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This past week the Red Scare returned to America just in time for Halloween. Move over Alien Vs. Predator Trilogy and The Shining Sequel, Hillary Clinton has a book she’s trying sell about not taking accountability for anything you’ve ever done in your life! On a podcast with an Obama Aide, she made a wild claim involving Russian assets in the Democratic Primary. 

She says, “I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate […] She’s the favorite of the Russians. [Jill Stein’s] also a Russian asset […] Yeah, she’s a Russian asset — I mean, totally. They know they can’t win without a third-party candidate. […] I don’t know what Putin has on [Trump], whether it’s both personal and financial […] I assume it is.

The following question wasn’t “Gee, Hilldawg do you have any concrete evidence for what you’re saying or are you just being sore loser 3 years later?” People and the corporate media believed her words like it was being said by God in a Pantsuit. Pfft, God wears a robe because They like it to be a breezy down there.

Now the woman in question turned out to be Progressive Democratic Presidential Candidate, a sitting member of the House of Representatives and a Major in the Army National Guard, Tulsi Gabbard. So in bold and incredible fashion, Tulsi Gabbard fired back at Clinton and her band of cronies with one of the best responses. Ever.

Great! Thank you, Hillary Clinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.

From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose.

It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly.


This is an epic response! This is Shakespearean level shit right here! You got smacked in the face with all of his plays and the Globe Theater just collapsed on you, YOU GLOBALIST BITCH! The authors of the bible are applauding this response! Let’s break it down for a second. 

Queen of the Warmongers! Hilary Clinton has voted for all the regime change wars and had atrocious foreign policies that include this new Cold War we are in. Even her words are declarations of wars! Newsflash, you out of touch, ivory tower, sociopath! Jill Stein isn’t running for elected office this time around! She’s obsessed with sowing divide and conquering. She won’t quit till she is the monarchical Queen of America! Her very existence is starting to become Unconstitutional.

Embodiment of Corruption! Clinton has allied herself with all sides. She’s friends with Saudis who have committed a list of Human Rights Violations, including, literally, melting a journalist. She’s also friends with Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstien. 

Personification of Rot. This one is the deepest blows. But thanks to both Hil and Bill Clinton they’ve rotted out the core of the Democratic Party by pushing them to the Right and hollowing out every word they’ve said. Then not only do they make a mockery of the election system in America, but when they lose, but they blame Russia on repeat like a CD that keeps skipping and playing the one line of a song you used to like from 1955. And now their rot is spreading to critical thinking portion American’s brains. 

Following this, REAL progressives applauded Tulsi for standing up to the hollow accusations. And the neoliberal fake progressives doubled down to call her a Russian Asset. Some of these establishment talking heads said “Well Clinton didn’t even name her and Tulsi just responded! She didn’t even deny that she was a Russian Asset!” Well, denying it would give weight to the allegation even being remotely true.  

And you know even if she did say “I am not a Russian Asset”, they flip the story and say “Well, that’s exactly what a Russian Asset would say! I mean come on! This is Hillary Clinton people! She radiates trust like a Uranium Bomb! If she’s not Russian why does Tulsi wear a red outfit, which is the color of communism? Why does she wear a white outfit which is the color of snow in communism?”  

Clinton might have been too cowardly to mention Congresswoman Gabbard by name but CNN and a Clinton Staffer did. Not only that but a week prior, the New York Times reported that she was clearly a Kremlin Asset and a CNN panelist said the same thing and provided no evidence.

In fact Bakari Sellers went back on CNN to double down on his baseless, evidence-less accusations of Tulsi Gabbard and spun his wheels after Tulsi called him out on the debate stage. And the “prestigious” New York Times very quietly adjusted their stories to show that Clinton didn’t say Russia but rather the Republicans were grooming her soooo…It’s Redbaiting in a totally different way. 

And this has once again re-opened the hysteria of Russiagate and a new era of McCarthyism. 

And I think this Neo-McCarthy Era of Fear Mongering is a good thing. Firstly I was getting really bored of the same old hack fear mongering coming from people telling me that I was going to be deported or ethnically cleansed. This intellecutual discrimination is as refreshing as a injecting Mountain Dew directly into your veins! Secondly I was always jealous of the people in the 50s, living in a constant state of fear. Finally we can all experience the greatness of Red-Baiting and assaults on rational thinking. 

