Escalation In Iran: Cyber warfare, Censorship & Iraq [The Dispatch]

I wanted to update everyone what’s going on with the escalating tensions with Iran. As we discussed last week, a prominent and popular military figure from Iran, General Quassam Soleimani was assassinated by the US in a civilian airport on January 3rd when he was leaving Iraq after a peace mission to reduce tensions with the Saudis. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went on Fox News to justify these attacks. He said there was an “Imminent attack” Iran was planning on America. He followed that up with “We don’t where or when it was going to happen, but it was real!”

This is like saying, if you live near a wooded area there’s a 100% chance a bear will attack your family for honey and picnic baskets. We’re not when, how or even what percentage this will happen or if there are bears in your area, but rest assured there is a real threat a bear is living in your homes right now. That’s a reality we have to accept with no proof.

Usually imminence suggests the when, but time is a hard concept to keep straight when you’re weaving a web of lies. Like him or not, I think we can all agree that Mike Pompeo is no Dick Cheney. And I’m not honestly not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But like we talked about last week, General Soliemani is also complicated figure! He has kept ISIS at bay but also also has a lot of American, Syrian and Palestinian blood on his hands as he supported terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. He’s in the similar category as your grampa that buys you a new car but also says weirdly disparaging things about the Jews.

And because of this critique on American Empire and the falsehoods we are being sold about this attack, America has begun its censorship of anything surrounding Iran. Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook where 100% of the selfies exist, is removing all posts that say anything positive about General Soliemani. Facebook and PayPal are blocking any content at all that doesn’t surround the false mainstream narrative of Iran. I guess 1984 showed up 36 years late. It’s like the dystopia is having a bit of a midlife crisis and is confused about how to ACTUALLY use social media.

The independent news organization the Grayzone Project had one of its videos, where they covered facts and events Iran and Hezbollah removed for “violating community standards surrounding dangerous people”! Yet Fox News gets to glorify Mike Pompeo and the Pro-Torture CIA Director Gina Haspel! Those two are a danger to the American people & truth!

Not only that, but when a French reader wanted to send them $10 for their coverage of Iran and Iraq, their donation was blocked and then sent back! PayPal flagged the term ‘Iran’ in the note. Ironic how America xenophobically makes fun of the Middle East for their lack of freedom and repression and we stay silent when we robbed of ours. American is repressed from the Truth.

As America commits cyber warfare on its journalists, the country fears a cyber attack from Iran. Over the last few years Iran’s cybersecurity division has exponentially risen up the ranks. The concern originates from the threats made by Iran’s Supreme Leader about revenge. My concern is that this will mean we’re all going to receive Trump & Pompeo’s dick pics as vengeance. And with our lack of healthcare, it’ll be an entire citizenship that’s traumatized with no where to go get help!

Now this is most likely going to be used as a scapegoat in terms of leaks for the next few years. Anytime information about war crimes, corporate fraud or digital fuckery happens, they’ll just blame it on Iran. And to be fair, arbitrarily blaming Russia has become hack for the State Department & Corporate Legislative Wing of the American War Economy. They need to freshen things up and find a new perspective and a new enemy. That way when they try the same old tricks, it has a fresh coat of bullshit paint, and they can drag the masses down the same rabbit holes so history is forever doomed to repeat itself like the worst version of ‘Groundhogs Day’.

On top of the the potential cyber attacks and the censorship of authentic, independent media, Iraq has voted to expel American troops from their country! America’s response is very similar to that of an abusive partner. Pompeo said they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re there to complete the mission of making sure Iraqi troops are trained, and then threatened economic sanctions on Iraq. In a classic abusive partner maneuver, they reminded Iraq that it’s nothing without the American Military, the military loves them and is trying to protect them and then steals money from them AND makes Iraq pay for dinner!

Economic Sanctions are warfare. It affects the people of these countries and creates animosity and opportunities for predatory actions from problematic groups! Slapping economic sanctions to get it wants has become the American Way! America is proving that it’s no different the countries they fight. The State Department and Executive branch create a culture of fear surrounding nationalism and xenophobia, censoring the voices that shed light on truth.