How Bernie Sanders Is Consistently Smeared By The Establishment Elites! [The Dispatch]

The manufactured saga surrounding Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Establishment continues as the Queen of the DNC, Hillary Clinton has jumped into the fray. Very recently, Hillary Clinton came out and claimed “Bernie Sanders had no friends in Congress”, proving once and for all that the government that runs America is no better than High School. What’s next a food fight at the next Democratic Debates? Who’s going to get a wedgie on Capitol Hill? And are we going to find out who’s REALLY part of the elusive PEN15 club? This comes at the tail of the feud between Bernie and Warren, which ended with Warren losing poll numbers after she characteristically lied to get ahead.

Warren’s staffers claimed Bernie said that a woman can’t win the Presidency in America. A claim that was repeatedly proven false by Bernie’s record and the fact that Elizabeth Warren is a known and pathological liar. Reminder: She lied about being Native, she lied about getting fired over her pregnancy, she lied about her plans for Medicare For All, and she’s constantly lied about being Progressive. The former Republican is proving the former false the closer we get to primary votes. With contenders like Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Beto O’Rourke out of the race, the DNC is trying to prop up Warren to try to split the Progressive votes from Bernie. But this plan failed.

The feud launched us back into the only thing the Democratic Party clings on to; identity politics. The DNC pushed back with the “Believe all women” campaign to say that Bernie is a woman-hating, old white man, who’s Socialism has made him bitter and full of rage. There is literally no proof that what Elizabeth Warren’s camp is saying is true! As it was pointed out in the Guardian, the term “believe women” was never supposed to mean “believe everything that women say and don’t bother to investigate their claims”. The way the DNC is using the #MeToo movement for compliance, not critical thought and investigations.

They also tried to push back against the facts by claiming most of Bernie Sanders’ supporters were the angry white males in America. The Bernie Bros were back and this time they were incellier than ever before! Armed with Joker DVDs and dick pics they were going to cyber storm Warren and her campaign. It’d be eggplant emojis as far as the eye could see! Well the problem with that is that it’s completely false! A CNN poll reported that most of Bernie’s supporters were either women or people from minority communities. And about 45% of all of his supporters are women under the age of 45! This wasn’t about calling out white male privilege! This was about siphoning his large, diverse base and convincing them to side with the corporate elites.

Since all of that failed, the Democratic Establishment Elites called on the metaphoric big guns who had an agenda to be in control all the literal big guns…Hillary “I Should’ve Won” Clinton! In her most recent statements to Hollywood Reporter she came out and said these statements about Bernie Sanders. “Nobody Likes Him” “Nobody wants to work with him” “He’s got nothing done” “He’s a career politician” “It’s all baloney and its sad people got sucked into it” Now this can all be very confusing, because she claims that she’s really talking about Bernie Sanders, but really I think she’s talking about herself.

Bernie Sanders got a recording breaking 5 million donations, so her claim that “nobody” likes him is basically full of shit. Washington insiders and profit driven politicians suckling at the tits of corporate lobbyists don’t like him, but REAL Americans do! And I think through the transitive property, Hillary Clinton just called the American people a bunch of nobodies. Hmm…if that’s what she thinks of the American people, I wonder if that has anything to do with why lost? The answer to that question is yes it does.

And her lies continue: “That’s particularly true with what’s going on right now with the Bernie campaign having gone after Elizabeth [Warren] with a very personal attack on her. Then this argument about whether or not or when he did or didn’t say that a woman couldn’t be elected, it’s part of a pattern. If it were a one-off, you might say, ‘OK, fine.’ But he said I was unqualified. I had a lot more experience than he did, and got a lot more done than he had, but that was his attack on me.”

Firstly, Warren personally attacked Sanders by lying about him. Then she sullied #MeToo movement by disrespecting by using the “Believe All Women” hashtag for political gains. Using facts to defend yourself from blatant lies isn’t a personal attack! And Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be President. She’s a war-mongering corporatist that would sold the American Working Class down the river to make herself and her criminal Party richer. The President of America isn’t supposed to be the Global Corporate Police Chief, although patterns would dictate otherwise. Leaders don’t just prop up the elite class and engage in more warfare. They lead people into a better, more progressive future, without leaving people behind.

There is another reason why she’s coming out smearing Bernie this and it has to do with similar reasons to when she came out and smeared Tulsi Gabbard back in October 2019! Hillary Clinton has a new documentary coming out on Hulu about her life and her LOSING bid to become President of the United States. This is an egotistic attack to push her garbage. Just like the attack on Tulsi Gabbard was all about selling her book, this is about increasing the visibility for a propagandistic documentary that will ensure that she doesn’t take any personal responsibility for her own loss in 2016. Her book did the same thing. What was that book called? The Shilling Of The Shilliest Mother Shiller: The Shillary Clinton Story!

