Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-202-The Many Ways America Is Radicalized!

Secretry of State Mike Pompeo, America’s deadliest Human Care Bear, went on Fox News to say that the recent assassination of one of Iran’s top officials, General Quassam Solemani was totally justified because there was an “imminent” attack planned on the American people! He followed that up with “we’re not sure when or where but this was real”. Ok, since the definition of “imminent” is knowing the immediacy of the when, I’m worried that Pompeo’s sense of time & reality is crumbling. We should probably check to see if Pompeo is schizophrenic. Can we pull up other interviews of Pompeo to make sure he has confused Iranians with the shadow people? 

Because of this blatant act of War and very illegal assassination of a foreign leader, America is at the door step of ANOTHER war. And by the way, this attack is REALLY illegal, not faux illegal like smoke pot or jaywalking. This is what we should be sending people to prison for, not for smoking a plant, or in the case of Julian Asange, being a real fucking journalist! I feel like ‘War Crime’ should be on the top of the list of things someone should go to prison forever for! That and taking up 2 parking spots in a grocery store parking lot. 

To recap the situation in Iran, back in 2017 Trump backed out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, leaving Europe to rework the deal with them. In 2019, Iran was blamed for attacking a Japanese Oil Tanker, which all felt like a false flag operation, similar to the Vietnam. Then just a few weeks ago, Iran’s Top Military & Political figure, General Quassam Soliemani was assassinated in a civilian airport in Baghdad after he was on peace mission in Iraq. Not only that but there was an assassination attempt of other top officials in Iran in Yemen.

Soleimani was talking to the Prime Minister of Iraq to figure out the details of how to broker more peaceful resolutions between Iran & Saudi Arabia. [Pushback Clip 3] Was that the imminent threat? Peace in the Middle East? I mean having 2 Middle Eastern super powers not under the thumb of American Imperialism would be scary to those trying to profit from war in the region. To America, peace is the biggest threat, considering America has been at war 228 out of the 244 years it’s been a country. That’s how we’ve made our living as a nation. We should stop putting “In God We Trust” on our currency and replace it with “Punching Peace In The Dick since 1776!” And instead of Presidents it’s just an Eagle sucker punching at Dove in the nads. 

The narrative being sold to the American people about the assassination is that we just took out one of the biggest bad guys in the Middle East. And the reinforcement of this false narrative comes from this so called imminent attack and threat they posed to America. So the real question is, how true is that? Since 9/11 has America actually been under attack and threatened? 

Since 9/11 the primary threat to American Freedoms has been jidhadist terror attacks. Now over the last 2 decades the reports have shown that these jihadists are American citizens or legal residents of the United States of America that have converted to an extreme version of Islam! The term radicalization was born into the vernacular of America Counterintelligence efforts.

Radicalization used to be a cool term. It meant that you do some kick-flips and ollies and gave no shits about the parking lots or their guards. Now it’s a term to boil the religion of Islam down to jihad and terror and spread new patriotic kind of racism and xenophobia like a verbal black plague. The way it’s sold to most of us is that American citizens & residents that are radicalized just hate America and it’s fountains of Freedom! 

You know all those freedoms we have to be censored for calling out War Criminals and Corporate Charlatans. The freedom to be in debt for our health and wanting an education. The freedom to be harrassed and attacked by the police for having some extra melanin in your skin. The freedom to smeared for standing up for the working class! Oh man, so many freedoms I don’t even know what to do with myself. 

As Peter Bergen of New America points outs: “The easy explanation — that jihadist terrorists in the United States are “mad” or “bad” — proved simply wrong. Around one in 10 had mental health problems, below the incidence in the general population. Nor were they typically career criminals: Twelve percent had served time in prison, compared with about 11 percent of the American male population…Perpetrators (are) generally motivated by a mix of factors, including militant Islamist ideology; dislike of American foreign policy in the Muslim world; a need to attach themselves to an ideology or organization that gave them a sense of purpose; and a “cognitive opening” to militant Islam that often was precipitated by personal disappointment, like the death of a parent. For many, joining a jihadist group or carrying out an attack allowed them to become heroes of their own story.”

Finding purpose after a traumatic event like the death of a parent is what gave us Batman. And he wound up building a space based cult of other lonely, super-powered people that said they can save everyone; The Justice League. Had Bruce Wayne not become Batman and founded the Justice League he might’ve joined an extremist group and done really drastic things. 

This is what any extremist groups or a cult sells you; Purpose and protagonism. When you’re disillusioned or betrayed or in a bad place it’s easy to seduced and influenced by these ideas. According to New America, 84 Americans have been radicalized by the terror group ISIS in Syria. A terror group that was birthed out of American Interventionism. 23 of those converted Americans made it over to Syria to fight for them and only 9 are at large. According to those numbers, it looks like the cult isn’t selling it’s Kool-Aid very well. 

And it’s not lack of trying. According to these counterintelligence narratives social media is often used to radicalize citizens, especially the lonely and angry. Now this doesn’t mean that all social media is bad! It means that it’s a tool that has unfortunately been used for bad things like spreading radicalized messages and censorship on behalf of the elites. Just because someone uses a hammer to hit someone else in the head doesn’t mean that a hammer’s purpose of putting things together should be ignored. Let’s not be as extreme as the viewpoints we’re trying to fight.

And it’s not just jihadists that using social media. Far Right Wing groups that preach extreme ideologies like white supremacy, nationalism and hatred also use social media to radicalize the lonely and angry. Every time a mass shooting happens in America, there’s a manifesto that was written online and posted to every social media platform. And then we wonder why no-one saw this coming? Could it be that social media algorithms are like a helicopter parent trying to protect the world from anything that could be “bad” or are we as a society too numb to this shit at this point? 

