Kamala Harris Dropped Out Because Her Record Is Atrocious! [The Dispatch]

Recently it was reported that Kamala Harris dropped out of the Presidential Race. Sometimes reality can take a little while to sink in. Perhaps this isn’t the most accurate view in the larger zeitgeist of her candidacy, but it seems like there’s a lot of polarized opinions about Kamala Harris. These opinions range from calling her a cop, to a neoliberal elite to a progressive! That last one is the truly shocking one out there!

The people that are calling her a progressive are the ones justifying it because she’s the second black woman to be elected into Congress. And though that’s pretty big deal in a country that hasn’t gotten over slavery, it doesn’t make her progressive. Identity alone doesn’t garner you the title of “Progressive”. And just because one your tagline is “Kamala For The People”, doesn’t actually mean you’re for the people. I could say that I’m “Krish For The Birds”, but it doesn’t mean I actually stand for the birds.

In fact, I don’t. If you look at my record, I’m pretty anti bird. Birds were dinosaurs and they know it. They used to rule this world and now they want it back and they’re plotting to get it back! So let’s look at Kamala Harris’ actual records and see if she’s a real progressive or if it’s all hearsay!

As the DA in San Francisco, Harris wanted to prosecute parents of truant kids. This has become a flagship fact to remove the label of progressive from Kamala Harris. Kids that live in low income neighborhoods face a lot of challenges from bullying and not fitting in. So they might not want to go to school, but the parents themselves face challenges. So why make it harder people in an already hard situation?

As California’s District Attorney, Kamala Harris gave herself the nickname of “Top Cop”! First of all, why? Cops are not really in vogue right now! We’re not really seeing fun exciting cop movies like “Kindergarten Cop” or “Beverly Hills Cop”, but grittier cop dramas revolving around the complexities of being an officer like “End of Watch” or the show “Cops!” Besides I don’t trust anyone that’s just giving themselves nicknames! Those people are always trying too hard to look cool. I’m surprised her campaign slogan wasn’t “Make America Cops Again!”

The “Top Cop” fought hard to make sure people weren’t released early from prison because then California would lose it’s precious Prison Labor to make shit! I’m sorry did I say Labor? Labor is something you get paid a fair amount of money for doing. I meant Slavery. Harris, a half black woman, fought to keep innocent people in prison to maintain Prison Slavery. Now she did disavow this and made a statement that she really didn’t do much to push the mass incarceration needle in a progressive direction. I think the lack of action should take the title of progressive away form you.

Harris has also pretty consistency gaffed on the subject of Medicare For All. At one point she said she was all for it and then retracted the statement. SO here’s the Medicare for All plan that Kamala had in place. She wants to expand the role of private corporations in Medicare to increase the strength in the program. Wait. Aren’t we in this mess because private corporations are the ones hiking the prices of necessary drugs and procedures? Why in the hell would we put them in charge of Medicare?

Mayor Pete has Medicare For All who want it. Kamala’s plan is Medicare For All Who can profit! And here’s the secret, we the people aren’t profiting from this plan!

Harris’ plan to get rid of Student Debt, was virtual non-existent. A viral tweet laid out her plans to erase Pell Grant debts to businesses that successfully stay open in low income neighborhoods for 3 years! I get the spirit but wouldn’t giving these businesses an immediate tax benefit be a stronger way to deal help them overcome adversities of starting a new business?

Harris came out and said she wouldn’t accept corporate money, and then basically did the opposite of that. She’s accepted money from lobbyists and big corporations like Disney, Amazon and Apple! So if she’s getting money from these large corporations, who do you think she’s really fighting for. So really we should change that slogan from “Kamala for the People” to “Kamala for the LLCs”. “Kamala for the S-Corps”. “Kamala for anyone hiding their money in the Caymans!”

Harris dropped out the race because her record cannot be ignored. And she hasn’t done much to clear her record other than make excuses and try to ban Trump’s Twitter. Her record proves that she’s not a progressive. She’s another candidate that toes the line for the corporate elites. She’s another well spoke candidate flying the colors of identity politics to hid her dark truths! We’ve turned on the light, now let’s keep it on.