Hillary Clinton is part of Establishment Elites that want so desperately to be relevant in our society again. This is the same reason that the New York Times endorsed BOTH Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren! The New York Times is desperately trying to be relevant after they’ve been debunked about their biased propaganda by playing into identity politics. As Maximillian Alavarez of the Working Party said on Rising: These are “Elitist Dweebs, that have deemed themselves the ideological tastemakers of the unwashed masses”.

These Democratic Establishment Elites that don’t address the actual strife of the America’s Working Class have become so irrelevant with their extravagance. And the American Working Class includes White Men & Women, Immigrants, Black Communities, the LGBTQ communities and so many other identities the Establishment pay lip service to and then does nothing for. The only way they can stay in the conversation is by creating gargantuan lies and spin a web to entangle us all in it. Lest we forget that Democrats & Republicans are complicit in ANOTHER war in the Middle East that’ll be perpetuated by ex-CIA goons based on more lies fed to us by greed drive Warhawks!

And they also have their media proxies to reinforce their lies on consistent basis! Claire McCaskill went on MSNBC and had a horrifically awkward interview where she had to spin her wheels to stay cuntily neutral on this situation. McCaskill pointed out that Bernie doesn’t socialize much! Probably because he was doing his job as a representative of the people and was trying to push for progressive legislation while a majority of Senators were getting a facial of corporate lobbyist’s gifts and bribes! That’s what it means to be a career politician! That you go in to figure out how use legislation to make people’s lives better, instead of enriching yourself on the American’s people’s dimes, hopes and dreams!

She goes on to say that Bernie stayed on his high moral superiority throughout his time in Congress! Where’s the proof? The guy that marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and is very humble about it is on moral superior high horse? There’s proof that Hillary and her cronies think they’re better than everyone. She carries herself like she is owed the Presidency. She’s writing books and doing documentaries about her failed campaign and then smearing the more popular candidates to become relevant and gain traction for her projects that no-one gives a shit about! I bet even Bill didn’t read her book!

McCaskill continues by saying Bernie gave lectures while everyone was giving blow jobs to corporations as if they were a Clinton intern in the 90s. While mainstream Congresspeople were too busy being the Legislative Wing of the Corporatocracy, Bernie was trying help the American Middle Class. McCaskill also says Bernie is very absolute in his ideas. Who isn’t? Have you ever tried to change someone’s mind? That’s usually why every holiday ends with a family member telling another to go fuck themselves over a piece of pumpkin pie! And it has to be a pumpkin pie, not an apple pie. If Americans argue over a piece of apple pie, it’s considered treason. The only thing you can do over apple pie is watch Baseball and pretend the Empire is doing great! The difference is that candidates like Bernie and Tulsi is that they’re absolute in their ideas for the people and their anti-war stances. Hillary, Biden, Warren, Obama and of the like are absolute in grasping their positions of power and ensuring they keep their elite status, fucking over the working class in order to do so.

The biggest attack on Bernie by Claire McCaskill on MSNBC was to say that Bernie is angry. She claims that it comes from passion, but it’s still fury. I mean she might as well have said “Hell hath no fury like a septuanagarian Democratic Socialist!” There are more pictures of Bernie smiling and hugging people than almost any other candidate! When he isn’t smiling its because he’s going after the bullshittery of Congress and their corruption. And he’s not really going to hug most people in Congress because they might literally stab him in the back at this point! Hillary has 2 photos of herself smiling. One haunts everyone’s dreams and it looks like she just discovered what smiling is and how humans do it. It looks like the Terminator robot put on bad meat mask and tried to smile to calm its victim down. The other is when she cackled over the death of Gadafi!

The Big Shill, aka Hillary Clinton, was asked whether she’d support Bernie Sanders if he wins the nomination. Her response: “I’m not going to go there yet. We’re still in a very vigorous primary season. I will say, however, that it’s not only him, it’s the culture around him. It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women.”

This basically says that she’s cooking up a scheme like a stereotypical witch over a cauldron to ensure that Bernie doesn’t win. But here’s the truth. The Bernie Bros are not really attack Bernie’s competitors. Bernie Supporters of all races, creeds, gender and sexual orientation are using FACTS to debunk lies in an attempt to steam roll his campaign. That’s not called attacking, that’s called having a function brain that remembers history. As award winning journalist Aaron Mate points out “The Democrats care more about protecting their own pride and privilege. If they want to beat Trump, transform the Party and speak about grievances and talk about taking on Wall St. and Militarism. There have only been more excuses, like Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Blaming Bernie, Tulsi and more!”

