No War With Iran [The Dispatch]

2020 is off to a rocky start to say the least. I stubbed my toe getting to the bathroom on New Year’s Day. Tom Brady isn’t going to be in the Super Bowl. I mean that’s really sad because that means the metaphoric version of the American Empire is collapsing…and arguably so is the real one. The New England Patriot’s loss to the Tennessee Titans could meant the death of Patriotism and a shocking reality that South might rise again! Oh and America actually committed a pretty blatant War Crime on Friday, January 3rd!

One of Iran’s most beloved and powerful political and military figures, General Quassem Soleimani was assassinated by the Trump Administration in a Drone Air Strike at a civilian airport in Bagdad. This air strike also killed 9 Iraqi Nationals who were also on that plane. As Mint Press News reported, Assassinating a World Leader like General Quassen Solemani of Iran without provocation is an International War Crime!

But Pompeo and the Trump Administration would have you believe they had all the provocation they need! Pompeo claimed the General Soliemani was planning an attack on the American people and personnel. When asked what the evidence for this claim was, the response was very similar to the WMD’s Iraq had back in 2002! There’s proof, but you have squint your eyes, but not all the way, like a 38.2% squint. And then tilt your just slightly past what it can till you feel like little pinch in your spinal column, and look west. But not all the westward. Like kinda southish, north westward. And then lean back a little bit and you can see it. You can see the attacks that General Soliemani was planning.

The state department’s evidence is about as interpretive as a Jackson Pollock painting. In fact Pollack’s painting a lot more straight forward and evident of drug use. Where as with the State Department you can’t really tell what drugs they’re using but you know it’s a mix of uppers and probably also bath salts and doing LSD wrong. These people give interpretive drug use a bad name!

The truth about this attack was that General Quassam Soleimani was on peace negotiation with Iraq. As the Grayzone reported Iraq wanted to have peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran and General Soliemani was there to discuss these talks. In fact the Prime Minister of Iran called Trump about these peace talks and Trump praised him for it. And then drone bombed one of the top officials of the Iranian Government…as a reward maybe?

Maybe he wanted to congratulate the Prime Minister and instead saying “Get them a bouquet of Daisys” he said “Drone Bomb the shit out of them!” Common mistake anyone going through the early stages of senility and dimensia are going through. And let’s be honest about Drone warfare. It’s just as bad as troops on the ground. All Drone Warfare does is gamify actual warfare. I bet some Drone Pilot received the High Score award for this! Instead of a Purple Heart they get a  Star Fox patch and a framed photo of whoever the main character from Medal of Honor is.

Pompeo, Bolton and the CEOs of all the War Profiteering Corporations fear peace in the Middle East. That means they don’t get to play both sides and reap all the rewards of bloodshed. This fear of peace is evident in the way Pompeo reacted after the assassination. He claimed that American lives everywhere including Iran & Iraq are safe. BUT all Americans should evacuate immediately for safety. Why leave if they’re safe? Would it have been more beneficial to all Americans to wear a Grucho Marx-esque disguise and stay put? Everything is fine, just speak with an accent that you’re good at that’s not an American one.

The whole world’s mouth is agape about this blatant war crime that was committed by the American Presidency! Germany is calling this a “dangerous point of escalation”. And the Germans are familiar with all dangerous points of escalation. They used to be the master race of escalators. That’s about the only they became the master race of. That and very efficient porn.

China wants both sides to deescalate. Which didn’t really happen. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khameni vowed revenge and then attacked 2 US bases in Iraq as act of retaliation. More on that shortly. Trump decided that he’d threaten to destroy historic and religious areas if Iran threatened America again. What’s next, a “Yo Mama so fat” contest with ballistic missiles and drone warfare? It’s astounding that the leaders of 2 large countries have the emotional maturity of school yard children.

Russia says the killing of Soleimani was illegal. Cue all neoliberal media outlets to reignite Russiagate in 3…2… and now! In a RadioFree Europe interview, Johnathan Katz, a Senior Fellow at the German Marshal Fund, a Neo Liberal Think Tanks says the real winner of this war will be Russia. If they help deescalate Iran, they bolster their profile to the West. They’ve been trying to get back into the G8 since they were kicked out for attacking and annexing Crimea in Ukraine. Katz claims they’re opportunistic and this is their opportunity to rejoin the west a prominent figure. Now I’m waiting for the media to start overusing the word collusion and Quid Pro Quo again so they can say Putin told Trump to do this so they can broker peace and become a world power and then Communist our babies!  Reminder: Russia is a Capitalist country!

Now the corporate, mainstream, war mongering media is once again fawning over Trump’s actions to illegally assassinate this world leader and take steps to push us into another war! CNN called this airstrike “precise targeting”. Yes, it’s very precise to kill not just your target but also 9 other Iraqi Nationals and a decimate a civilian air base. CNN has become so anti-intellectual they think scorching the earth with a drone based airstrike is precision. I bet they think book burnings are proof a nation’s high literacy rate.

The Washington Examiner said this assassination was more important than the Bin Laden’s death. And depending on who you’re talking to this is true. If you’re talking war mongers and sociopaths like Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Hilary Clinton, then yes, this is more important than Bin Laden’s death, because the assassination of Soleimani might eventually give them a war with Iran which they’ve been itching for, for over 30 years! For everyone else this is a new nightmare we have live as our friends and loved ones are sent go fight rich men’s wars for resources, again!

