The Dispatch: The Grayzone Project’s Max Bluementhal’s Arrest Is Ominous!

The very FIRST Amendment of the United States of America is about expressing ideas and spreading information without the interference of the government. The Freedom of the Press lets journalists report on injustices and relay the truth to the American people without governmental action. And this was done because pre-Declaration of Independence, the British would regulate the media and eradicate any information they did not approve of. It’s like have a parental locks on your television to make sure the kids don’t watch porn or anything made by Tyler Perry. But the revolution was basically the idea that we broke the TV and discovered the internet and watched all the porn…we still tried to refrain from Tyler Perry though. Although the Tyler Perry porn is surprising good. Very heartfelt story.

But it looks like America is taking cues from the British in the 1600s by suppressing REAL journalism recently. On October 25th 2019, Max Bluementhal, editor of the Grayzone Project, was arrested by a SWAT team over false charges. The charges were 5 months old, claiming Bluementhal assaulted a pro-Venezuelan coup protestor. A charge that was rejected, due to lack of evidence.

So at 9AM, the DC police lived out their dreams of being in a Denzel Washington action movie by threatening to break down Max Bluementhal’s door and take him out! I think we can all say that King Kong literally didn’t have shit on Bluementhal considering the warrant they had on him was based on nothing. They kept him in multiple cells for 2 days and denied him his rightful phone call or an attorney. Apparently during the raid the DC Police also slapped Miranda in the mouth and told her stay silent. In the era of #metoo, they should really have more respect for Miranda and her rights.

The assault charges came about when Bluementhal and variety of other protestors came to support the Venezuelan Embassy Protectors with food and sanitary items and then were met with violence by the Pro-coup protestors, as well as the Secret Service Police. The violence got so bad that a the Secret Service Police brutally attacked Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace! I suppose the only way to suppress peace is through overwhelming violence.

At this point, no corporate or mainstream journalism outlet has spoken out about Bluementhal’s arrest. Which I find is no real surprise, considering these corporate news outlets didn’t support Chelsea Manning or Julian Asange when they used the material they revealed. They also marked Edward Snowden as a traitor when he handed his findings to journalist Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept. They toe the line of being informants of the corporate cause. They want to feed you curated information from the government, approved by the state to sow their divide not just in the American political landscape but in your mind. The divide is between propaganda served by a member of a minority community and your own critical thinking skills.

So why did Max Bluementhal get arrested so abruptly on clearly very false charges from a bias source? The day before the arrest, the Grayzone Project had revealed that USAID had been funding the representatives of the Venezuelan coup, like Juan Guiado, the protestors and Carlos Veccio. The United States Agency For International Development is a government organization that helps deliver and facilitate foreign aid for civilians and development projects. They’ve been funding the coup in Venezuela!

I’m sure some folks out there are wondering, who is Juan Guido and Carlos Veccio! And Americans aren’t only ones. Less than 20% of Venezuelans knew who Guido was. Yet, Guiado proclaimed himself the new interim President of Venezuela after a call from Vice President Pence. You know I can’t go out on the streets of Pittsburgh and proclaim I’m the King of All Comedians because I got a call from a distant relative that told me they enjoyed a YouTube video from 5 years ago.

After Guiado’s declaration, the Washington Post, Bloomberg and other corporate media organizations championed Guiado’s push to regain Venezuelan Democracy!  Wait? Does the corporate media of America think Democracy is just someone proclaiming their President with 0 votes cast for them? Is this why Washington Post thinks Democracy Dies in the Dark? Because voting booths are kinda dimly lit? Someone please get a middle school civics book to these people.

Canada and many European nations did not back Guiado and recognized Maduro as the legally elected leader of Venezuela. America doubled down on their support for Guiado especially since he was groomed and made for coup like the very first Terminator was…well…intended to Terminate. Technically Guiado was built to Terminate Democracy in a sovereign nation. He was more popular within the circle of Washington insiders than anyone else. Which should immediately be a RED FLAG to anyone that is thinking that this coup is legitimate!

