Blaming Third Parties Means Supporting The Oligarchy! [The Dispatch]

For the past 3 years we’ve heard a lot of excuses from the Democratic Party as to why they lost to Trump, but none of theses excuses say “We abandoned the middle class and became the party of elitists and empty promises!” One of the big ones I’ve heard since November 9th, 2016 is that it was either the Green Party or Libertarians fault! “They syphoned votes away from Hilary Clinton!” The Green Party is a powerful force to be reckoned with their Presidential Candidate that was arrested in 2012 for trying to be included on the debate stage! The sheer power they must have by not even being allowed on Debate stage!

And the Libertarians were clearly dosing the Democratic Voters in Wisconsin and Michigan with ample amounts of Marijuana and they plum forgot that one time Hilary Clinton said their states names in a joke! Those potheads caused those voters to space on the day or worse yet made them vote for Trump because it was hilarious! As the Democrats have always said, weed is a gateway drug to Republicanism and fiscal conservatism!

A majority of these excuses make it sound like Clinton was owed the votes of the Greens, Independents and Libertarians! Let’s set the record straight, no candidate, big or small, is owed any American’s vote! Votes have to be earned! And these citizens that voted for a Third Party let the Clintons know that she did not earn their votes. To say that Hilary Clinton is owed the votes of anyone that leans to left to any degree is basically advocating for an oligarchy! Kings and Queens to be coronated by the Church of Wall St and the Monastery of Money! And I believe that was one of the things that sparked a revolution to create this country was not being down with the oligarchy.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Hilary Clinton’s sheer existence is becoming UnConstitutional.

I’ve met a lot of people touring around the country and the folks that voted for a Third Party were trying to get them enough votes to get federal funding for this upcoming election! And this idea was seen in local elections in 2018. As we were celebrating a blue wave in Congress, we also saw some Third Party waves standing up to the shores of an oppressive 2 party system!

Fellow comedian, filmmaker and former guest of this podcast, Travis Irvine ran for Governor of Ohio in 2018 under the Libertarian ticket. Recently Travis wrote a piece for the Columbus Free Press that points out how the Third Parties are not responsible for the Republican victory in that state. Ohio has notoriously been controlled by the Republicans and Travis ran in an effort to dethrone the true Red Scare!

As Irvine says in the article: “The perfect outcome would have been for myself and the Green Party candidate, Constance Gadell-Newton, to both receive 3 percent of the vote so we could meet the arbitrary benchmark set by Ohio Republicans to maintain ballot access for our political parties the next four years. Another aspect of this perfect outcome would have been for our total amount of votes to cause Republican Mike DeWine to lose to Democrat Richard Cordray. The Ohio Republican Party has had a stranglehold on our state government for far too long, as evidenced by the aforementioned 3 percent benchmark being set for minor parties and signed into law at all.

The Ohio Republicans set an arbitrary benchmark of 3%! Which means they control who their opponents get to be; The Democrats. This ensures that voters show disdain in the binary and that disdain turns to apathy and cynicism! It also blocks any outside voices from coming into the narrative. It removes the idea of choices and makes you vote for a letter, a color or a mascot instead of ideas and policies. We can see this same control executed by the Democrats in the Primaries now. They set arbitrary benchmark in order to get rid of any progressive voices so their corporate, paid off candidates can gang up on a candidate that’s setting records and was cheated out of the last election. I’m of course talking about one Bernie Sanders.

This idea also pushes the narrative that there are only 2 voices that are allowed in American Politics: Democrat or Republican. It’s a hack idea. It’s no different than the comedian that goes on stage and makes jokes about how white people do a thing like this BUT black people do a thing like that! Or women are one way and men are another. Binary views hammer down generalizations, cut off the diversity of thought and engage us into a black or white line of thought. And the question we should all have is, What about brown? Or gray? Or ROYGBIV! If it’s all black or white, red or blue then why the hell does crayola need so many damn colors. We can just have 2 big crayons and call it day.

Speaking of hack comedians, Bill Maher recently did a monologue on his show where he addressed the idea of the binary. In the monologue, Maher makes the argument that we have many flavors of pop tarts and gatorade, but when it comes down to politics there’s only 2 choices. And boasts that this is a good thing. Good thing for who? Regardless of who wins, Maher gets to keep his show and get richer with hack generalizing jokes that show us how out of touch he really is. While the rest of us have deal with stagnant wages, unaffordable healthcare, an ever expanding prison system, but hey we have 1000 flavors of Gatorade we can choke down after we get arrested for a non-violent crime or protesting the regime of the oligarchy! YAY for Yellow-65!

Maher also points out that other countries have multiple parties while we should be excited we only have 2! This is basically his smug way of saying, “Hey Americans can’t handle all this choice!” It’s fun special way of calling most of us dumb. Americans aren’t dumb. Middle class is much smarter than they’re convinced to be. Once they shed the programing from the propaganda of the American War Economy perpetuated by both parties then we’d effectively be able to vote a Third, Fourth or Fifth party without this childish blame gaming.

Back in Ohio, the unfortunate reality is that Irvine and the Green Party’s Constance Gadell-Newton did not win. Travis goes on to point out: “my campaign was easily polling better with Republicans who didn’t like DeWine leading up to the election — multiple Tea Party groups around the state had endorsed me, while other Ohio conservative networks were encouraging their supporters to either vote for me or leave the governor race blank. My campaign team knew where our support was coming from and leaned in as much as we could — we challenged DeWine’s conservative credentials when it came to taxes, spending and gun rights.

Travis’ 80,000 voters voted for him because they wanted to vote for him. They like what he stood for and the challenges he presented to Republican Mike DeWine! And the ones that didn’t, probably didn’t vote at all. And the most likely outcome was that if Travis Irvine wasn’t in the race, they would’ve chosen to refrain from their right to vote. Same goes for the Green Party in the general elections. Take this same principle and apply to it the large scope of the 2016 election. Of the people that voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, they voted for these candidates because they wanted to. IF they weren’t in the race, these voters would’ve stay at home. Which would’ve meant that the Clintons and the DNC would’ve just blamed the stay at home non-voters for their cowardice!

But the Binary vitriol never ends! Irvine continues in the piece about the aftermath of the election: “Despite some silly analysis by dumpy know-nothings who still feel the need to troll me on the Internet, Cordray and the Ohio Democratic Party lost because they no longer have the support of the union-loving, working class voters of the Mahoning Valley. The Ohio electoral map in 2018 was almost identical to when Trump won in 2016. DeWine and his team deserve credit for the shrewd tactics they used in the days before the election — not only did DeWine get former Ohio governor John Kasich’s endorsement, but he also got President Trump’s and held rallies (separately, of course) with both men in different corners of the state. Add to this the fact that Mike DeWine wrote his campaign a check for $3 million the last week before the election…

And this was same problem in 2016 with Clinton. Not only was it revealed that Clinton was using underhanded tactics to defame Sanders, she was also out of touch and has a heinous past! She lost the states that she didn’t visit and only focused on where she could get big money donors. She raised over a billion dollars in the 2016 election and lost! In addition you had everything that happened with Cambridge Analytica and sale of our data by Facebook that led to the victory of the President we have now. It was a perfect storm that led to us to where we are now and the Third Parties are left in the wake of it just like we are.

Blaming the Third Parties and their voters only sows more seeds of divide. It’s the result of Black & White, Binary thinking that blocks the diversity of thought that the human mind is capable of. It robs us of the right of critical thinking and makes us complicit in a system where power is ruled by monetary means and not the will of the people. Voting for a Third Party is not a spoiler. It’s a revolution. It’s the same kind of revolution that this country was founded on.