The Dispatch: Andrew Yang Is Moving Us Forward With UBI!

The Yang Gang has spread all across the country. And this isn’t a gang of rowdy youths, revving their motorbikes and harassing shop keeps, but rather a group of math loving folks that want to prop up shop keep and help the youth find their dreams. They’re Andrew Yang’s followers. Yang has brought the idea of Universal Basic Income front and center to the debate stage. And this has left some of his Democratic Colleagues speechless. Like Mayor Pete, who’s stunned that someone actually has a plan to help the people instead of making them false promises and demolishing property.

Andrew Yang is currently the only candidate running for President that advocates for a Universal Basic Income and addresses the reality of automation. And this is a real problem for the establishment! Because if we’re ready to admit to ourselves that corporations are looking to increase their bottom line through the use of non-human workers they don’t have to pay, how are we going to use the immigrant as the scapegoat! How are we going to fear monger, get the working class fighting each other and enrich the bloated pockets of the elites! Did Andrew Yang even thing about the CEO when he started talking about this idea that would prop the working class and push innovation without the limitations of money?

Andrew Yang is offering people a flat income of $1000 a month for them to do what they want with. On the Joe Rogan Podcast … or as I like to call it, how the debates should be done… Yang mentioned that this would be a $1000 total you’d get from the Federal government. So if you got $250 from Social Security and $250 in food stamps, then you’d get the rest of the $500 from Yang’s UBI idea. So at the moment if you’re getting government assistance UBI acts as supplemental income.

Now I’m not particularly a huge fan of this version of UBI. I think we should look at what the average baseline for social programs are and start from there. I do understand that if you’re trying to introduce the idea of UBI to folks this does make sense, and I do hope that’s what Yang’s intentions are. This could be a jumping off point to addressing UBI in a country this large and with so many varying factors. But we can’t address the factors if we don’t try something first, so with that in mind, I do applaud Yang to bringing this idea to light and actually trying to implement in any way.

Yang addresses his reason for pushing forward on the idea of Universal Basic Income is because automation is coming whether we like it or not. And those that back the idea of a Federal Jobs Guarantee that offer guarantee employment to everyone that is willing and able to work misses the glaring reality of automation in a variety of industries that is going to leave a lot of people with out jobs. Universal Basic Income addresses this problem and ensure that these folks don’t have get destitute, wind up homeless or turn to a life of crime. Or worse yet, a life of governmental internships!

No one’s job should be getting coffee for Mitch McConnell and separating his thin horrifying lips and pour the hot liquid into his bill preventing gullet. That should go against the eight amendment.

What Universal Basic Income doesn’t address is rights of the automaton. What about these robots? How do we pay them? In oil? Shit that’s just going reincentivise the fossil fuel industry to start more wars and dig into more areas we don’t belong in. I’m not sure if humanity is mature enough to deal with this problem. Perhaps if we can address UBI then maybe we’ll be mature enough to figure out how to compensate automatons. Eventually there are going to be sex-bots and your “hot load” isn’t going to be an acceptable form payment, and lets be honest it never really was!

America has an obsession with the need for a job. So much so that now due to the income disparity and increase of poverty, people need to get 2 jobs to survive! But instead of looking at this a bad thing, people just talk about how great it is that unemployment is down, but no one is asking whether these jobs are fulfilling or even necessary to do. The phrase ‘job creators’ has become very popular over the years. And mix that with our obsession with need jobs, making up jobs for people to do is considered a job! Where do we draw the line?

Universal Basic Income addresses these notions of being able to find meaningful work. It addresses being able to take risks to innovate and if you’re a parent then you’re rewarded for raising your kids! And I know there’s probably a bunch of people that are saying, “Oh Krish, you know it’d just be a bunch of assholes learning to play an instrument or think they’re funnier than you or go into the arts!” Unlikely. People are terrified of public speaking and it’s not like the arts are the only thing people are passionate about!

There’s a lot of people that are passionate about working on cars, engineering, medicine to save lives, improve systems to help people. And yes, there are going to be some people who’d do nothing if they got $1000/month! In fact that’s a huge reason people are against it. I’m pretty sure that excuse is given by the people who’d do exactly nothing if given the opportunity. These people took the movie “Office Space” way too seriously! And when they experimented with UBI in Canada in the 70s, about 13% people didn’t go back to work. That means way less than a quarter of people receiving UBI spent their day watching awful television and Cheeto dust on their genitals. That’s not bad if we can make that happen for the entire species. Over 75% of us would be building better a future for each other.

