only one Pharmaceutical CEO that’s been arrested for being responsible for the opioid crisis. Laurence O’Doud III of the Rochester Drug Cooperative was arrested over the summer. RDC purchases opioids from manufacturers and distributes them to pharmacies across the country. They’re basically the Postmates for narcotics. They are corporate equivalent of the guy behind the high school wearing a trench coat that can sell you ‘that good good shit’.

Now I HIGHLY doubt that it’ll be maximum security prison. It’s not like Doud is a journalist that published US war crimes! He’s just a CEO that flooded the market with highly addictive substances and made them as available as M&Ms at your local Walgreens. 

But legalizing marijuana would prove that the products peddled by Big Pharma are not as good as the natural medication the planet makes. With this legislation, it’ll use the glory of the Free Market to prove that once and for all. Making the corporations that have suckled at the tits of exploitation go bankrupt.  

Now this bill will also reduce the rates of recidivism. Which if you’re unsure of what recidivism is, it’s basically creating a rehabilitation system that’s so bad that ex-cons repeat their same behaviors and return to prison. It’s a recycling program for prisons. It’s pretty much the only thing that America is actually excited about recycling. This is the Green Old Deal.  

Attacks on the Tulsi campaign come at a constant barrage. People still claim that she’s homophobic, despite 2 apologies and her legislative records to fight for LGBTQ rights! They have also attacked her for having connections to the Indian Populist Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, I think Modi a complex character and I’ve addressed that in a prior podcast & video, but she has also been critical of the religious violence that has been a long standing problem in India!

Tulsi points out that she met with Modi to have “constructive relations” with India.This is what good relationships are supposed to be; constructive! She has called out religious persecution and doesn’t agree on everything with the ruling party of India! Look the BJP has made terrible mistakes. Among them not saying anything about Cow Vigilantes attacking Muslims! That’s right, India has Cow Vigilantes! A Bovine Justice League who kinda act like the Legion of Doom…well for Muslims anyway. And yet we still see McDonald’s & Burger King opening new franchises in the country. These Vigilantes seem a little misdirected in their crusade. This is just one of the negative attributes of the ruling party in India. 

Tulsi was also chastised for not voting for American intervention of Muslim violence in India back in 2002. Now this does make sense, because one of Tulsi’s core principles is AGAINST American Interventionism. And look America should not be dictating the laws of another country, but you can make friendly suggestions. As of now American Intervention trying to control the laws of another country is basically legislative rape.

And Tulsi Gabbard is the only Anti-Interventionist candidate running right now! She’s the only standing up against the Military Industrial Complex and pushing back against America’s Regime Change wars. And Tulsi knows first hand what the true cost of these wars is because she’s currently a Major in the Army National Guard. She’s served in the Iraq War and has seen the tragic theater of combat! 

She decided to serve after 9/11 and in 2004 got to go to Iraq. And once she was there, she realized the war was a lie sold to the American people and soldiers under the guise of humanitarianism and national security!  You know nobody likes a sequel, especially when the original sucked real hard! I mean the original had the lie of dead babies. No one really likes dead baby jokes and dead baby lies that lead into a regime change war for oil is just bad form. 

Tulsi’s push for financial responsibility came from speaking to the 3rd Party Nationals that worked for Halliburton, which had taken the opportunity to brand themselves throughout the war. I mean really what war couldn’t use a logo! Halliburton for Iraq 1 & 2, Nixon’s face for Vietnam, racism for the Civil War. But these 3rd Party Nationals that were employed by Halliburton were only getting paid about $500/month! 

Tulsi’s push for Medicare for All, holding Wall St. accountable and reinstating Glass-Steegle comes from seeing these indentured servants of war profiteers and their reflection on the American people. Americans today are working 2-3 jobs, drowning in loans & debts, and caught in the web of poverty! Meanwhile, Bush Jr. keeps making oil color paintings and macaroni art, Dick Cheney is amassing more human hearts, John Bolton continues to twirl his mustache in hopes that’ll start a war with Iran and they’re richer than God themselves! 

Which is not just an empty statement. Jesus was a beardy homeless guy hanging out with lepers and prostitutes. Krishna was a cow herder. Moses led a union protest and strike that did lead a whole group of people into desert! All these stewards or versions of God seem to take the form of the Working Class and not a CEO. I mean sure there was Rama who was a King, but he gets exiled to live in the woods. So the rich politicians that invoke the name of God to get richer or wage wars are really doing the work… well themselves and their addiction to greed!

I know I just brought up Glass-Steegle and I’m sure there are some folks out there that probably don’t know what that is. This was a piece of legislation passed in 1933 meant to separate commercial and investment banking and restore confidence in the American banking system. And it was repealed in 1999 just in time for Y2K to fuck us all! And Y2K is my cute nickname for Wall St., since they did do what everyone was afraid the real Y2K was going to, and fuck us all into the 1930s but with Twitter! 

