Why The Right To Work Laws Have Failed The Working Class! [The Dispatch]

In America we are told we have the “Right To Work”. As a concept that sounds pretty ok. You get work work and contribute to society and feel good about yourself. But what about the right to get paid a decent and fair wage for the labor you part took in or the right to find meaning in your work or the right to sit on the toilet and watch instagram videos to escape Sharon talking about her kids again! We get it Sharon, you’re proud that your 4 year old can color within the lines! I’m sure he’s going to be a great rule follower and vote Blue No Matter Who! Get that kid a participation trophy and lets get finish our work so we can go home and drink to forget that tomorrow is another day with Sharon!

Right To Work is sold to us as this pious alternative to have to pay Union dues and keep you employed for the years to come, but it doesn’t fight for you to live your life outside that work. This is popular in mostly right-wing, conservative states that also condone Corporations to the have anti-Union propaganda at closed door meetings with employees. Right to Work is the ‘Refer-Madness’ of Classism. It sells you blatant lies about something that can actually help the working class in America! It shouldn’t be called “Right To Work” it should be called “Right To Be Exploited”, because that’s what these corporations have been doing to the American Middle Class.

If minimum wage had kept up with inflation alone since 1968 it would be at $12/hour. This is just shy of double the minimum wage as it stands today at $7.25/hour. Inflation is basically increasing the costs of goods and services so rich people get to make more money and keep it to themselves as we celebrate them for fucking up our lives more and more to feed their addiction to greed. Just like we were supposed to see how great God is when he was advocating for child murder and genocided a whole city for a having a little too much of a good time. We need to get these rich bastards into rehab for their greed. Greedhab if you will. Thank you good night…

But inflation isn’t the only thing that determines wages. You also have to take into consideration the growth of productivity. Since 1968, we’ve been making so much more shit! SO MUCH MORE! In 1968 there was only 2 maybe 3 types of condoms, now there’s a whole aisle in a Target with several different brands and flavors! Because we all know how women have taste buds in their vaginas right? Flavored condoms are proof that we as a society have collectively failed biology & anatomy.

And collectively failing science is basically all we do collectively. Unions fight for the right of collective bargaining for workers which is why corporations hate them. As an organization, the idea is that they go in and fight for these wage increases and fair treatment of you as the employees in terms of productive growth and inflation. Unions have helped workers increase their wages by 9-36%. Look just because we’ve collectively failed at understanding that condoms don’t need to be a flavorful as skittles, doesn’t mean we need to collectively fail at equality and math simultaneously!   

Had we as a society considered to increase minimum wage on yearly basis with productive growth and inflation in mind, we’d be at $24/hour. Instead we’re at slightly over a quarter of what we should be making at minimum. But that’s where the corporate elites and the legislators of Right To Work want   the minimum wage to be. It’s done by design. This means that we look at these “low skilled, minimum wage” workers and don’t respect them or treat them well. So it sows more divide and entitlement within the working class itself. We’re too busy being mad at each other and the shitty $1 burger we all have to eat and the Corporate elites like Bezos and Zuckerberg control legislation to increase their wealth.

Right to Work also ignores the rise of automation of these so called “low skilled” jobs. These jobs are about to be thrown to the side putting a lot of people out of work. They would like to blame the immigrants, women wanting more money for flavored condoms or Karl Marx, but the reality is that only thing coming for these jobs is the Robots, the algorithm and the greed of the rich. Let’s be honest, the Terminator movies were really a more violent and hyper dystopian story of class warfare, where the robots were fighting to take control of their own destinies. But that’s the reason they don’t want to increase the minimum wage for these jobs. Eventually they won’t need to pay anyone for these “low skilled” jobs. And the corporate elites and the rich of world can go back to finally getting what they want…fully legalized slavery with no moral obligations!

And let’s stop calling manufacturing, retail and fast food jobs low skilled. Do you know how fucking hard it is for a McDonald’s employee to make their McBurger of Death to look like the McPhoto on their McMenu? It’s damn near impossible. We have a better chance of being absorbed into a black hole than a McEmployee making a burger that looks like the photos. And maybe they’d be able to figure out how to do it if they were paid a little more! Like 20% more maybe? They’re not “low skilled” they just know the robots are coming, so they’re more for “low motivated” workers.

Our wage gap immensely affects so many aspects of our lives, particularly homelessness. A lot of people in America that are homeless and living in their cars are fully employed at a job that doesn’t pay them enough. And seldom do we see any programs to help these people out. Finland has put a program in place where they prioritized getting their homeless population into homes, whether it’s a house or an apartment. Working alongside a social worker, they can get a job or a better job and get the services they need.

Now I’m sure there’s a lot of folks that would be against this idea and would bring up the ‘how would we pay for this’ argument. Well we didn’t ask that question when it comes to feeding the greed addiction of the rich to make them richer. Maybe we pay for it by giving these homeless people residence in a rich person’s mansion. Then we’ll see how quickly these Right To Work champions push for equalizing the wage gap. In Finland this program has saved them about 15k Euros/year so far because of less stress on the police and EMTs as well decreased crimes committed by desperate people.

Since 1992 Bernie Sanders has been pitching the Workplace Democracy Act that would go against everything Right To Work stands for. It would have Unions at the bargaining table, less discrimination for workers and reduce the income gap. The most recent iteration of the bill was introduced in 2018. So for the last 30 years this bill has been in Congress, gaining more and more co-sponsors and no movement. If there was any more proof that America isn’t interested helping the Working Class its right there, in the stillness of the Workplace Democracy Act!

What we need in America is someone to fight for the working class. And I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, but the working class includes immigrants, men, women, white people, black people, brown people and virtually every identity you can think of. Standing by candidates like Bernie Sanders who’ve been legislating with the working class in mind and Unions that bring our voices to collective bargaining table, we get more than just the Right to Work, but a Right To Live.