Based on how these narratives are spun, anyone that’s critical of America’s Imperialist occupation of the Middle East and rich people’s war for resources is seen just as dangerous as the extreme terror groups we are told to fear. And nothing is more dangerous and extreme as simplified black or white thinking. And can we expect anything more from a group of people that calls themselves “counterintelligence”?! I mean the smart thing to do when it comes to the notion of assessing terror and extreme ideologies is take a nuanced look and understanding the various factors involved. But instead, we just simplify it down to “good” and “bad”. 

And both Republicans and Democrats are radicalized when it comes to war. For these attacks on Iran, Trump is being praised and continues to be called Presidential for his actions. And when Obama was President the Democrats didn’t say anything. They justified his actions under this black or white thinking and critiques of his hawkish policies were basically seen as treasonous to their liberal savior. Anti-War Progressives were given a ‘with us or against us’ ultimatum. 

Have ultimatums ever worked? Every time someone throws an ultimatum at a loved one, no-one chooses the person giving the ultimatum! When I was 9, my sister and I were given an ultimatum between our dad and the TV. Since then every Fathers Day, we watch all the 90s sitcoms about wacky dads, because television was never mean to us or told us we were nothing without it. I think we made the right decision. Anti-war activists chose to stand with the people of the world who didn’t ask for warfare!

And besides terror caused by jihadists is on par with radicalized right wing terror! Since 9/11 there’s been 107 cases of radicalized jihadist terror and 109 cases of radicalized right wing terror! I mean if there’s one thing white supremacy is better at than converted brown radicals its terrorism. Bravo White America! Brava! 

So this brings us back to the original question we asked, does Iran fit these narratives of imminent terror that Mike Pompeo and the Trump Administration wants us to believe? Well considering the biggest boogeyman in the Middle East right now is ISIS and General Soleimani defeated ISIS in Syria and Iraq, I’d say no. In fact, the Syrian people are thankful for him and the Quds Force, the Iranian special forces group! 

Soliemani also defeated American troops in the Middle East with his Quds force, when America was backing Saddam Hussein. Because America is a sore loser, they assassinated the General. Not only is this an act of war, but an act of terror. Also it’s a geo-political temper tantrum. Lest we forget 240 years in terms of a country is not that old. America is a teenager and we don’t know how to deal with our random boners. Right now we think our boners are very associated with warfare. It’s all just hormones, you don’t actually figure out what you’re into till your 20s.  

But that’s what America does to defeat ideologies. They kill the people representing the ideas. But that has never worked. In 2001, America assassinated the American born convert turned leader of Al-Queda, Anwar al-Awlaki in a drone attack. This just turned him into a martyr for their cause and emboldened the group even more. It’s what happened with Bin Laden, ISIS’s Abu Bakhr al-Badadidi and the same thing that’s happening to General Soleimani in Iran. He’s become a martyr for Iranian soldiers.   

We’re battling an ideology. They usually don’t die with a person. Ideologies don’t die, they shift and change. When they’re connected with a person, and that person dies, it creates a power vacuum for someone else to come into play and take it over and morph it with their own. If ideologies died with their human mascots then we wouldn’t have Nazis in the 2000s. It would also mean that the civil rights movement and Black Panthers would’ve died when it’s leaders were assassinated, but yet it goes on. The civil & equal rights movements get stronger the more knowledge we gain about them, where as extremist ideologies get weaker.

America also uses Economic Sanctions against countries that it throwing a geo-political temper tantrum at. According to Pompeo and Minchuen, the Sanctions on Iran are working. They say it’ll prevent Iran from “doing bad things”. Like what? Prevent American Imperialism from Manifest Destinying their resources? Economic Sanctions only affect the average working class people of any country. So average Iranians that have nothing to do with war machine will be the victims. This will allow extremist ideologies to take root. 

Another way America handles counterterrorism is by restricting immigration with Xenophobia. In 2017 in an effort to protect America from an enemy that doesn’t exist, the Trump Administration put into effect a ban & restriction of 7 Muslim countries; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. These are all countries American has active Imperialist Wars going on or ones where America is desperately trying to destabilize. These are also countries that America claims have jihadist terror which caused 9/11. But as we saw in the revelation of the 28 pages back in 2016, America’s ally Saudi Arabia was primarily responsible for 9/11.

So how can we fight extremist ideologies? According to New America, we should tell the stories of ISIS defectors. Offer them redemption and show these folks that there is a way out without more loneliness and isolation. If we also take into consideration the multiple factors of radicalization other than just “Islam” & “terror”, and consider factors from disillusionment and mental health, we can offer these people help and understanding. Along with that we can educate our people about the real history behind these groups and the causes that led them gaining power.  

But that’s going to involve the expansion of social programs. Right now our over-inflated military and counterintelligence budget is preventing the funding of necessary social programs to push progressive policies & idea forward. We spent $3 trillion in Afghanistan alone! ⅓ of that can fund healthcare, public education, infrastructure along with a variety of services & programs to help people that need it! 

Right now, under the American War Economy, we’re putting an Economic Sanctions on the American people for the sake of war profiteering. It’s the ultimatum between American the people and the military. I think I know who I’m choosing…it’s the people, just in case anyone was confused.

We can stop being the only Westernized country in the world without socialized healthcare. We can stop financially punishing people for wanting to be educated. We can stop cutting social programs that help people in need. We can stop creating a cycle of disillusionment and loneliness and work on building a system of understanding and compassion that probably won’t come back to bite us in the ass.


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