And according to Yang, most of the people not going back to work are new mothers or younger people pursuing higher education. So that means that in half the cases the Cheeto dust is from a child in their terrible 2’s who doesn’t understand boundaries yet! Now the bigger question remains how do you pay for this. Even at $1000/month, Yang is looking at approximately $3 trillion/year! I mean that’s not even going to fund like 10% of a regime change war! Yang’s idea would be make to tech companies and big corporations actually pay their taxes since they’d be ones responsible for pushing forward with automation and displacing the American worker.

Universal Basic Income starts the conversation about what are our basic needs. Food, Water, Shelter, Health and I’d also add Communication, which would be the Internet. This means that these are provided to us by a government that is running on a compassionate economy, instead of one that punches your face and blames you for getting blood on its white carpet made out of rhino tusks. It makes us think about what should and shouldn’t have price tag attached to it. At current this economy just sees most of the people as meat bags with a price tag. Where do we draw the line?

Well the line drawn by the Pharmaceuticals is one about the cost of that meat bag. UBI and the pursuit of monetizing your passions can make us a more productive and happier society. And if that’s the case, how can the Research and Development department at Pfizer come up with different ways to remind you how pointless your existence is and how their pills will make you forget the garbage fire of your life? The answer is they can’t. And Big Pharma has put in so much research into how to truly bum you the fuck out and a ton of development into poisoning American communities, from sea to depressing sea!

Yang’s ideas on ending the drug war come from the Portugal and Netherlands model of legalizing all drugs and implement safe spaces for recreational use of some of the harder drugs. This is a radical idea that a lot of other candidates are not addressing. In Portugal right now, you can go to a center and get hooked up with hard drugs and have a professional administer it to you, safely. They take addiction seriously as something a person needs to heal from instead of a criminal offense. Deaths using heroin in Portugal have dropped significantly.

More importantly if we are going to legalize all drugs then we should be educating people on what they are, what they can and can’t do. We should be honest and not be using Nancy Regan era fear tactics to determine the legality of these drugs…well except if you’re Big Pharma! I mean come on, if we start legalizing drugs what will the Purdue Pharma and Pfizer do? What are they going to willingly poison the American people with? Yang is willing to hold these companies accountable and put them through the criminal justice system. I hope it’s the same system that puts non-violent peace loving pot smokers in jail cell with the mass murder. Mass murderers like Big Pharma should be with their own, you know, to talk about psychopathy freely and openly.

That’s more than what we can for the drinking business. No-one talks about your limits on drinking and how it could affect you! You just see these movies, ads and pop culture references that celebrate being a hot mess on a Friday, Saturday and how thirst can affect your Thursdays! You don’t have to be an expert in alcohol to be a bartender. You can take a 6 hour course on making the perfect martini, but there’s not really a course on the proper way to hold someone hair back as they puke on your shoes. And there really should be!

A recognized weakness in Andrew Yang is how much of a DC outsider he is. Which to most people is an endearing quality. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand what a DC insider like Mitch McConnell is saying because he’s got some many lobbyist’s cocks lodged in the back of his throat. You know we’d be able to make out what his goals for letting the American people down are if he just set one of those cocks free. This is why he needs an intern for coffee. McConnell is so much of an insider that he won’t separate his lips for anyone except the special interests.

One of Yang’s ideas is to move certain departments out of DC and reinstate into Middle America. This would mean that there would be more federal jobs and opporturnies in the center of country. This would mean that more businesses can partner directly certain departments in certain parts of the country and have a healthy influx of people in cities that are over looked and forgotten by most Americans.

This would help figure out how to actually implement UBI in a country this large. If Middle America becomes a bit more bustling and hip like the coasts, the cost of living would reach an average across the country. Right now a studio apartment in New York City doesn’t cost the same as Cheyenne, Wyoming or San Francisco! Certain cities have real estate that’s astronomically higher than other areas. If middle America got more opportunities this would make the cost of living pretty much the same. Now this would mean that realtors wouldn’t have their commission based jobs or their face on a bus bench, and will probably need some UBI.

Yang did say that if you work in America you shouldn’t be poor. And thus his UBI would mean that the federal minimum wage doesn’t go up too much higher than it is. This is because he says that companies can increase minimum wage and decrease full time workers and benefits. Now again, this is an aspect of his UBI plan that I’m not a fan of but I’m hoping this is way to introduce the concept rather than throwing into the ocean of Universal Basic Income and hoping we can swim! And this problem can be fixed by regulating laws on the private sector on saying they can’t take make trade-offs like that so we actually benefit the American worker.

But this is what Andrew Yang was good at. His company Venture For America would spend time training college graduates and placing them in cities that needed their talents. Whether it’d be in IT, Banking, Law, they’d get paid to learn and partner with a start-up or an entrepreneur in a city that wasn’t DC, Chicago, New York or San Francisco. This way they helped the cities in need and through its flourishing, they wouldn’t be shot at as much.   

