The Dispatch: NPR’s Propaganda Against Tulsi Gabbard!

National Public Radio or NPR as the cool kids in sweater vests call it has been seen as the top of the game when it comes to political news and journalism. But over the years they’ve become more and more of a propagandist radio station for mainstream establishment politics that spins conspiracy theories and smears as a real news. Take a look a very recent interview that Robin Young from Here & Now did with Tulsi Gabbard! Even from the start you can feel the oily sounds of bias greasing the microphone from which she records!

This is a weird introduction to someone that you’re going to have an unbiased interview with. She basically highlights that Tulsi Gabbard was in a cult but makes it sound like she was there till about last year. Tulsi hasn’t been a part of these sort of ideologies in a very long time. Robin Young makes it sound like she was one of those West Boro Baptist homophobic protestors but instead of screaming “You’ll burn in hell”, she’s screaming “Do some Yoga for to march straight in this year’s parade!”

It’s also a pretty insulting way to frame yoga and Hinduism. This puts the idea of cultists as the forefront of Hinduism. If that’s the case then don’t we want to call out Joel Osteen for running a cult which is clearly funding his addiction to teeth whitening!? Punishing someone for the sins of their fathers doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure Robin was part of religious family when she grew up, possibly Catholic or another Jesus based religion. Would it be fair to introduce her as someone who was as part of a Child Molestation Cabal just because she went to church on Sundays?

The simple answer is ‘No’. But for propaganda purposes lets paint the picture as Pizzagate the Sequel with a new female lead!

The reality is that more exposure to the public Gabbard gets the more popular she becomes. She was the most Googled candidate after the first 2 debates and even after she didn’t make the third debate she was able to get back on the fourth one! At every turn the DNC has been trying their damnedest change the rules and ensure her voice is either not heard or smeared!

I know a lot of progressives have jumped off the Tulsi train, so of them tucking and rolling & some of them breaking their legs and worry about how they’re going to pay for the hospital bill. But to me this plan is to help conservatives see the value of Medicare-For-All. Look at this point, we’re not trying convince the Progressives and even some Liberals that Medicare-For-All is the way to go, because it is. But it’s the Fox News viewer that believes it’s socialism and the trade off to Medicare-For-All is that a Mexican Immigrant will sneak into their house steal their kidneys for free and leave them in a bathtub full of ice! Ice that the American taxpayer is footing the bill for!

This Medicare Choice plan uses the marketplace itself against itself to prove that a public and universal option for health insurance is the best way to go. And I understand that it’s not a perfect system but neither is Medicare-For-All. Both ideas will some tweaks that need to be made. Tulsi also talks about holding the pharmaceutical companies accountable for increasing the cost of healthcare by price gouging. And we should be concerned about Big Pharma. They’re like a drug addict but only for money. They’ll hold you hostage or try to suck your dick in gas station parking lots for just little looksie at a Benjamin.

That word was used towards Tulsi Gabbard by Bari Weiss on the Joe Rogan podcast late last year. And then Weiss struggled to define what that word was! A comedian and podcaster had to school a New York Times journalist about what it was she was actually saying! Bari Weiss is pretending to be a journalist while Joe Rogan accidentally proved he was a Real journalist because he knows how to use a dictionary!

And NPR doesn’t talk about the fact that Rumsfeld and Bush were friends with Hussein. Let’s freak out when a gay celebrity hangs out with a Republican War Criminal but not when those War Criminals have hung out with torturers and violators of human rights! I really doubt Bush and Rumsfeld were there to discuss peace and the well-being of the Iraqis. I bet they were there to discuss how to enrich themselves.

Why are we pretending like Diplomacy and peace-seeking is a bad idea in a world where the strong arm of the American Military and brutal dictators is causing so much strain on resources and the human psyche!? This really sounds like Robin Young is cool with bombing the citizens of Syria or Turkey to teach sociopathic dilators a lesson about kindness.

And of course NPR is attacking her for diplomacy. One of their sponsors is a war-profiteer and airplane nose diver, Boeing!

Look, we should be looking for diplomacy. We shouldn’t want more wars that cost billions of dollars and millions of lives! We shouldn’t be ok with the Pentagon losing $21 trillion! This kind of money can help fund a bunch of programs to help the American people. That’s just math. Math most people could understand if  they weren’t sent over to add more dollars to the bottom of some oil company and war profiteer by bombing innocent civilians in a country you can’t spell.

