Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-203-4-The Big Reasons To Be Anti-War!

In his farewell speech former President and World War 2’s General of Supreme Allied Forces, Dwight D. Eisenhower called out some of the problems he foresaw for the United States moving forward. This was in 1961. Among them he warned about giving into the Military Industrial Complex.

Eisenhower wanted to us to be thinking community that didn’t want us to forget our peaceful methods. And if we look at the way we talk about and revere the American Military we’ve let patriotism blind us with an Uncle Sam blindfold and a Star Spangled ball gag rendering us speechless. We’ve been lied to repeated by our government so they can push into wars that have only led to destruction and creating an ethical gray area in the Middle East. 

He also addressed the importance of peacekeepers and treat them as equal. He referred to these folks as “the weakest”, because that was still the era we had a reverence for the muscley strong men who can pull a tank with the sheer might of buttcheeks! A very practical application to tanks if you ask me. 

But it’s not true weakness. It’s more of a physical weakness. We’re not strong enough to pull a Hum-Vee with our teeth but we are strong enough to say we shouldn’t go to war and set our egos aside to listen to each other so we can get to an amicable resolution. Plus no one can afford dental insurance and dentists are expensive, so feats of physical strength are not really a smart decision to make. 

Eisenhower’s farewell address can be considered an Anti-War speech to remind us of the importance of the decades of Anti-War protests we’ve seen. But Anti-War sentiments is seen as unpatriotic, anti-government and of course pussyfooting. And that’s always been such an odd term to me. Either that means that you have feet like a cat and you’re very nimble and like to stalk prey stealthily through the night…OR…you have vaginas on your feet. And that second really proves that we as a society are failing biology on an epic level. Anti-War activists are seen as protests against Veterans for service, but in reality they’re protest to stop creating more veterans by standing beside them! 

And Anti-War movements are where Democrats and Republicans reach across aisles to agree to something. They both need to stop this movement so they can put their dicks on every table around the world with Military might! Republicans use the narratives I just spoke out about, but Democrats are little sneakier about it. They criticize the methods of execution. In Trump’s case somewhat literally. The Democrats criticized the way he executed Iranian General Quassam Soleimani, not the fact that it was an illegal assassination.

“Well if it were me, I would’ve poisoned his tea [small maniacal laughter]. That way it could’ve been anyone. Was it me? I’ll never tell.”  

But the Democrats themselves became the party of war by silencing the Anti-War movement! During the Obama Administration they wouldn’t let anyone criticize him because they were celebrating the small victory of the Affordable Care Act being passed. So we couldn’t bring up his increased, misguided and murderous Drone Warfare! There are reports of him Drone Bombing a wedding in the Middle East! Barack, buddy, there’s a better way to RSVP ‘no’ dude. One would be to just tick the box that says ‘no’, and then underneath it you write “and go fuck yourself”. 

The Anti-War movement gets drowned out black & white rhetoric. We are the good guys and the other guys are bad. Any questions and they’ll paint you in the same lens as the bad guys! If you speak out against the Military Industrial Complex like Dwight D. Eisenhower, you are portrayed as a terror sympathizer and just as bad as them! Which is ridiculous, because no one in the Anti-War movement is holding candlelight vigils for the terror groups in the Middle East! This kind of thinking leads to the criminalization of dissent and the continued lawlessness of the legislative branch! There is only one party in America and it’s the party of War.  

So let’s take a look at some of the big reasons we should be embracing our Anti-War movements despite these stigmas surrounding it. 

Our first reason to be Anti-War is to question America’s World Police Imperialistic narrative. President Eisenhower echoed a warning about becoming the World’ Police in his farewell address. Perhaps that really is dependent on how the word ‘police’ is defined. 

To some of us that’s a safe word. Not like a sexy safe word. I think it’s cool to role-play if you have a thing for folks in uniform or something, but I feel like yelling the word ‘POLICE’ is going to kinda kill the mood. Kinda like how the police have started killing innocent people across America. 

The word police is usually associated with the notion of protecting and serving. So that’s what the idea of being the World’s Police was initially built on; that we’d be the protectors of the world! But if that’s the imperative of your country, what do you do in times of peace? In order to ensure there’s something to protect, America has created enemies to fight and manufactured consent for continued wars across the globe. 

From the now revealed hoax surrounding the Gulf of Tonkin that got us into Vietnam to the more recent revelations of the Afghan Papers, it’s been revealed that America did in fact manufacture consent for these wars. Several top Generals confessed their confusion about the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.  The 2002 war effort was basically the American military’s battle cry was “I don’t know what I’ve been told…seriously. I don’t get it! But do understand the quagmire, now that there’s a visual representation of it right in front of my eyes!” 

