The REAL Issues Surrounding Greta Thunberg

A 16-year old Climate Activist has sparked outrage and controversy surrounding the already controversial issue of Climate Change. Greta Thunberg, a Swedish child of a well-known opera singer & actor, gave a pretty alarming speech to the UN recently. But where did she come from and why are people freaking out about her? Tonight at 11. Just kidding it’s a podcast we’re going to cover it now!

Before we get into that, let’s point out where I stand in the Climate Change debate. Because based on that intro, this could go either way. I could be Climate Believer preaching the Gospel of 2 degrees celcius or a Climate Denier thinking that Obama invented the Global Warmings with Socialist Muslim Agenda of Prostitutional Virginity!

I do believe that Climate Change is happening as a result of human industrial expansion and can be heavily curtailed and possibly reversed if we can reduce our carbon emissions, change our antiquated grid and prop up the use of Solar energy and batteries. Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of scientists come out and say we roughly 11 years before things become irreversible. And there was an article that went viral about the Earth become a ball of fire by 2050. Where the only creatures walking the planet are Surtur from Thor Ragnarok, the Eye of Suaran and few Floridians.

Now that apocalyptic prediction can cause a lot of distress in young minds. Especially ones facing mental health issues such as Greta. Greta Thunberg has OCD, selective mutism, which is an anxiety disorder that cause people to go silent in certain situations or around certain people. This pretty much happens to me when people start talking about investing or buy stocks. I selectively mute myself because all I want to do is yell about how stocks are meaningless and just a popularity contest for rich people’s money but then people stop inviting me parties.

Her biggest diagnosis is Aspergers, which is a type of autism. Greta calls that her superpower because it allows her to see the world differently than most people and that’s probably true. I have had a theory that people on the Autism spectrum might be showing us the intermediate step in human evolution. Usually people on the spectrum have a higher capacity of information gathering and pattern recognition. They hone in on something to put everything they have into figuring that out. I see this as a cognitive boost, but with the trade off of less control over their emotions. If we can get a humanity being to a point where we have a cognitive boost and control over our emotions, we’d probably be golden!

In her UN speech, Greta is very emotional when she asks “How Dare You?” to the adults in the room. She accuses them of “robbing her dreams” and “childhood” with their “fairytales of eternal economic growth”. Now this is interesting because Greta herself might be a product of a way to get eternal economic growth for the Corporate Green sector.

Back in August 2018, Greta began her protesting outside the Swedish parliament. Now it is reported that her opera singer mom, did tell some folks at Parliament she’d be doing this. But Greta was also propped up by Igmar Rentzhog, who worked closely with Al Gore and is the owner of a Swedish start-up “We Don’t Have Time”. Uh, newsflash Igmar, we have 11 years dawg! He recruited Greta to increase youth activism towards Climate Change and through emails and social media, made her a viral sensation.

In early 2019 Rentzhog became the chairman of the Green Think Tank, Global Change. Greta was able to recruit other youngsters into the Climate movement and through that Rentzhog was able to gather more young people for this Think Tank. This Think Tank was also funded by Swedish billionaires and the former Prime Minister. Now there’s arguments over whether Greta’s parents did or didn’t know about their daughter’s face and story being used by Rentzhog in his promotional materials and they cut ties back in January.

But Greta does seem to the Belle of the Ball when it comes to Green corporations and it does seem like she’s being used by the left as well as the privatize sector of Green Corporatism. The push for environmental reforms, especially in her home country of Sweden, means for government contracts for Green energy corporations would skyrocket. Now I’m not particularly against the idea of Green companies making money. We currently reside in a Capitalist society where money dictates the effectiveness of things. And right now the money is being controlled by the fossil fuel industry working in tandem with world governments.

If there was more opportunities for the Green sector to push forward on their ideas of solar energy and carbon reduction and put in direct competition with fossil fuel use, you’d probably find that most regular people want to go with green energy! It turns out most people don’t want live in hot, sticky conditions where it’s harder for them to breathe and then immediate switch over to an immensely condition where it’s also difficult for them to breathe. The issue is that right now these companies are doing by using the face of a child.

But this is the model that most of the world is living on. Work, earn, spend … repeat. Because of this call to consume, America has 6 times the ecological footprint of India. The American and even the Swedish lifestyle encourages the need for more consumption of products and single use items. Even with its large population the ecological footprint of the Average Indian is far less than that of a Westerner. The ideals of capitalism and the single use culture will result in a this planet being single use.

But Greta isn’t the only child fighting in the name of Climate Crisis! She’s one of 16! There are 15 other kids, some younger than Greta, who’s names stories and faces have barely been used by any media, independent or mainstream! All 16 of the kids have filed lawsuits against a variety of countries that have been contributors to the growing Climate Crisis under the notion that it’s against Children’s Right. Before we talk about this lawsuit, let’s talk about why the rest of the 15 kids haven’t received as  much media attention as Greta Thunberg, a well-off Swedish girl with few a mental health issues. The answer lies in the last description.

I think Greta became the poster child of this movement because she has Aspergers, OCD, anxiety and selective mutism. This makes Greta a sacred cow, in that she can’t be criticized because of her mental health issues. Michael Noll, a man that is called Ben Shapiro light, probably because he actually takes breaths when he speaks, said she had “mental illnesses” on Fox News and the left freaked out! Now the empirical fact is that she does have a few mental illnesses, but let’s be honest we all do. Noll clearly has Shapiro Dystopia and it’s gone pretty undiagnosed. But Noll bringing it up was to discount what Greta is saying, which is what makes it a problem.

