Continued Proganda Against Candidates For The Working Class! Bernie Vs Warren [The Dispatch]

In America, the self proclaimed greatest country on Earth, people work 5 days of the week, for 40 hours a week, so they get to the weekend and recklessly drink to forget that week and nurse a hangover with the Lord every Sunday. That’s the American way. Excess and Repression, that’s what the Red & White stripes on the Flag represent. Red for excess and pure for white for repressing all the sins and pretending they’re not there.

And before we continue, we should address that America did give itself the nickname of being the “Greatest”. No other country came up with that nickname. No one cool ever has come up with their own nickname. I mean how much of an ego would Clark Kent need to have in order to say he’s the most Super of all Men, hence why he calls himself Superman! If the Danes or the Swedes or Africans said America was the greatest, then we could consider it. Till then America is just the kid that’s trying a little too hard to prove to everyone that’s they’re not a cop and can hang with the homeboys.

Americans work on weekdays for 40 hours a week. That’s how it supposed be. As the hit 80s song suggests, we’re working for the weekend! We shouldn’t just be working for the weekend! We should be working for a lot more! We should be working for a better future and fulfillment and joy! Besides at this point in our history, weekends are virtually non-existent in the so called greatest country on earth. American workers are exhausted. In 2019, most workers were on the clock an average of 44 hours a week, have 2-3 jobs and a lot of us had taken on jobs in the gig economy to be supplement income.  And politicians will boast that this is a good thing, because unemployment is down and that means that country is doing great. In reality it means that the rich are getting richer on the exhausted backs of the working class.

But in other countries they’re veering away from this model of labor. In Japan, Microsoft experimented with a 4 day work week. They found that it made workers more productive, everyone was happier and there was less waste produced. The same results were found in New Zealand and Denmark! So why haven’t we adopted this idea in the Greatest Country in the World? A lot this has to change in the mindset that surrounds labor and poverty in America in order to push forward with a 4-day work week.

Poverty in America is seen as poor people’s fault. The narrative surrounding poverty is that if you’re poor then it’s probably because you’re lazy, unintelligent, irresponsible and immoral. There’s a major juxtaposition in this. As we just mentioned, Americans are over-worked with multiple jobs and yet remain to be stuck in a cycle of poverty. If hardworking people are in the lower income bracket then how can they be lazy? How can they be irresponsible? And how is a variety of jobs determine your morality? This just shows us more proof that poverty is a system & institutional problem.

Conservatives refer to poverty as a “state of mind”, but I’m pretty it’s more of the state of your bank account. The way poverty is sold to the masses is that it’s an individuals fault and they stress out a system that’s there as a safety measure. So you see a lot of cuts in the social safety nets to supposedly help people. Ben Carson just cut $6 million worth of low income housing and the Trump Administration is cracking down on SSI and disabilities. The idea behind this that by cutting these services encourages people to go and find jobs and pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.

This is the same idea as when your parents catch you smoking cigarettes then make you smoke the entire pack! That makes no sense! You’re worried about kid’s health so you make the over do the thing that will jeopardize their health?! The only thing that’s accomplished here is increase in their nicotine tolerance! You’re not punishing them, you’re giving them an accelerated death sentence. In rehab for drugs, they don’t pump your body with more drugs! In order save a drowning person, you don’t add more water into their lungs! So why would you think to discourage someone from smoking, they should do it more! Or help people in a tough spot financially we should make things financially harder for them?

The issue with the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality is that some of us don’t have boots! Some of us do but they are worn out and have holes in them & pulling on them will cause them to break more! Some of us have never seen boots. And some of us wearing crocs! The ones that preach this philosophy are usually the ones that have more boots than anyone ever needs. And also one pair of crocs!

The individualism preached in America makes us less responsible for each other. The REAL state of mind behind poverty is being distracted by the rich and powerful saying there isn’t enough for everyone, but at the same time everyone can become rich & powerful! And there is some truth to that statement, but we become powerful when we’re together, not broken apart fighting each other. If your success means someone else has to fail, then there’s something wrong with the system you’re a part of.

So if America is going to reduce its work week down to 4 days, that means that workers would have to be paid better. It would mean that the rules for a job would be same as voting. One well paying job for every person. It means that if the price of goods & services inflate over the years, so does the pay for workers! It’s simple math and if you’re the greatest country on earth, you should be able to understand that.