Donald Rumsfeld is quoted to say: “I have no visibility of who the real enemies are” and the United States is “Deficient in Human Intelligence” in the region. This is very clearly the origins of his most famous quote to date: ‘the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns’. And is it necessary to specify ‘Human’ intelligence? Were they getting a lot of their information from Falcons that were raised by the Shah of Saudi Arabia to gather intelligence, but the problem was Rumsfeld forgot he didn’t speak any Falcon. What a goof that war criminal is?! And 3 Star General Douglas Lute said: “Devoid of fundamental understanding of Afghanistan, didn’t know what we were doing…What are we trying to do here?…If Americans knew what we trying to do here…2400 lives lost…”  

And this was incredibly evident in the way the Afghan Police were trained in order to curtail terroristic threats in their country. Special Inspector General John Sopko described it as a “hopeless nightmare” and depending on who you are, you can describe the American police the same way! The American Military trained the civilian Afghan police for 6-9 months for a complex position and involved watching episodes of ‘NCIS’ and ‘COPS’. And again this is very similar to the training American cops get too! But instead of NCIS, it’s old Stephen Segal movies. And it’s the standard NCIS not the fancy LA or New Orleans version. The Afghans needed to learn to love and revere an older white man. 

America has deemed itself to the good guy in these situations but there’s a very nebulous idea of the ‘bad’ guy in the area. As an invading force, it’s hard to claim you’ll make a positive impact. I’m fairly certain Hilter thought he’d be making Poland great by blitzkrieging the shit out of their face. Maybe America can take a different military philosophy, like perhaps one from the General Of the Supreme Allied Forces, Dwight D. Eisenhower! At this point because of America’s long history of Interventionism in the Middle East there’s a domino effect of failed states! 

Even when it tries to make an effort for societal betterment in the Middle East, America pushes racist and xenophobic views in the name of good will. One of the missions in Afghanistan was to get them be culturally literate by teaching them how to wash their hands. When Americans learn that wiping your ass with paper is not the best way to be clean, but rather using a spray of water is far better like countries in Europe, the Middle East, India and more, then they can make judgement calls on how clean other countries are!

But we are told these are morally good actions because we’re supporting the good wars. When we think of World War 2 we think of that as the good war. Odd, that we went to war against the Nazis, where we shot them in the face, yet still see them in our streets today. Turns out that violence doesn’t really get rid of ideologies, but rather just pisses them off. Maybe we should try intellect and less emotional outbursts that lead to creating newer versions of the same problem and an industry that fuels the fire. 

Tom Brokaw is known for calling World War 2 Veterans “the Greatest Generation”, which only seemed to upset a lot of the World War 2 vets! This idea that there is a “good war” is sold to us a false justification that the American Empire can dictate what is good or bad. So if we say we’re going to war with someone they must be the bad guys! There are no good or bad wars. There are just wars that take the lives of the Middles Class and divide us even further than we already are. 

Donald Rumsfeld claimed that the only way they’d leave Afghanistan was if there was stability in the region to leave. But the instabilities are caused by American interventionism so it’s a catch 22 and a confession that we’re never leaving! From mistraining the local forces to 3 star Generals uncertain of the mission, this haze of confusion to ensure America’s place as the world’s police is the primary reason we need Anti-War movement to shed light in the haze of Imperialism!

The second reason we need to be Anti-War is push back on the financial cost of War! And this is another bipartisan issue in Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that we need to spend…MORE…on our wars! Democrats like Pelosi and Warren voted to increase Trump’s military budget. America’s military spending is more frivolous than a teen spending all their money at Hot Topic to feel like their getting an authentic goth experience! 

As the Afghan Paper revealed, one contractor was expected to spend about $3 million per day in an Afghan District! And most of that involved bribing warlords and politicians, which has made the Taliban a more legitimate governing body in the region. 

The wasteful spending of American isn’t just in these false humanitarian missions, but also in weapons contracting. The day that Soleimani was illegally assassinated by the American government, the stocks of war profiteering companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics & Boeing shot through the roof! The new impending war is good for the blood-soaked business of the Elite American War Lords! They sell to every side and they are the only winners of these wars. Then again, they’re the only ones looking to win in some way at these wars.

In 1961 President Eisenhower pointed out the permanent arms industry and that spends more than all the corporations combined! He warns us that we should not be influenced by the Military Industrial Complex! But apparently we didn’t heed his warning because we’ve made these war profiteers richer and richer in our never ending conflicts! And we’re reached our potential for misplacing power; not in the arms of the people but in corporate armaments we think are going to defend us from an enemy that doesn’t exist. 