And then you want to complain about refugees from these countries? It’s a crisis that was caused because there was no diplomacy. Because the lack of diplomacy creates certain displacement. So if you want a bloated military and that’s your first solution then you should bear the consequences of the real victims of your war. And NPR is complicit in this by not just being back by war profiteer but being the mouth piece for it. NPR is basically the Useful Idiot for war.

That’s a mic drop moment right there! Tulsi Gabbard stands for the people and that’s an answer the establishment elites can’t really stand hearing. They fear it.

And the FBI is saying that Gabbard is the Kremlin’s favorite? How do they know this? Are THEY having regular meetings with Putin? Discussing the destabilization of the American elites over vodka and crumpets? If so that’s the real Russiagate right there? Why is the FBI cozying up to the Russians? Are they Russian Toadies?

I have conservative fans too. Besides a broken clock is right twice a day. All this means that she transcends party lines and maybe she’ll be able to talk about progressive ideas with people that don’t see themselves aligning with that term! And the reason for that is she talks about serving the people…all people, not just the ones that have the same letter next their political affiliation.

Another mic drop moment! When it comes to regime change wars, not one American seems to want. Well average Americans anyway. It seems like Robin Young is fine with sending young men and women of all races, creeds and sexuality over to a country we shouldn’t be in to make sure we have their oil!

Yes it has. And we can perceive that you’re a journalist, but really aren’t one. You’re a propagandist. Anyway I’m sure the next question is going to be reviting.

If we all got lost there for a moment, Robin Young…from National Public Radio…just asked a Presidential Candidate running in the United States of America, if she was a cult leader. That’s a real question that got asked on a radio interview by someone that calls themselves a Journalist! And just because they did it in a soft, mellow tone with a lot $4 words, we’re supposed to sit there in our sweaters, eating our organic pea soup with a little bit salt & pepper so we don’t offend the peas, and say this is real journalism.

And Robin doesn’t understand what Hinduism is or where Tulsi stands on her spiritual path. Tulsi quotes the Bible and the Bhagvat Gita on her website where talks about her spirituality. Her belief is having a personal relationship with God. That’s what most religion should be. It’s personal. And not in an action movie way where the bad guy does something and the hero goes “And this time it’s personal!” More like it’s between and your individual connection to what you consider a higher power. It doesn’t need to shared by everyone and neither is it your duty to enforce that personal relationship onto other people.

Her belief of putting that spiritual love into action is seen in her service to everyone. She fights for every person regardless of race, religion, creed or sexual orientation. I can hardly say the same for Robin Young. Robin Young’s personal connection to God seems to coming from the check that the DNC and Boeing are cutting for her every month!

A strange cut at the very end of the interview. Almost like there was more to this interview that we probably will never hear.

At this point we have a more fair view and coverage of Tulsi Gabbard on Fox News! Fox News! I mean come on trickery is their name! FOX News! They’re like a sly, clever creature that’s trying to trick yah into its games. It lives in a den where thieves hangout. That’s what the new network has named itself after and the’ve given better coverage to the Tulsi campaign.

NPR has even after American Comedian and my good friend Lee Camp of the television show Redacted Tonight! Because his show is on RT America, NPR paints him to be a Russian propagandist. Even though not a single person that was interview after one the Redacted Tonight tapings said they were worried that this was Russian propaganda. But editors of satirical outlets like the Onion called Lee shrill and were worried that he was propagandist! Propagandist for what? The truth?

If NPR is going after networks like RT for being sponsored by a state then they should be going after the BBC, Al-Jeezera and even themselves for being state sponsored news networks! And at this point more people are comfortable with trusting comedians as journalists because we don’t have an agenda. Our agenda is to find the objective truth. We’re not owned by anyone because most of us are broke or on their way to it. Comedians are far more reliable of sources than what’s considered established media at this point.

NPR uses its soft, perfectly measured tones to lull Americans back sleep so we can be complacent with our war crimes again. Liberal or Conservative the corporate news is steeped with propaganda against anyone speaking out the industries that funnel endless cash into these people’s pockets. Let’s keep our minds sharp and active make sure we know where these corporate propagandists lie and take their words with a massive grain of salt.