Centrism & Capitalism Leads To Unhappiness! [The Dispatch]

America claims to be a Representative Democratic Republic birthed out a revolution against oligarchical tyranny. It’s a country where we the people are supposed to vote for leaders we believe have our best interests in mind. If we look closely, there’s not a lot of candidates that we can legitimately say do care about the people. I think we have a lot of candidates that want make themselves sound good and smart and speak a lot of Spanish, but do they have the good of the people in their hearts and minds?

Corporate media has been pushing the notion that Centrism is what will really show us how much politics cares about the people. Legislate in the middle. But in reality centrists look at basic human rights and claim it’s unrealistic! Centrists like Biden & Mayor Pete claim that making sure Americans are healthy and financially sound is an outrageous idea! How dare you want to be healthy and NOT make a monthly payment to keep it that way? What they are doing isn’t extortion, it’s just making us pick them up by their bootstraps. Inevitably we’re going to throw our backs out and then addicted to their pain killers, which is only going to mean heavier boots for us to pick them up by!

Progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders, The Godfather of the movement, Tulsi Gabbard & Andrew Yang, get smeared and are called extremists because of the platforms they stand for pretty damn consistently. Bernie has a 30 year consistent record of standing by the American people on virtually every issue from healthcare, income inequality, race and much much more! He was arrested numerous times rallying, protesting and marching with Civil Rights Activists! In terms of healthcare, he pushes for the truest version of Medicare For All because “he wrote the damn bill!”

And now you have Faux-Progressives like Elizabeth Warren moving away from this idea to Mayor Pete’s Medicare For All Who Want It. We all do Petey, we all want it! No one wants to get sick and then spend most their time doing math as their Appendix spreads rot from the inside out! The Quadratic Formula can wait. Now Elizabeth Warren calls it ‘choice’. And we do have a choice. Our choice is to go with a candidate that is willing to stick with Progressive ideals even though it’ll mean a tough road ahead and goes against the status quo or Elizabeth Warren’s murky flip flopping to win a popularity contest.

Bernie and Tulsi are also currently taking on Tech Giants that a climbing their way to the top of this greed driven Capitalist ladder. Bernie has a called for the Internet to be a public utility and wants to reinstate Net Neutrality. Make the Internet Switzerland Again! The Internet can and should be a tool available to everyone for educational & entertainment purposes. It should be a tool used to connect us rather control and divide us.

And Tulsi Gabbard is currently suing Google after they prevented her from running ads after the first debates! She is always the most googled candidate after each of the debates she is a part of! If her lawsuit goes through that’ll mean that these Tech Giants will have be heavily regulated when it comes to electioneering. Taking stands like this show Tech Giants they can’t run amok and control the landscape of information. And Americans will not stand idly by as their porn buffers even a little too long. And porn can be both educational and entertaining!

Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate that criticizes the Military Industrial Complex and America’s hawkish foreign policies. These policies involve enriching corporations and the politicians that support these and use the Middle Class as cannon fodder to line the pockets of the elites. She talks about not being the world’s police and creating a better a society for our citizens at home. A reallocation of the federal budget that involves actually taking care of people with services and advancements we are making!

Andrew Yang is the only one that talks about a Universal Basic Income, which would balance out the economy by helping the Working Middle Class. Looking at UBI as a handout, as both conservatives and centrists do, is an inaccurate representation of this idea. It’s giving us the people boots to actually pull ourselves up by. These ideas fall under the category of Democratic Socialism!   

Centrists have turned words like ‘Socialism’ & ‘Revolution’ into buzz words and stripped them of their meaning. Much like the conservative politicians, the Centrists have turned Socialism to mean Communistic Authoritarian Dictatorship, that strips you of your freedom! It isn’t. Socialism can be used as the restraints on Capitalism when it starts running wild. It’s like when you go to a party and your friend gets way too drunk and now wants to do some crazy shit that might set the house on fire. Socialism the Designated Driver or the house chaperone that knows how out of control this friend can get. They get this friend home, turn their head to side and sleep on the floor just in case things turn catastrophic. And then the next day, they have photographic evidence that this friend did in fact pee in the pool and try to have sex with a vase because they though it was a Disney Princess.