So what happens to candidates that speak for poor & working class people in America? They get smeared and lied about on a pretty regular basis by the Propaganda Media of the Oligarchy. There are only 2 candidates in the Democratic Primaries that are on the side the working class and the poor in America; Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard has been criticizing the Democratic Establishment for abandoning the working class and becoming a corporate, war mongering party and goes after the wasteful spending of the Military Industrial Complex, which uses the Working Middle Class & the Poor as Cannon Fodder for Rich people’s wars. It’s like the Boston Tea Party, except instead of throwing Tea in a Harbor we throw poor people into the line of fire! Regardless both have had catastrophic effects on nature. Over caffeinated fish are no joke! But for standing up with the American People, Tulsi has been smeared as a Russian Asset, a Republican plant and so on. They pitch her as some Manchurian candidate that’s getting ready to assassinate democracy with logical policies & staying fit.

The same thing has happened to Bernie countless times. This time the warrantless attacks are coming Elizabeth Warren’s camp, which makes these attacks Warren-ted. Thank you, goodnight…We’re shutting down the podcast now! Anyway, Bernie has been smeared by Elizabeth Warren’s staffers as they reported that in a private meeting in early 2019, Bernie claimed that a woman cannot be President. And I’m going to quote Bernie here, because that’s a ludicrous statement, and Senator Sanders never said it.

Bernie shot back at the slander and pointed out that this is a blatant lie and what he said was “Trump was a sexist and racist”. He also pointed that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. It is important to note that the choice in 2016 was betwixt a rash on your taint or inside your eye. Just because 3 million people decided it would probably be better to have a rash inside your eye doesn’t mean that it was the right choice. What we need is a better choice. Bernie is a choice to have no rashes on any part of our body. He’s the Calamine Lotion of Candidates.

This is a BLATANT lie from the Warren camp! It was reported by the CNN correspondent that’s specifically sent to cover Warren, and she couldn’t get a quote from Warren about this incident! And this all seems it’s in retaliation for Bernie canvassers pointing out the FACT that Warren’s support comes from upper class, rich liberals and not the working class. That’s just a matter of public, demographic data, not slander! The fact is that Bernie Sanders has had the longest consistent record for standing with the American Working Class in the history of American politics, probably!

In the 80s, Bernie was encouraging women to run for office and he made a public statement that he doesn’t care about the identity of the individual, but rather if they are or are not going to stand up for the American Working Class and Poor People. Anyone with a backbone and integrity can do that. Integrity doesn’t have a skin color, sexuality, gender, ethnicity or nationality. It’s the ability for someone to stand up to the status quo when the status quo has forgotten and betrayed most of us. For the last 30 years Bernie Sanders has stood by the people of this country with his integrity intact.

Candidates like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard stand for we the people. They are interested in correcting the flow of power to be more even rather than tilted up. That scares the elites of our oligarchy. These people need the Working Class to tired and over-worked so we can’t start a revolution or a movement. In 2016 Bernie Sanders sparked a movement and it still exists today! And the Establishment fears this. So now they’ve resorted to blatant lies in order to attempt to smear the movement. The left is fracture because it has let the Propaganda Wing of the American War Economy, fracture it.

And it is no surprise that Elizabeth Warren is stayed silent about this lie her staffers are spreading. She’s consistently lied about major things to get a few extra points in the polls. She lied about her Native heritage, she’s lied about being fired for her pregnancy, she’s lied about Medicare-For-All and she’s lied about being a Progressive! Progressives don’t attack other progressives in this manner. Elizabeth Warren is showing us that deep down inside she’s still a Republican and the closer it gets to casting votes in this primary, the more Republican she becomes.

Just a side note here, I didn’t watch the first Democratic Debates of 2020. Like I said the only candidate on that stage that’s worth a damn is Senator Sanders and the rest of them want to gang up on him. If I wanted to see a  caring, intelligent person get ganged up on by a bunch of rich white people, I’d relive my elementary school days.

I did see the heated moment between Warren & Sanders after the debate. Warren launched into Bernie about him calling her a ‘liar’ on National TV. Now if she’s wound up because of that, Trump will have a field day with her. It’ll be the pot calling the kettle black, and that’s about as far as those debates will go. And besides, the Real Progressives have been calling Elizabeth Warren a liar on a National level for a long time, but now that’s its on TV she’s got a problem with it? As Aaron Mate points out, this could all be staged to defame Bernie and try to get more points for Warren, a candidate that has had secret meetings with Queen of the DNC Hilary Clinton.

I do think progress in this country is going to come down the labor movement in this country. Even a simple idea like a 4 day work week will dynamically restructure the way we live our lives and the way we structure our made up economies. It introduces the notion of passion for your work. It bolsters the idea of a Universal Basic Income. If we really want to be great, then we need to make our Middle Class stronger and show poor people some compassion. We need to change systems that create poverty and support candidates that actually stand with the people. Till then the only people that will validate the nickname “Greatest Country In the World” is the liars and cheats that want you to only work for a weekend that will never come.