Obama Says He Will Go Against Bernie Sanders! [The Dispatch]

In 2008 the political landscape echoed the virtues of hope and change as a well-spoken, intelligent, attractive Black Man took office. Barack Obama was supposed the beacon to shift the course of this country away from its history of inequality and corruption to one of fair and just example. But that’s not what Obama became. Since the end of his term as President, he’s stayed silent and in the shadows, getting paid half a million dollars to speak to banks and the wealthy, but he’s been coming out more recently to take a stand for the status quo.

A little less than a month ago, Obama talked about how the “woke left” isn’t helping the political landscape. Now I have my problems with the cancel culture surrounding wokism, but I’m not telling people stay quiet and keep their heads down as Obama was. The speech was basically Obama going after the activists on the left that have called him out and shined a light on the truth behind his administration.

In the most recent debates, Joe Biden called the Obama Administration “spotless”. Sure if Dalmatians and Cheetahs are now considered spotless. There are less liver spots on Biden’s head than there are spots in Obama’s administration. I’d say that Obama’s Administration was the Red Headed Freckly step child of the American Establishment, but the fact is that the American Establishment is the Red Headed Freckly Step Child of the American Democratic Republic!

Obama’s record bolsters the status quo. He expanded the surveillance program and condemned American Whistleblower and hero, Edward Snowden. And since his administration, Snowden has been denied a fair trail. And the Obama Administration is the reason that Snowden is stuck in Russia because they canceled his passport. Snowden didn’t choose Russia, but rather was a victim of the Obama Administration’s opportunism. This is situation is an arranged marriage of McCarthyism!

Obama talked about how he was for renewable energies, but approved fossil fuel companies to drill in the arctic. Protests hung from bridges and used kayaks to block the tankers. PLUS Obama was still in power when the Dakota Access Pipeline was going to be built through indigenous lands! So Obama paid lip service to renewable energies and the growing issue of Climate Change while REAL Protestors were fighting back against the fossil fuel industries were considered criminals.

The DAPL protestors were assaulted using Water & Sonic Cannons. I mean these are types of weapons I’d expect to see Storm Troopers using. And I don’t know what’s more depressing; the fact that Obama turned a blind eye to the assault on the water protectors or that it seems like Star Wars is going to start in North Dakota of all places!

He also expanded Drone warfare. His administration Drone Bombed a wedding, which I think is a really aggressive way of saying they disapprove this union. Just send a card bro! I’m sure his expansion of Drone warfare is why we have Amazon Drone Bombing American citizens with unending consumerism!

While with one hand Obama talked about strengthening DACA and granting amnesty to 11 million undocumented immigrants, the other hand created and empowered ICE to deport more immigrants than any other President in the last 2 decades! And I’m sure there are some Fox News conservatives that look at this fact and say that it’s just ploy to make us forget that he’s Kenyan and ran across the Ocean to tackle the American Voter with Socialism. Or you can accept the reality that he wasn’t really interested creating a better government for the people, but rather be an attractive and diverse face to the status quo.

So it’s no wonder that Obama is going after the activist wing of the left. He’s trying to remind us that he can’t be criticized because he’s from the coveted Democratic Party. And if you oppose or criticize him, then you oppose and criticize the Democratic Party, a party is ready to use identity politics to push a agenda of corporatism and war mongering. And it’s always Party over People. And because it’s Party over People, in private Obama has basically said that he’d intervene if Bernie Sanders gains ground and is looking to be the nominee! That’s because Bernie puts People Over Party!

Now I am sure that Obama has a chip on his shoulder considering that Sanders doesn’t want to strengthen Obama’s Affordable Care Act but rather pump up Medicare For All and ensure that it is a right given to people. People deserve to have good health. What they don’t deserve is a lofty bill because they want to keep living. What they don’t deserve a lifetime of debt while Pfizer and Purdue Pharmaceuticals buy new helicopters by putting a price tag on the human body! The American people are just choosing to live! And where the hell are the pro-lifers on this? Why aren’t they protesting private health insurance companies and Big Pharma for driving up the cost of life saving medications and procedures?

So at this point the Democratic Establishment elites see the Party fracturing. There’s Obama faction of unifying the Party and the Sanders faction unifying the People. And Obama has been critical of DNC darlings like Mayor Pete and now dropout Kamala Harris. Probably because as a black man, it’s hard to support a person who’s decimated the low-income minority neighborhoods of South Bend and the woman that laughs at putting people in prison. But he’s also not for Sanders and Warren because they’re too “revolutionary”.

So who does Obama support? It’s a good question, but if we really look at his actions and who he has allied himself with, I’d say he supports Wall St. and the crony capitalists that created the mess we’re in now! They’re the ones he’d like leading the nation…and continue to pay him a half a million dollars per speech he gives to pat them on the back.

Obama has been quoted to say that America is “less for a revolution and more for improvement.” Yes, and the problem with that statement is that improvement would be the revolution! Medicare For All is an improvement from the privately run healthcare system, which would revolutionize the conversation and actions about health in America. Taxing Wall St. to help pay for public education is an improvement. Ending a push for regime change and having a real exit strategy for the wars we’ve started would be an improvement. Having an immigration system that helps immigrants figure out what to do next would be an improvement!

Improvements to the status quo is the revolution the progressive and activist wing of the left have been talking about. So if all of this is about improvements, then a call for an ideological and intellectual revolution is necessary. And that means less Obama’s and neoliberalism and replace it with something new and different. It means less Party over People, but a push for People over Party!

When Obama started his term as the President, he was a young and dashing ideological powerhouse. And by the time he got out of office, he was more weathered, wrinkled and salt & pepper. But that’s because the weight of keeping the status quo while paying lip service to progressives for 8 years has drastic effects on the human body. The only way to fix it is with the revolution of the truth.