Centrists have also turned the word Revolution into violence. First of all revolutions don’t have to be violent. And second of all, America’s foundations are in a revolution! Without a revolution we don’t have a country! America currently has had a Socialist Revolution, and it’s not for we the people, it’s for the corporate sector. Bailing out Wall St. & the Banks was a revolution for the banking sector and anyone that understands what Roth IRAs are. Deregulating the Big Pharma was a revolution to profit off sick people and your lack of erections. Letting corporations hide money in off shore tax havens is a revolution for every rich person in America to get richer and put tiny bikinis on their dollar bills. Denying Climate Change is a revolution led by billionaire think tanks that pay into trashing science and possibly funding our own extinction! Letting Jeff Bezos walk around is a revolution to piss in the eye of the working class. And unlike Bezos’ employees, there’s no time limit on how long this pissing will take place.

Centrists push for the idea of incrementalism. The idea is progressivism is the final goal. So things like a more fair living wage, Medicare For All, Americans to be involved in an economy that they can ACTUALLY benefit from and Jeff Bezos to stop pissing on various body parts, will take time and we have to be slow about it. The problem is in a lot of these things we have been taking it slow and it’s been incrementally getting slower. The incrementalism has worked really well for corporations and the elites! We’ve been incrementally making these institutions more powerful behind closed doors. Lucky for us the doors have been blown wide open and we see through the facade.

Centrists like Nancy Pelosi have championed Capitalism as hard as conservatives like Mitch McConnell and rich boys like Trump. The whole point of this system is to turn everything into profit! Nature, humans, social movements, they all have a Macy’s style price tag attached to it! Things have gotten so bad that even American Elections are bought and paid for. Both the DNC and the RNC are privately run corporations that own our elections! And it’s gone so far as to make money off MONEY itself! The FED is a private organization that prints and sells money to banks! We’ve turned currency into a business model, proving that all of this is based on imagination! Oddly enough though, there’s never a Black Friday on cash, it’s always quite the opposite.

But this rampant Capitalism pushed by Centrists & Conservatives alike is what is needed to keep the idea of American Exceptionalism alive and well. It’s kind of like the same way when someone wants to keep the party going, they go outside and throw up in a bush or someone’s shoe, so they can keep drinking. Eventually alcohol poisoning is going to set in and we’ll have to pump their stomach! Capitalism works the same way. The system is built on creating more and more profit every year, every month or every week! The sales pitch of the American Dream is “Sure it’s nice that you have that now, but don’t you want more? Don’t you want a bigger house and sexier family? Support America Corporation LCC and we can sell you all those things! BUY OUR MONEY!”

This idea of wanting more and more and more is why Americans are pretty unhappy. They’re not living in the moment. They’re living for things they don’t have. They’re never appreciative of what they have. And this idea has been put into the fabric of this society by not just holding the rich & powerful on a pedestal but also demonizing those that call for equality and consistency. Better is only sold to us when we want more consumer goods, not in terms of things that actually matter. What we need is a better equality, a better healthcare system, a better political & economic system! If we ran an economy on consistency and adjustments to ensure our basic needs, we’d probably be a better society. That has now become a progressive idea!

Our Revolution is not a violent one. It’s a revolution of shifting our thought. We need to shift our thoughts away from American Exceptionalism. That’s a product that’s been sold to us to help Neoliberal Centrists and NeoCons profit off them. And the cost has been our society’s soul, happiness and good will. We need to be revolutionary in how we the people treat each other. That’s how we can fight for and push progressive ideals, by living it! Change doesn’t come from the top, it comes from bottom up and middle out!

Centrists are the middle of the road. If they were they’d care about the MIDDLE Class. And who wants to be in the middle of the road! That’s where a lot of the high speed traffic is. Get to the sides and start moving forward instead of dodging traffic in the middle! Frogger was never Progressive.  So it’s time we started acting revolutionary for our benefit! Educating someone about the truth about Socialism or a movement or our own history is a revolution. Helping someone who’s going through a tough time financially or otherwise is a revolution. Listening is a revolution. Learning is a revolution. Patience is a revolution. Compassion is our revolution.