But the notion of “How are we going to pay for it” has been branded a “conservative” issue. [Rubin Clip 2] No it’s a logical one. One that we never question when we want to wage war, give more tax breaks to greedy corporations or Jake Tapper’s salary! How are we going to pay for these endless lies? Oh right, by revoking the rights of the American people! The question of payment of these plans starts with significantly reducing the astronomical military budget and making Jeff Bezos pay his taxes for a minimum of one year! 

Tulsi also takes the title of “Public Servant” very seriously. In many instances she talks about being in service to the American people and what benefits them, not corporate or special interests. It’s what made her want to run for office at the age of 21! At 21 she was getting running to be a representative of her state of Hawaii! At the age of 21 I was figuring out what bathtub was my favorite to drunkenly cry in! 

When running her first issue was connected with a landfill that was going to be built over an aquifer and educating people on why this would be bad for the people’s drinking water and the planet itself. [Useful Idiots Clip 5-6] She goes on to say that the belief that we’re custodians for the planet gives a lot of insight to her Environmentalism. 

She is quoted to say “Whether we like it or not, our fates as human beings in this world are tied together. And the issues that we face – pollution of our air, our waters, oceans, the climate crisis that’s before us – these are all issues that require us to sit down, to talk, and to work together. Whether it be with friends or with people who are adversaries or potential adversaries. If we in the United States do all that we can right now to address climate change, it will still not be enough. We cannot solve these problems alone. We have to work together. We have to work together to make sure that our kids today and for generations to come can not only survive, but thrive, and prosper, without fear of toxic and poisonous water, or polluted air, or not enough food to eat.

Climate Change should be a bipartisan issue. We have seen an increase in extreme weather patterns, a variety of species going extinct, forest fires of all kinds spreading faster due to longer dry seasons and it got so hot in India that tires were melting on the roads! Like she said, our fates are interlinked with the world we all share, regardless of our identities. We’ve bought into the cult of oil and fossil fuels but we don’t have to drink their kool-aid! 

Gabbard’s service to ensuring people’s right to clean air, water and food is reflected in her anti-fracking stance and by voting against revoking the Clean Air Act! It should be astounding that humanity needed to make it a law to not ruin the thing we breathe to live! I don’t have an analogy for that, because it’s too insane! And then we wanted to revoke it! Representative Gabbard also went to Standing Rock to protest the pipeline to stand for Water Rights!

And because of this passionate service to the people and everything she stands for, the DNC ensured that she was not to be seen on stage, by cheating her out of it. Her name wasn’t included in some of the polls. I mean the polls might as well be conducted by the video of animals sounding like they’re saying human words! “Did you hear that bark? It sounded like Biden!” No, it sounded like a dog barking for food. Stop starving your dog and force feeding the American people someone we don’t want!

The DNC’s process lacks transparency and is extremely complex so people that want to participate in it feel lost about the process. The sheer notion of Tulsi Gabbard running for President has exposed how corrupt the DNC and the lengths they’ll go to keep a truly viable candidate out of the race. 

Furthermore, her support for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and dropping a prominent position in the DNC probably didn’t help either. And after the first 2 debates Tulsi’s short fraction of airtime made her the most Googled candidate! After which Google said “Wait! A candidate that ACTUALLY stands for the people? We didn’t approve of that! And clearly since we’ve given up on not being evil we’re gonna make sure no one hears her messages!” so they blocked her ads! Can the Cow Vigilantes go after Google instead of the Muslims in India?

After these blocks happened, she tried to get a statement from Google, but they treated her like she was a crazy ex and ignored her calls. Tulsi is now suing Google for manipulating elections. She’s states “Google has too much power!” and are apparently colluding with the DNC and we don’t need the FBI involved to see how blatant it is! 

And some people have come out and said “Well why is she even running when she’s not on the debate stage!?” Because to her it’s not about the advertisement of Democracy! It’s about serving the people and fighting for equality and justice! And she’s on the ground doing town halls, hearing what the real issues Americans face everyday are, while the rest of the Baskin Robin flavors melt under the hot lights of corporate media sound bytes and gotcha moments.

And if you’re going to be questioning her run for the Oval Office, you should be questioning why Biden, Harris, Butegeig and variety of coprorate whores are still running when the people have dictated that they’re wildly unpopular and their records show that they are unviable. That’s the only time prostitution is considered legal in America, when politicians do it for corporations. Tulsi is proving to be the candidate that a lot of Americans do want and that scares the Corporate States of America. 


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