Both Veccio and Guiado are a favorite of Republicans like Marco Rubio and Democrats like Wasserman-Schultz & Nancy Pelosi! And it just goes to show that when it comes to money, it doesn’t matter what party you belong to, the price tag’s always been there. It shows us that these parties are one and the same. They’re the party of imperialism and regime change.

Carlos Veccio was a lawyer that worked for the Petroleum of Venuezuela or PDVSA. Now he was good with his position until Chavez decided to socialize the company and take charge of Venezuelan oil exports to financially benefit the people of his country. Veccio became a legal counsel at Exxon in 1994, a job that fully paid a for scholarship at Harvard! Which just goes to show that if you suckle at the right pipeline, even immigrants can go to an out of touch school for rich kids and become one of them! This guy must’ve been drowning in sweater vests, which I guess is the uniform of the American Dream.

When Chavez gave Exxon Mobil the boot, and Veccio was offered a job at Exxon’s Qatar offices, he declined to stay in Venezuela to fight the socialization of the oil. He worked with opposition groups to take back the country. He was on the forefront of various coup operations and eventually was exiled from the country in 2014. Later he’s quoted to say that he’s been working for Venezuela from afar. Wait what? How do you help a country that you’re not even in? I don’t think revolutionary or leader is a telecommuting job.

Veccio, along his compatriots Leonardo Lopez & Juan Guaido, started a pro business, no negotiation political organization called Popular Will. Turns out this will was only popular with a few people with a lot of monied interests. And in order to pull allegiances away from Chavez, Popular Will monetarily backed by the USAID, ran regime change operations. This included guerrilla tactics where they mooned people on the streets of Venezuela. And of course, Guiado was part of the mooning.

They claimed to be dedicated to socialism. You know because that was the people’s ass, not just Guiado’s. And they probably were socialist, but much like America they’re only socialist when it comes to corporations and the private sector. When it comes to helping the people, it could prove to be disastrous in creating a fair and just society where they don’t have a majority of the money and power.

They even went so far as causing civil unrest in the streets of Venezuela. Guiado was part of the violent resistance in 2014 which included running steel wire across the streets to flip motorcycles. Guiado was seen in a tweet and a video with a gas mask and helmet calling for resistance. At the end of this, Guiado was dismissive of the lives lost during this so called protest and to the people of Venezuela, this became the defining factor of the Popular Will.

They did it all again 2017 in an attempt to “resist” the Maduro government. Pending an arrest warrant for Lopez and Veccio, Veccio disappeared and resurfaced in NYC. Many members of the Popular Will are either seeking asylum at other Embassies, on house arrest or wanted for terrorism and assassination plots. This the party that has claimed Venezuela is their country! A party funded by the US to create chaos in order to change the regime of a country for the sake of oil. With people that were paid by the USAID and wanted for terrorism, it really gives a new meaning to term “State Sponsored Terror”…wait, no it doesn’t it. This is a pretty good example  of that.

Despite all the coup efforts, they couldn’t prevent the legal election of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. During the Obama Administration, Veccio convinced the Organization of American States to say that problems in Venezuela was because of who’s currently in power. And after the Embassy Protectors, who were invited by Maduro’s government to ensure that Venezuela keeps it sovereignty, were ousted by pro-coup raid earlier this year, Veccio thanked those behind that were behind the coup like Trump, the secret service to the police! Without winning a single vote, he has now become the coup’s Ambassador to Venezuela.

Guaido’s wife gave a stoic speech that would make other dictators shudder in their graves, about how the military of Venezuela should rise up and fight Maduro. This didn’t work. Guaido is currently waiting for his orders to make the next move and in this coup and regime change he’s an expendable figure. If he fails he’ll become another ass the American state fucked.

This is what Max Bluementhal of the Grayzone Project is being targeted for. Max and all the REAL journalists at the Grayzone Project are challenging the nature of empire and the imperial actions of the United States. Now they have false charges and this will be legal battle that’ll go on for a while. But the question is, if they can target a journalist for going against the presented narrative from the State, what’s to stop them coming after any one of the citizens of this nation? This is the time we the people have to stand up and stand beside Max Bluementhal and the Grayzone Project and all of the other independent journalism organizations to make sure we’re not silenced. I doubt Max will be. And I doubt I’ll be staying silent either.