Ok, I know some of you out there are remembering how very recently the Mueller Report came out and proved that there was no collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government to interfere in the election. Some of you remembering how I broke down the Cambridge Analytica Leak, which showed an American Billionaire hired a British company and used data collected by an American company to manipulate American voters. 

But some people missed that argument because their neurons are only firing in pattern to either reflect a Donkey or the Hammer & Sickle because they’re unable to see past the Red Scare. And because of the American populous’ crimson colored lens, everything in disagreement with establishment Democrat’s narratives are controlled and under the influence of the Kremlin. So before we look back into how the Mueller Report debunked Russiagate, let’s try to get an understanding of what Russian interference looks like. 

According to former CIA Analyst Ned Price, Russian interference comes from propping up movements that disrupt the establishment, like Black Lives Matter, Pro LGBTQ+ movements and worker equality. That sounds like Russians want gay folks to have rights! And they want cops to stop killing innocent people! And they want people to get paid what they’re worth! Because that will bring down American Democracy. 

Honestly that doesn’t sound that bad if it were true. But the Russian State is a police state that rivals the US. Russia has heinous Anti-LGBTQ+ policies. And they’re a fully capitalist country, so they’re just as bad at worker equality as the US! The problem is, this puts America in a tie with Russia for Human Rights Violations. And that’s a problem because America has to be number 1 in everything! 

If it’s between REAL equality for all and a faux Democracy that pretends to have equality, I’ll take the real equality all day. The movements that Ned Price talks about are fighting for REAL equality. The Democrats are paying lip service to it, while the intelligence community equates them with the Russian State as foreign interference. It delegitimizes are legitimate movements – but that’s what an authoritarian police state does. 

This means that if you’re a candidate who supports movements like Black Lives, Income equality, LGBTQ+ rights, you’ll be accused of being a Russian Asset and destabilizing the Corporate American Democracy. America is a representative Democracy! And as of now, corporations have more representation than the people and if you’re a candidate for and by the people, you’ll be smeared and have to be taken down with repetition of lies to rot the core of American critical thinking skills. 

So now on to the debunking of Russiagate by Mueller Report itself. The breakdown comes from Aaron Mate from the Grayzone and a contributor to the Nation. The first thing to note is that Mueller states that there no Kremlin intermediary connectors and “no pre-existing contacts and struggled to connect with people”.  I mean we can just say that about anyone in the elite class like Trump and Clinton. They have always struggled to connect with people. 

Papadopolous was indicted and questioned about his connections to Josef Misfud, a London Professor that made vague assertions that the “Russians” have “dirt” on Clinton. The Mueller Report made it clear that they knew that Papadopolous was under the assumption that Misfud had Russian connections despite that being the case. Misfud had no connections to Russian high command, but rather to Western high command. 

The interactions with Russian Ambassador, Sergie Kislyak was “brief, public and non-substantive”. And the Mueller Report says they “did not identify evidence in those interactions of coordination between the Campaign and the Russian government.” It’s basically the equivalent of running into someone that you don’t really want to talk to at a party. You know you keep it brief and make sure a bunch of people saw you interact and then you walk away before they start bitching about their back pain or their mother. 

The Michael Cohen debacle was more about trying to build a hotel in Moscow and getting rejected. So Cohen basically lied about that which is more a case of perjury than collusion. FYI perjury is something the NYPD is encouraged to do. So Cohen probably figured, if it’s good enough for the boys in blue then its should be good enough for the boys in the $10,000 suits they are hired to protect. 

And Trump never asked Cohen to lie either. He did it because he’s a freethinkin’ man with his own rights to lie! Just like Clinton and Trump have their own rights to lie to the American people. And just like how the DNC told the courts that it was their right to lie and get away with it. 

The big smoking gun argument is the meeting of Rob Goldstone with Don Jr. and Jared Kuschner. Rob Goldstone was a British publicist and set up a meeting via a Russian Lawyer who had no connections to the Kremlin. Goldstone later admitted to not know what he was talking about because he just wanted to set up a meeting with the Trump Team. 

Kuschner texted Paul Manafort about how the meeting was a “waste of time” and asked his assistants to call him so he can leave the meeting. He bad first dated Rob Goldstone. After which there was no second date, because the Trump Team just ignored the emails from the Russian Lawyer. The Smoking Gun turned out to be a few burnt out matches in the corner of the room that we thought set fire to the world. 