Now the interview also had a Climate Believer that did not particularly handle the situation well, probably because he’s got some mental illnesses as well. The interview pretty much went off rails and Noll was called “skinny boy” and a few other insults proving that Fox News really just a televised school yard fight. “See you by Camera 2 at 3pm!  The left insults Noll, and right defends him. And we’re not really talking about how Greta’s mental health concerns can be exaserbated by the overwhelming amount of public support and becoming the face of the entire climate movement.

And that’s basically what happened with her. Greta Thunberg became the mascot and face of the Climate Change Movement. And this is part of the reason why a lot of movements fizzle out or fail. We can’t put the whole thing on backs of one person. And now I do understand that a majority of the Climate Activists are still doing a lot of work to change legislation and get countries to divest from Fossil Fuels and take action in alternative energy sources. And this is part of the critique of the hyper support of Greta Thunberg; propping up this Child vs. all the on the ground activist work from Climate Activist of differing identities.

We didn’t have a frenzy like this over the human rights violations against the DAPL protestors in North Dakota. Instead we used Star Wars weapons against water protectors! We didn’t have this much coverage about Flint’s water crisis and the pitfalls of privatizing a natural resource. Instead we had Nestle remind everyone water is a monetizable food stuff and there’s a new candy on the shelves! We weren’t freaking out like this when Extinction Rebellion super glued themselves to the doors of Congress to legislate against the further use of Fossil Fuels. And we really should have. It would’ve gotten more people to ask the question: Why aren’t our leaders doing something prevent the degradation of our Climate?

While Swedish Greta took a boat and refers to herself as “one of the lucky ones” because of her wealthy background, we still don’t see societies in non-western countries as examples and models of fighting the growing Climate Change issues. Like villages in India that use solar energy and work with nature to create a sustainable and advancing society. These and all these other activists are not invited to speak to the UN nor are they interviewed by the Daily Show! Because at the end of the day Greta Thunberg represents the championing of Western Civilization while commercializing the Climate Movement! It’s all about the Benjamins, who also realized that setting a kite on fire with lighting would create too much carbon emissions and he should decrease his eco-footprint.

And some of these Climate activists are from indigenous cultures who address the topic of low ecologic footprints by working with nature, rather than using it for their profit margins. We don’t look at these types of culture as ones to follow but rather as primitive and uncultured. But green technology can be used in tandem with this philosophy. We can create new technologies that emulate nature rather try to replace it.

India itself has been making plates from leaves and using food based utensils that biodegrade into our environment creating less waste. Their societies practice only using what they need and making sure nothing goes to waste. That means left over food becomes something else. The basic philosophical concepts that is rooting in these western and indigenous philosophies is to be mindful and not part-take in excess. While the western ideology is to consume and leave nothing behind. Like locusts. Capitalism has now become a plague of locusts going against the Climate movement to consume itself alive. Greed driven Capitalism is the true virus eating the planet.

And look every country is complicated. India’s rapid expansion into western industrialization has created a massive environmental catastrophe. But a society who’s fundamental belief is to reduce, reuse and recycle and not to give into excess might be able to figure out how to reform and restructure Capitalism so it’s a plague consuming humanity itself. And you can tell India is getting influenced by Western culture because Indian restaurants are about buffets! That’s a very western idea! All you can eat is basically deregulating gluttony!

So we gotta ask again, why Greta? This might have to do with the counter we hear from the Climate Deniers and bringers of Snowballs into Congressional hearings: We’re not scientists! Great, neither is Greta or the 15 other kids that are protesting and asking for legislative action on alternative sources of energies. They have figured out what the continued use of fossil fuels can do. Greta’s emotional speech at the UN got poised and to the point when she was reciting the facts of climate change. So if these kids can figure out why can’t these legislators? If they have less intellectual capacity than a hormonal teenager then maybe we need to find smarter legislators. Can IQ be qualification for public office? Or at least the ability to pass 8th grade science?

The right has been countering the praise of Greta Thunberg by saying the Climate Change movement should be led by Scientists! GREAT! Let’s go back to 30 years ago when it was being led by scientist and companies like Exxon and Shell knew about this issue and ignored it. Now let’s take that information and bring it into the 21st century and do something about it! 98% of the science community believes Climate Change is a problem created by man-made industrialization. So the question remains, where are all the scientists? My guess would be trying to use that science to solve the looming problem of Climate Change.

So let’s go back to that lawsuit these kids are pressing. They’re suing a few countries in violation of the UN Rights of Children. This act grants kids the right to life, health and peace! The biggest issue of concern is that their health is getting worse because of the increasing effects of Climate Change. These kids use words like “scared”, “sad” and “angry”! Isn’t that the darnedest thing you’ve heard of? Kids…caring about the future! They need to be dead on the inside like adults so the void they’ve created by living unfullinging life can be filled with more single use garbage!

Kids like Debbie Adegbile of Laos reports that her asthma has gotten worse and could get life threatening due to the severe heat waves. Ayakah Melithafa from Cape Town is concerned about the health ramifications from drought in her city! We can also say that these kid’s peace has been disturbed considering that Military Industrial Complex is one largest emitters of CO2 to the atmosphere!

At the end of the day it’s good to see kids getting involved in activism and fighting to make their future better than their present. This is going to produce really interesting science fair dioramas! Sad, angry and depressing ones, but interesting none the less. But we can’t just put the future of the Climate Change movement on Greta’s back! If these Green Initiatives are going to be a part of the Capitalistic system then they should learn from the mistakes of the Fossil Fuel industry and not try to rig the system! Neither should they use a child to do so.

It’s up to all of us. All 15 of those kids, their supporters, the Climate Activists, Water Protectors, Scientists and civilians. We can make small changes that can probably have a big impact. By reducing our ecological footprint we can try to reduce the impact of climate change in our daily lives. We can be better together. We look beyond our profit margins to healthier and happier future.