But the sheer amount of weapons that are sold in the Middle East, sometimes it can be hard for American War Lords to keep track of all of it. In 2015, the Pentagon said it’s lost track of $500 million of small munitions and military equipment in Yemen. So who took this supply? Either Iranian backed Rebels or Al-Qaeda or ISIS or the Nazis or the Bolsheviks or the Gremlins. 

Sometimes we don’t sell our opponents weapons, they just happenstance on them because America has so many weapons it can’t keep track of all of it. The way they handled it is the same way a billionaire would handle losing a $5 bill. They’d have a meeting about how to track it down, but eventually say “Well I have so many $5 bills that it’s fine! Just make sure we take extra secure measure to protect all of my 5s.”

In Iraq, America spent $25 billion in training Iraqi soldiers, and now the military is refusing the leave the country! It’s like they’re uncertain on whether they were a good enough teacher or not. How much do we spend on training our people at home to find purpose or meaning in their lives or to help people? OR just build bridges? We have a crumbling infrastructure, but instead we’re over spending on crumbling the Middle East’s infrastructure! It’s the perfect and shittiest example of killing 2 birds with one stone! 

Eisenhower focuses on reaching balance in our society between juxtaposed ideas of necessity and frivolity. Because we have let War Profiteers control the narrative of security and safety, our balance is shifted. Right now the American War Economy is running as a part of our Debt! As Investigative Journalist Bob Hennelly points out, “Debt is about Social Control”. 

Most Americans are struggling to get by. We have more debts than we know what to do with. The Middle Class is burdened with Car Loans, House Debt, Credit Card Debt, and the ever popular Student Debt. Out of this desperation the Military Industrial Complex offers debt relief in exchange for your service to go fight Rich People’s wars. The War Machine borrows money from the banks and in turn our needed services are cut or reduced to pay for these wars. 

The most blatant example of social control comes from Economic Sanctions. A lot of people don’t see Economic Sanctions as warfare. The way Economic Sanctions are presented are a punishment for breaking the social contract of the world, but in reality it is a punishment for rejecting Imperialism. So if we really want to be accurate about what these things are we should start calling them Economic Warfare!

In Venezuela we saw the Western powers put economic sanctions on the country that didn’t just accept the false leadership bestowed by the American Empire. Venezuela wasn’t able to get billions of dollars of oil revenue from its company CitGo! Revenue it depends on to helps its people through social programs like universal healthcare and free groceries! And now the same issues are that are facing Iran at the moment. Iran is facing economic sanctions for defying the illegal assassination of a top ranking official on peacekeeping mission! 

Iranian Filmaker Mashani Satrapi said “We have more in common with each other than we do with our respective governments”. And it rings true. Economic Sanctions affect the Middle Class of the country on which the sanctions are put. And with the ever expanding budget of the American military, the American Middle Class can’t afford healthcare, public education and so many more of our basic needs. It’s almost like fueling the Military Industrial Complex, there’s an economic sanction being put on the American people. And by almost like, I mean that’s exactly what’s happening. There has never been more glaring evidence that the American Empire stands against the Middle Class on a global scale than their fetish with Economic Sanctions as an act of war!

Bob Hennelly also talks about the way we fight wars has changed by hiding the costs of the war and the voluntary Military. It was sold to the people as a lifestyle choice.The work of the soldier was done at the end of the war, but at this point, these wars are never ending, so the work is never done. These wars just become something different. Evolving War is the only kind of Evolution the Empire believes in! And the same goes for the moral and social debt paid by the American Veteran. 

Which brings us to both the third and fourth reasons to be Anti-War, the Human & Veteran cost of the War! This is usually not seen very much by the civilians. We find wars to somewhat acceptable not only because of the security theater & propaganda, but because it’s seen as so far away! So we don’t really see the true nature, but the Veterans sure do, and when they come home, a lot of the times they bring it home with them. 

The sad fact of this is that the American Veteran is one of the least taken care of persons in this country. Since the selling point of the American Military is the lifestyle choice the psychological and physical toll of warfare isn’t really taken into account. 

69-year old Army Veteran, Jerry Holliman lost has prosthetic leg due to the fact that it might not have been covered by Medicare or Medicaid. You’d think that if you served in the Rich’s War that when you come home and need a prosthetic limb they’d have you covered with all that blood money they made! But instead they use vague language about the cost of this and that to ensure that you don’t get what you need. 

And Holliman addresses that in his report to media sources. He says: “I signed up with the understanding that they’d take care of me if something happened”. It’s almost like these legislators didn’t understand what the repercussions of war are. It’s almost like they’re out of touch and out to make a buck over the suffering of average Middle Class Americans that are sold the idea of Patriotism but are never told the cost till it’s too late. 