My one complaint with Bernie is his passiveness against the Democratic Establishment Elites. Recently he had to apologize to Joe Biden about writing FACTS about him! The truth doesn’t care about your feelings and that includes Joe Biden’s, the three he remembers he has. Anger, Condescension, and…ooooh wait he just forgot the third one!  Thats what the Elites do. They want you to apologize to them for calling them corrupt for their corrupt actions and behaviors. When the truth about them is exposed they throw a temper tantrum like a spoiled 16 year old that wants the expensive car that’ll bankrupt thier family for the sake of status. I wish Bernie would go on the offense like Tulsi did in October. It not only boosted her profile but forced a retreat of Hillary and her proxies.

So let’s look at what a Bernie Sanders presidency would look like and why these Elites are so damn afraid of it! Since 2016 some of the more fringe ideologies like Medicare For All, Funding Public Education, a Green New Deal, Stronger Unions have all become mainstream talking points. The corporate candidates and their media proxies talk about it like it’s a still a pipe dream, but the American people aren’t falling for it anymore. Bernie Sanders has rallied and energized the American people to fight for what they truly want.

And that’s the strength behind Bernie’s campaign; organization. As he’s said many times, “Not me, Us” and he’s claimed that he’d be an organizer in chief. Bernie’s campaign, mixed with the exposed wound that is the Trump Administration, sparked people to start paying attention and getting involved in politics in some manner. It’s the reason why you have more diversity in Congress, not just in identity but in ideology. It’s the reason why we have a few more Congress people that are willing to stand up for the American Working Class. That strength in organization is the answer to the counter a Bernie Presidency would face from a corporate Congress. He’s sparked a movement that has started to shift the dynamic of power and his Presidency would continue that momentum forward.

What people see in Bernie Sanders’ campaign is REAL freedom. The freedom to live your life the way you want to, without being burdened with debt from an illness, an education or child care. Neoliberal economic policies that has been guided by the invisible hand of the free market has dictated that only the rich can better the lives of the poor. Look how far that’s gotten us. We have record income inequality, the climate is fucked, and terminator robots wearing skin masks are writing books & making documentaries about themselves. In a Bernie Sanders Presidency, the poor won’t be working for the rich, but rather be equal partners in the what they create. We’d all be responsible to each other and work together find purpose in our lives on our own accord instead of being told what our purpose is by some out of touch gilded gremlin ruling from a dark tower.

The idea of worker owned co-ops and employees owning shares in a company would mean that if a CEO is making over 500 times that of an entry level employee, they’d have to answer to why. “And because I wanna!” Isn’t going to be good enough. It’s probably going to result is an overthrow of your company and a bonfire made of all the Prada bags. Being responsible to each other means that we’re going to have to answer for the excess and greed that has been running this country since its conception. Unlimited freedom means inequality. What a Bernie Sanders administration would bring is a balance to unjust and unfair systems that have rotted the core of a truly beautiful and democratic idea.

Additionally applying corporate taxes and ensuring that uber rich CEO’s pay their fair share would reduce the wealth gap in America. The tax system in America is flipped. There are loopholes for the rich to get richer, which makes the poor get poorer and then penalized for being poor. It should be that rich pay their fair share in taxes to help with the necessary programs that would take care of all of us. Once again this makes us all responsible for each other! Sure this would mean that less people are incentivized to become multi-millionaires and billionaires, but that should been as a good thing. The only people that would need a billion dollars right now is the American Middle Class, but that would mostly be so we can pay off our debts from a predatory system.

Sanders would revolutionize immigration by granting amnesty and creating a better pathway to citizenship for undocumented people in America. As a person that’s gone through virtually every aspect of immigration in this country, I can confidently say that it needs improving. It should’ve been improved over 2 decades ago, but if we did reform and restructure immigration to be easier and more compassionate, who would we scapegoat when rich CEOs want to get richer by using slave labor in a different country or automation?

Bernie’s Presidency would be a mass disruption of the oligarchy that has plagued this country for a long time. It would disrupt the unequal flow for power and wealth. It would embolden the masses to speak up and stand together despite their identities. We’ve already seen it with the Congressional nomination of progressives like AOC, Illhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Ro Khana and many more, including the rising popularity of Shahid Buttar, who’d running against Nancy Pelosi. But we’ve also seen the movement spread on the local levels to City Council seats with Socialist victories with Kshama Sawant in Seattle and Brandon Betz in Lansing! Bernie has a lot of friends, and they’re getting stronger and smarter everyday.

This attack on Bernie is proof that the Democratic Establishment Elites are scared. Candidates like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and a few other REAL Progressives in Congress are gaining traction. The propaganda is slowly starting wear off. The Trump Administration revealed that the Status Quo is a pretty face on horrific policies and crimes at the expense of the American People to make these greed goblins richer. If the DNC turns on Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries, there won’t be a resurgence of the Democratic Party. It’ll be the start of a true political revolution, with Bernie and his hundreds of millions of friends!