Paul Manafort was accused of sharing polling data and Ukraine peace plans with Constantin Klimnik, a man with “unspecified ties to Russian Intelligence”. This could literally be that he shared a tea with a KGB agent once. But again the Mueller Report identified no connections between the release of this data and election interference. And everyone was really confused as to why Manafort even released the data. 

As for Kliminik, his ties to Russian Intelligence was only being propped up by the corporate media. Because it’s way more important to live in the fantasy of James Bond than the reality of the truth where we don’t have watches that spew acid, but rather tell us the time. And Mueller never really interviewed Kliminik. If he was so important to prove the case of Russian election interference then wouldn’t one interview such a figure? 

The Steele Dossier, a collection of Democratic National Committee-funded opposition research alleging a high-level Trump-Russia criminal relationship was shown to be sensational claims and proven to be false. Trump never had any connections to WikiLeaks. Ever. Let alone before the DNC leaks. And finally there are a lot of folks saying Barr was covering up the evidence that Mueller found. But it was Mueller and his team who helped Barr with the redactions. 

At the end of it all, Trump’s collusion got exonerated but Russia wasn’t off the hook. There was a Russia shaped hole the American Establishment’s brain so Mueller made a statement that they’re trying to challenge our Democracy, the Democrats agreed that it was apparently sweeping, with no proof. Even those Buff Bernie & Jesus Memes and the Troll Farms were not in the Report but he kept asserting it. 

Look if American elections can be swayed by Memes that got spread around AFTER the election and internet trolls then maybe America isn’t mature enough for a Democracy, which is why a majority of the American populous is cool with voting for a NeoLiberal or NeoCon Oligarch as they spit platitudes in our faces like it’s a kinky porn. Or…the way we run our elections is nonsensical and needs better accountability and should be publicly verified.  

If you’re really concerned about the American election being hijacked then you should be talking about the American political system is rigging it in favor of the corporate elites. If you want a more fair election system we should be asking for ranked choice voting, more party options and fight against political repression. 

Now Hilary Clinton has rekindled the flame of Russiagate with baseless attacks on Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein. And let’s be clear about what she’s really mad about. Gabbard supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein had the audacity to have a vagina in the election. Clinton is upset that she spent over a billion dollars in a campaign where she was the loser! A billion dollar loser to a huckster with a bunch of sexual assault allegations and bankrupcies. Now if she really wanted to appear as a someone who was above it all, she would’ve taken the money from her campaign and funded a healthcare system for the American People.  

Russiagate 2.0 is a tool for American Propaganda against progressive ideals. Russiagate hysteria wasn’t caused by the Russians. It was caused by corporate elites who believe and proved that the American populous’ ability to think critically and engage in discourse can be controlled and manipulated while they wage all the wars and profit from all sides. The ultimate damage of Russiagate is it’s own inception. It’s caused wreckage in the political landscape by its sheer existence. And the only ones that keep bringing it up are Hilary Clinton and her band of cronies. 

As Stephen F. Cohen points out, the repetitive nature of the Russiagate scandal might have permanently damaged the psyche of a new generation of Americans. More repetition will sink the words in the memory of bloated and tired American mind. By paying attention to the Propaganda Wing of the American War Economy we’ve Clockwork Oranged ourselves in the next phase of this Endless Cold War.

This phase of the Cold War is about the ability to manufacture weapons. In the arms race America is losing in technology, but not in marketing. This arms race is about attempting to discount the Russian Weapons Manufacturers so America can be the sole monopoly of the arms race. There are only 2 politicians in mainstream America talking about peace; Tulsi Gabbard & Rand Paul. There’s also everyone on fringes in the Green Party, Libertarians and people like Mike Gravel. 

This New Cold War is another regime change war. It’s nonconsensually invaded the American mind and changed the regime from logic & compassion to fear & nationalism.

Both the Left & Right believe in hyper Nationalism & unquestionable Patriotism. It’s all about color. The Left goes with Red-baited Nationalism and the Right goes with a classic White Nationalism. They’re NO DIFFERENT, because they use FEAR TO KEEP US SILENT. There is only one party in America and it’s party of money and corruption and right now their mascot is Hilary Clinton. She embodies fear, corruption and a monied interest in the American Psyche!

As Aaron Mate pointed out that Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to speak to bank in Russia and yet Jill Stein of the Green Party is being chastised for going to Russian gala on her own dime to talk about peace resolutions! So the Clintons are paid for by Russian and American banks to fuck over the people of 2 countries and the Green Party gets smeared by the Establishment for fighting for the equality of people on a global scale. 

