Asange’s Trial Is The Most Important Case Of Our Generation! [The Dispatch]

Last year we saw the Publisher of Wikileaks, Julian Asange, dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in England and put into the Belmarsh Detention Center, a Super Max prison for 50 weeks for the crime of…skipping bail. He dared skip bail in the country Sweden for a crime that had been dismissed 3 times due to lack of evidence. Which means, he kinda never skipped bail, and under that pretense he was in prison for…well realistically nothing. 

What the establishment is trying to prove to us with this show trial of Asange is what happens when you reveal their crimes. Julian Asange & Wikileaks revealed so many different kinds of War crimes and Corporate Fraud that Skittles is coming out with a new bag of flavors to capitalize on these tragedies! Skittles: Taste The War Crimes! And with the amount of information he revealed over the course a decade he has never had to print a retraction. Meanwhile I can point out any errors and exclusions in virtually every piece of corporate media, not just in their grammatical errors but also the way they say words out loud with their mouth. 

Now Julian Asange’s wrongful imprisonment and show trial to get extradited to the United States on the behest of a 108 year old law that has no bearing in our current climate will determine the future of free press and journalism! We will address this law a little later. Julian Asange represents what a free press should be. It should be able to criticize those in power and shed light on their crimes. The question no-one seems to be asking is why it is necessary for these elites to have confidentiality if and when they’re not doing anything wrong. I mean that is the argument they use to justify spying on us, so that’s a fair argument to use when we we’re assessing their covert ops against the populous. 

If the CIA wasn’t doing anything wrong they could just come out and say “We’re spying on you with every camera around and yes, we’ve seen most of you masturbate and it is weird!” Instead we had to find that out from the Vault 7 Leaks that smart technology is listening and watching you all the time. The Panopticon is real and we carry it around in our pockets and watch sports ball with it! This has led to Mike Pompeo calling a Asange ‘hostile non-state’ actor. That’s hard slam too, he took away Asange’s state! Is he solid? Gaseous? Liquid? Pompeo just took all those qualities away because he and the CIA got caught spying on the citizens of America. Asange doesn’t need a state because he’s transcended that. The Truth has no state, it just is. 

If the DNC didn’t illegally tamper with the election in 2016, they would’ve come out and said “We hate Bernie Sanders and his Jewishness and we’re going to use all of that against him to ensure he’s not the nominee of our party. We think our voters are too dumb to make the right choices to enrich us so we’re going to make the choice for them!” Instead Asange revealed the emails that the DNC and the Clinton campaign were sending each other about colluding to take the nomination away from Bernie! 

If the American Military didn’t commit any crimes by shooting down innocent civilians and 2 journalists they would’ve just come out and said “Hey we like to watch things die and think the world is our play thing! We’re America and we’re kinda sociopathic but that’s why you love us!” Instead Asange revealed the war crimes of the American Military with the help of Chelsea Manning. 

And even Manning is a victim of the attacks of Asange! The Grand Jury in America is trying to get Chelsea Manning to say that Julian Asange forced her to get into confidential files from the American Military! But they didn’t really need a password because Manning had access to the revealed files and the only thing they might have needed to put in a password for was to download a video game! And I bet it wasn’t even Medal of Honor but rather something cool like Bookworm or Jeopardy the video game. But that put them in real life jeopardy. “I’ll take the false accusations Whistleblowers and heroes for $1000, Alex!”

Chelsea Manning is in prison incurring $1000 a day under “coercive confinement”. This means that she’ll be in prison till she gives the grand jury what they want. What they are doing is actually illegal under international law so if the United States looses this battle both the Trump and the Obama administration could be called into the International Criminal Court to answer for why they allowed this to happen. Remember Obama could’ve fully pardoned Manning but he only commuted her sentence. 

At this point Asange has served his 50 weeks in Belmarsh Super Max but still remains in the prison. His current trail will determine whether or not he gets Extradited to the United States to serve time with hardened criminals…and some pot smokers, since the American Prison Industrial Complex thinks they’re the same thing. And that’s a major concern for Asange and his legal team. He’ll have to face the American Prison system! No one should be in our Prison systems! American Prisons are violation to humanity, logic and nature. Most prisoners would rather be in Buffalo Bill’s hole in a basement in Oklahoma. At least there they get to put lotion on their skin! And even though he’s going to kill you, he does give you healthcare. No point in stealing the skin off an unhealthy person. He’s got standards! The American Prison System does not. 

Asange has already gone through severe trauma both mentally and physically. Being in an American Prison where Whistleblowers are denied protection and even medical treatment would mean a slow torturous demise for a hero. The man has been through enough and being an American prison will be a complete and total violation of his human rights!