Holliman is also sure that the only reason his prosthetics were returned to him was because he reached out to the media. Apparently in the case of Veterans snitches don’t get stitches, but rather the prosthetics and medical treatments they need! The real question in this situation why aren’t prosthetics clearly covered in Medicare and Medicaid!?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of injuries Veterans face. Because of the advances in military gear today’s Veterans are more protected but that protection is leaded to increased Traumatic Brain Injuries. What would’ve killed the prior generation is just creating a latency of trauma in this generation. It gives the legislators to say “Well this could’ve been caused by anything. It could’ve been an IED or Socialism, you never know!

Along with the physical trauma of warfare, they also suffer from a lot of psychological trauma. As Matthew Hoh of the Center for International Policy explains that a quarter to a third of WW2 Army Veterans were discharged as a psychiatric casualty. Even in the 40s American Imperialism was so bad that a soldiers’ brain went to war with itself! This makes the Military Industrial Complex a disease and in some cases a pre-existing condition, and we all know we can’t help fund a pre-existing condition. 

Most Combat Veterans have trauma related to individual actions they took part in as a result of warfare. And there’s a myth that surrounds Veterans about the fact they don’t really have any issues after they get home. And I think this notion persists in America because of the constant hero worship and thanking Veterans for their service! 

I’d like to paraphrase my friend who’s a combat Vet when I asked him about thanking him for his service and wishing him on Veterans day. He said that as long as we stand up to the machine that wants to send people like him to die for the rich, we’re good. So if you really want support Veterans and be on their side and join the Anti-War movement that is growing in America.  

But this is not a new sentiment. Back in the days of Roman Imperialism, they would send soldiers who seemed to be mentally unstable and put them in a special camp. It’s very similar to how women in certain cultures were sent to a special hut during menstruation, because humans didn’t understand how the vagina worked. Because we didn’t understand that men were allowed to have feelings and thoughts, they sent them a special camp that acted as Imperial Psych Wards for thinking about morality too much. So basically we isolated women and men who had too many feelings! That’s about the only governments have decided to regulate; human emotions. 

In 1991 a study showed that most Vietnam Veterans committed suicide because of Combat related guilt. And this trend has persisted throughout every war. Since 2009 Veteran Suicide rates were increasing and have surpassed their civilian counterparts. And I was just talking about the United States. In Iraq, their Veteran suicide rates are 14 times that of their civilian counterpart.

So what has the government done to help fix this problem and provide support to the Veterans they send to fight a piece of cloth? They gamified war! Right now we are increasing Drone Warfare and using unmanned aerial crafts to, you know wrongly destroy weddings and move on our with our lives. These Drone operators also face PTSD in a moral and spiritual capacity. And to the war machine, spiritualism is more about making spirits out our invented enemies! Then we can shift the war again by calling for a War on Spirits! 

If you still think that the effects of war don’t affect us at home, you’re wrong. When the Middle Class is used as cannon fodder for the rich, it comes with a large set of consequences which includes the warping of our moral fortitude. Both the physical and psychological toll on Veterans is proof that our homes are ravaged by the effects of war. Now is the time to fight back against the War machine and we can start by taking care of our Veterans! 

Supporting wars and the expansion of militarism means that our emotions are hijacked by nationalism. But taking on an Anti-War stance gives us power over our emotions. It lets us think critically and ask important questions like “Is this necessary or the right thing to do?” As Nathan P. Robinson of Current Affairs wrote “The job of an intelligence populace is to see whether those arguments can actually withstand scrutiny”. And it’s time we scrutinized this wasteful system. 

The Anti-War movements might have gone dormant for a little while, but they’re coming back and we need all the support we can get. The corporate media, AKA the propaganda wing of the American War Economy, would have you believe that the Anti-War movements are not gaining steam. After the attack on Iran, not only did we see mass protests and demonstrations in America but also in Iran!

War affects every single one of us. Racially, it makes people who have more melanin the enemy. Financially it cripples the Middle Class as they’re used for Cannon Fodder for the rich. Environmentally it pumps toxins that are not only destroying cities and cultures across the globe, but the planet itself. Legislatively it creates more hysterically nationalistic Congress members that become the mouth pieces for never-ending wars. It forgets the Veterans that gave up their lives in service. 

Eisenhower could see what the result of giving into these vices would be. He saw the downfall of the Empire like the soothsayer predicting the Ides of March. And it’s time we make the Military Industrial Complex and all the War Profiteers as “E’Tu Highly Patriotic American in the Flyover States with the Star Spangled Truck Nuts!” At the end of his term President Eisenhower vowed to be an Anti-War activist and voice for peace. It’s high time we all do the same and join the growing Anti-War movements spreading throughout the globe.


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