Currently the American landscape is “infected with jingoism” as Matt Taibi puts it. Jingoism, for that are unfamiliar, is extreme patriotism. It’s how excited you feel about America after you do lines of Pharmaceutical Grade Adderall off a Bald Eagle’s dick right before it ejaculates the stars & bars! So right now either you’re a good Democrat supporting who they tell you to or a Russian Asset because you questioned the elites! This binary view of world politics is coming through a self-centered Cold War, Cold Hearted Lens! 

This Red Scare has spread into the Hot Wars America is engaged in too. Because Tulsi Gabbard decided to do her job as a politician and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and met with Assad of Syria, she’s labeled an Assad Apologist! She has called him a brutal dictator and still gets smeared by this false title. And she wasn’t the only one that went over to talk peace; Dennis Kucinich went as well! 

And she’s further smeared because she doesn’t believe that Assad poisoned his own people, because there was a leaked UN report that said the event looked staged. An MIT professor corroborated the report and Tulsi Gabbard backed his assessment as a soldier. The helicopters were flying too low and the event didn’t make sense. Plus you had a CNN reporter tasting a tasteless and odorless gas. 

Following this we had Brian Williams finally calling Trump presidential for bombing a Syrian air base! Don’t worry Trump called ahead to let them know that he was doing it. And Brian Williams had his own moment of ejaculating stars & bars for the American people to swallow. 

This Red Scare goes well beyond the world of peace talking politics in a War Economy. There were also claims of suspicious donors to Tulsi’s campaigns. Corporate and even some independent media was claiming that Gabbard had ties to Hindu Fascists. It turns out these were individuals belonging to an organization called the Overseas Friends of The BJP. The organization itself hasn’t backed her, but individuals have. This is something I’ve addressed on several podcasts. 

And at this point we’re pretty close to claiming that practicing Hindus are fascists and commies! What’s next? Making all of the anti-establishment, anti-corporate people wear red bands so you know who we are?  This is how information gets twisted and broken and fractured. And then it does the same to our minds. 

There is also claims to Gabbard and her family have connections to a Hindu cult. Most of the articles focus on the man at the helm of this so-called cult and his homophobic remarks. Tulsi is currently connected to it because she practices the type of Hinduism this organization practices. 

Now can we say that any politician that’s supported the Catholic Church is a child molestor? Because that cult is guilty of that and has made tons of efforts to hide it. They’re also homophoboic. Seems like a very broad brush to paint people that follow or are even associated with the Catholic Church doesn’t it?  

More importantly this is an inaccurate portrayal of where she currently stands on these issues. Her legislative record proves she is on the side of the LGBTQ+ movement and has apologized for her past views and statements. She has voted for LGBTQ+ rights and continues to fight for the movement. She’s got a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign for her stances on LGBTQ+ rights! 

And for all those coming out about Tulsi’s past seem to forget Clinton’s vehement support of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act in the 90s and continued to support it through 2004! So if there are members of the LGBTQ+ community who are chastising Gabbard for her past, then where is the equal vitriol for Senator Clinton who voiced her protest of LGBTQ+ rights! At least when Gabbard came in to public office she voted to support the community 100% of the time and acknowledged her errors. Clinton blamed “the gays” for not understanding and then called them all “Rainbow Russians”! 

Clinton’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard & Jill Stein proved that we have not made it past the Cold War, but stoked the freons of it. Former Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued a warning about McCarthyism. “It is a sad commentary on our government when such a manifestly useless and spurious thing can divert our attention from all the constructive work in which we could and should be engaged.”  

And it’s ringing true in our society today. Instead of having a conversation about the fact that the Green Party was pushing progressive ideologies like a free public college, Medicare For All and more, they’re condemned for wanting a diversity of thought in our elections. Instead of address the Regime Change Wars we condemn the peace talking Presidential Candidate as an asset. Instead of pushing for things like more equality and worker rights, we condemn them as Russian plots to disrupt Democracy. 

The only thing that has disrupted REAL Democracy and Progress is Hilary Clinton and her band of cronies by hijacking the American ability to critically think with the Red Scare. We should be a society that is run on understanding, compassion and logic. We should be a society that sees more than just Red and on occasion the Blues and Whites. We are a nation of a variety of colors and thoughts and we shouldn’t be condemned for thinking critically and freely.