The first 2 days of trial showed the Establishment elites that the people support Julian Asange! Taylor Hudak, from the Watchdog and Action4Asange, reported that there was so much support from the people for Asange, that they drowned out the judge with their cheers of support. The power of the people’s voices is so large that they can render a judge silent before wrongful accusation. And there was no Anti-Asange protestors outside the courthouse. 

In 2 days they also have shown how completely unfair this system is to Asange! Julian Asange was moved 5 times to different cells, handcuffed for a lot of the day and subject to strip searches. You know for someone that allegedly committed a sexual assault crime with no proof, he’s very clearly going through some forms of sexual abuse! I mean how many weeks do these guards have to spend in Belmarsh for this? The point of all this was to disorient an already disoriented human being. 

The second day of the trial discussed the US-UK Extradition Treaty which states that you can’t extradite anyone under a political crime. But the prosecution is saying that we should be following a domestic extradition law. This law would most definitely favor America’s extradition of Asange over 10 year old articles that were proved the nations crime against its own people and innocent civilians. The American War Criminals still remain free! 

Asange’s extradition to the United States doesn’t even make sense. Julian Asange is Australian, not American. He has no loyalty to America and he’s revealed crimes committed of the elites from all across the globe! They claim the US-UK Extradition Treaty doesn’t apply to Asange, because what he did constitutes as a political crime, but he’s not a political prisoner! It’s different for Asange because,  well…let’s say Russia. And according Consortium News’ Joe Laurie in order for something to be a political crime, you need to have intent to over throw the government AND be on the country’s soil. Neither of which were Asange’s goals. This narrative is the establishment’s attempt at continue their xenophobic and McCarthyist smear campaign against anyone that speaks out against their criminal behavior! 

More importantly this trial shouldn’t even be happening to Asange. It was revealed that a company called Undercover Global was spying on him throughout Asange’s time in the Ecuadorian Embassy. And they went so far as to put cameras and microphones all over the place including the women’s bathroom so there would no privacy for Julian Asange and also any woman in the Embassy. They pulled off something no-one really could and that’s being creepier than Jeff Bezos! Undercover Global was contracted by the CIA and essentially erased attorney client confidentiality on behalf of Asange and the fact this judge knew this meant that this case should’ve been thrown out and Asange should’ve been let go! 

The rules are always different when the Establishment Elites are trying to show you how big their dicks are. Thats probably why they keep spying on people. It’s a covert dick measuring operation! It’s a Panopticon of a variety of Phallacies. 

And more importantly the law this is trial is based around is a sham too! The Espionage Act was the creation of a paranoid Democrat that used fear to rule and didn’t want a socialist to win the 20s! Woodrow Wilson was so scared of the other that he created the Espionage Act, or the beta test for McCarthyism, to keep us divided and distrustful of each other. It also ensured that we wouldn’t be able to criticize the military for their war crimes under the risk of depatriotism. Which just means, a man in an Uncle Sam costume spanks you in the town square as everyone yes “socialist” really loud in your face and you can’t wear anything with Red, White or Blue! And as a goth kid at heart, I think I’ll be just fine. 

During the trial, Asange wasn’t allowed to sit with his lawyers. He was kept in a bulletproof box where he couldn’t hear things or say things! This is primarily meant to keep political prisoners & domestic terrorists safe during trials. The judge literally told him to stay quiet which means Julian Asange is being treated less respectfully than murderers and cannibals, who have been given fairer trials! At least they were allowed to talk about how delicious the judge looked. And really all Asange is trying to say is how delicious the truth really is! I mean the Establishment is going to ample lengths to prove that Truth will not set you free! 

The trial resumes in May when the defense will have to put forth a case the establishment elites can’t knock down and prove that his case lies within the UK-US Extradition Treaty. The prosecution claims its domestic but makes the argument that he’s a political prisoner for political crimes but isn’t being prosecuted politically, because remember…Russia. Their hypocrisies are laid out in front of us clear as day! Right now only candidate talking about Asange or any Whistleblower is Tulsi Gabbard, who has said she’d pardon all of them. Sanders hasn’t made any remarks and that’s probably because he doesn’t want to get swept up in the McCarthyist Russiagate narrative that surrounds Asange…and now also Sanders’ Campaign because why not?! It’s not like we were using our brains in the first place.  

This trial might be the most the important trial of our generation. It will determine the future of journalism. It will determine whether we can go up against corruption in our leadership and hold the elites accountable for what they do! Despite being imprisoned, Julian Asange did set the truth free for all of us to consume. Regardless what his fate is, we know what we’re fighting now. We’re fighting against oligarchy and imperialism that affects us on a global scale! The Truth has been set free and no matter what the establishment elites do, it can never be caged again. And we have Julian Asange to thank for that!