And at this point the Establishment media has no idea what to do with this guy! Even when they have him on, they can’t get over how they describe it as giving money away! But there’s no issue with the government giving money away to elites and large corporations with tax breaks and letting them hide their money overseas! Look if a billionaire’s money has seen the beach more often than the American worker then you need to rethink the economy!

Even when he was on the View, the faux progressive Joy Behar asked him the same questions a conservative would: “Would people just stop working?!” Yang handled it pretty well by pointing out that people would have a chance to follow their passions, take care of their kids, innovate and restimulate the economy. And the conservative Megan McCain almost lost her head when reading some of his radical policies. So let’s take a look of Yang’s policies.

Yang believes one of the ways we can fund UBI is by the Value Added Tax. This would tax tech companies that are benefiting from automation, AI and algorithms which then help their consumers get more wealth to buy more of their shit. This tax leading into UBI would give the people an opportunity to have both legs to stand on! It gives the people some boots to have straps to pull themselves up by!

On his website Yang talks about reutilizing the military to help countries that are affected by climate change. With the rise of hurricanes every year, longer dry seasons and more asshole Senators bringing snowballs into Congressional sessions, Climate Change is becoming a large and widely debated issue. Some Pacific Islands are due to disappear in the next few years, which means that we might create Atlantis! And who says you can’t manifest things into reality! We did it you guys! We made Aquaman relevant again! Good job, humans! That was the goal right?! RIGHT!?

Look this is probably going to create a bigger influx of climate refugees if Islands and coastal countries are drowning. So Yang’s plan is to use the American Military to rebuild the infrastructure of these countries to help them with deal with Climate Change. But the problem with this is that the American Military isn’t particularly equated as a humanitarian organization. They’re usually considered like harbingers of death and destruction with a strict color pallet of red, white and blue. I doubt sending in a drone that fires wrenches instead of missiles is going to be helpful! Trading hellfire missiles with hellfire construction isn’t particularly great.

I am exaggerating but perhaps instead of reinventing the Military Industrial Complex to Humanitarian Industrial Complex, we can just reallocate funds to fixing the infrastructure of this country first and then using what we learn on our streets to take it to the streets of these Islands and other countries!

Andrew Yang also wants to create a better curriculum for schools. This includes teaching kids financial skills, interview skills, positive psychology, time management and healthy use of technology! This is great. This would mean that less of the future UBI beneficiaries would have less genitals covered in Cheeto dust. Unless of course they planned for it in their schedules.

A point of contention I have with the grand list of policies on his website is the lack of real foreign policies. Now don’t get me wrong, he does have a lot of dense information about how American wars have blown through funds like a 20 year frat boy with pill & booze addiction charging daddy’s credit card, but there’s not concrete plans on how to deal with the military expansion. This could be the downside of Yang. His domestic policies are pretty good but he’s lacking the foreign affairs division.

Regardless of this oversight that I hope he can overcome, he does some have more recreational policies. Like making Taxes more fun! Yang wants to call it Revenue Day with a bunch of celebrations and activities where you can contribute 1% of your taxes to a future project and see how things fair up for the next year! This is the governmental equivalent of Casual Friday! Like it shouldn’t be a big deal that it’s casual because it should always be casual. Taxes should be fun, you should want to contribute to help your country instead of thinking we’re being screwed and robbed!

Being that he’s in the tech world, Yang also believes in Data Rights. This is the new century and we have tech companies manipulating our democracy with the Cambridge Analytica Debacle and how Google blocked Tulsi Gabbard after the first democratic debates. Data is a product now but it shouldn’t be.  So this means that it is our rights to know what is going with our data and how it’s being used or in some cases why we’re being blocked. Far too often these tech companies block sites and give a vague reason that doesn’t really apply to them. Earlier this year 800 independent media sites were taken off Facebook & Twitter for “inauthentic behavior”. What does that mean? There wasn’t really an answer except using buzz words like ‘synergistics’!

The one other complaint I have about his website is the format of the columns in his policies section! It feels like I’m reading a newspaper! It a format that makes me feel elderly and closer to death! I get it, it’s more meant for a mobile platform since I’m sure he’s got some of his techy friends helping him out, but come on Mr. Yang, you gotta fix that formatting.

Andrew Yang also believes in all of the progressive ideals of diminishing student loans, Medicare For All, body cameras for police and a bunch more! His flagship idea is helping him stand out in the debates and it’s why I’m very interested in him. And despite being from the tech and entrepreneurship world, Yang seems more genuine than the candidates the DNC wants to push on to us. His plan reshapes capitalism to be a system not run on competition but on compassion. And compassion moves us forward.