Of course Fox News praised Trump for his actions, but they usually praise him for his morning bowel movements so that’s not much of a surprise there. CNBC on the other hand said the Trump Administration just took “the World’s No. 1 Bad Guy”. The number 1 bad guy in the world? So let’s see if this accusation levied by CNBC is actually true or if this is all part of the same false narrative woven by the State Department and their War Hawks!

General Quassam Soliemani was one of the most respected and beloved figures in Iran. He’s like what Tom Brady is to the New England area. Back in the 90’s Soleimani led the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Force or the IRGC to battle against Saddam Hussien. At that time Hussein was being funded and armed by the United States. Lest we forget the damning photographs of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussien in the early 90s. Hussein killed over a million Iranians and Rumsfeld was gleefully eating dinner with a new business associate.

Soleimani is also the leader of the IRGC’s Quds force. They’re like the New England Patriots of the Middle Eastern Special forces. Lots of wins and a lot of blood on their hands. The Quds Force is responsible for pushing back Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi led terror groups and ISIS in Syria. In fact when Mosil was being attacked in 2014, it was Soliemani and the Quds Force that was responsible for the defeat of ISIS! And in terms of fighting Wahabism, they’ve been battling Al Queda and the Taliban in the region as well. And lest we forget, the Saudis are like America’s second best friend in the region. Trump just sold them a shit ton of weapons, or as it’s properly known, the Empire’s Friendship Bracelet!

Now by no means am I saying Soliemani is the bright shining star of the Middle East. The Quds Force is very anti-Israel to the level that they don’t believe the Jews should have their own state. Quds means “Jerusalem” and they believe that Palestine should be in full control of that region. They’ve also supported and assisted their proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah to wage terror in this region as well.

As Kim Iverson points out, Iran has always had 3 goals; eliminate Western Influences, anti-Irarealism and prevent Saudi led Wahabism. This is why they’re America’s enemies. They want to be their own country and be in charge of their own resources, ideologies and trade. They aren’t because of western sanctions and influences. Iran just discovered an additional 50 billion barrels of oil, putting their full capacity at 150 billion barrels. America wants all of it. Through war and selling weapons to both sides, The US and its proxies want to control the region’s resources and create the United States of the Middle East…Plus Israel and Saudi Arabia.

So we got back to the initial question we asked a few minutes ago, is General Soliemani the number 1 bad guy of the region? I’d say he’s a complicated figure that’s done a lot of bad things to put it lightly. Soliemani has a lot of American, Israeli and even Palestinian blood on his hands. But the number 1 bad guy in the Middle East is the American War Economy. They profit off the bloodshed from all sides. They sell American weapons to anyone with a checkbook.

Now as of the recording of this podcast, Iran did attack 2 US Military Bases in Iraq. The Foreign Minister of Iran, Javad Zafir said, ”Iran took & concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under Article 51 of UN Charter targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens & senior officials were launched. We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression.”

Publications like the USA Today state this to be an act of war, ignoring that fact that America had no provocation to attack Soleimani’s plane in a civilian airport! But these escalations have been a long time coming. The United States has been acting as an irritant to Iran in order to provoke an attack for a long time. In recent years alone, Trump pulled out of the Nuclear deal and imposed economic sanctions on them in 2018. Then in 2019 they claimed that Iran attacked a Japanese Oil Tanker after the Iranians shot down an American Surveillance Drone. And now here we are.

And an escalated action by Trump also makes sense considering the Impeachment charade. The only time both the Democrats and the Republicans and all the media have called him Presidential is when he’s used military force against a county. They cheered him on when he used the Mother Of All Bombs in Afghanistan and when he called an airstrike on a Syrian Air Field. So if the Impeachment means that he’s not Presidential, then he does the one thing that’ll prove that he’s is. Manufacture Consent for a war on false xenophobic reasons with no evidence.

Trump did say that he won’t further escalate attacks in the region, which is a good thing. But he’s going to slap further economic sanctions which gets the Supreme Leader of Iran to keep chanting his favorite anti-America slogans! But it doesn’t mean they won’t continue to try and Manufacture more consent for war by being an irritant to Iran. By pretending like America didn’t do anything wrong in this situation doesn’t get away from the prospects of war, just delays it.

And if there’s anyone that comes out and says having a Democrat in the Oval Office would have made a difference. They’re wrong! Barack Obama increased Drone Warfare in the Middle East. This was a program that killed civilians including American ones. Clinton started proxy wars in Somalia and Eastern Europe. Hilary Clinton was itching this war just as much as Pompeo and Bolton! Joe Biden isn’t criticizing the Administration on an act of war but rather the execution of it.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is one of the few Presidential Candidates that has spoken out against wars like this since the start of her campaign and even before. Gabbard had a bill about ensuring that Congress has to approve acts of War. Bernie Sanders, working with Ro Khana, has a bill in the Senate that would restrict military funding for offensive actions unless it is approved by Congress. That’s 2 out of a 188 Democratic candidates that would stand up against the Military industrial complex and the American War Economy. And those 2 candidates are viscerally hated by the Democratic Party!

So again, no a Democrat in office wouldn’t mean less wars. Both parties are the War Party and legislative wing of the American War Economy. In tandem with the corporate media which is the propaganda wing of the American War Economy, they both would push this country into another War in the Middle East. This only further complicates things in the region and sends us into even more shades of gray. More importantly it sends more of the Middle Class to fight for Rich people’s wars. At this point in our history we don’t need more Brothers & Sisters in Arms, we need more Brothers & Sisters in Peace.