American Economic Warfare Continues In The Face Of The Pandemic [The Dispatch]

In the age of quarantine, some Americans received a $1200 from the government on Tax Day. Some of these some Americans received it via direct deposit and other will have to wait a little while to receive a check via snail mail. Not only will this $1200 check take longer due to the spacial restrictions of American transports and the postal service, but also because President Donald Trump wanted to put his signatures on the check. That way he can claim that it was he who donated all that money to the poors in America as an act of charity! Hoorah! Hoorah! They’ll sing from their foreclosed homes! 

Now I know some folks are going to use this as an excuse to say “See, Socialism doesn’t work! Look how long it takes the government to get just one payment to the American people!” Yeah, but they jumped right to action when it was making up money for the corporations and the hucksters on Wall St.! If they wanted to they could’ve printed checks to every American adult based on postal service records and census data and we would’ve received those that payment real fuckin quick. They just chose not to, because they’re greedy elitist corporatists worried about what they’ll do when the revolution comes. They had argue about who’s going to get credit so some of the more militant members of the revolutions won’t eat that particular rich person. I for one am against the idea of eating, because I’m pseudo vegetarian and also I don’t like tainted meats. 

As Americans continue to worry that this $1200 is going go exponentially faster than it arrived, as Rents and mortgages remain unfrozen and creating a vacuum of debt sucking the American Working Class dry faster than a Dyson vacuum or a very experienced prostitute. Boy that’s a job that we didn’t think about during this pandemic. Had this not been an upper respiratory disease that was passed on by touching fluids, I bet prostitution would have sky rocked in the quarantine age. Americans would be getting stimulated in a very special way and intrinsically it would be worth more than $1200! But this is about protecting all our healths, so even for the sake of the prostitute, we have to make sure to stay healthy in this crazy time. 

But America is one of the very few countries that is more concerned about keeping its Capitalist regime in place than it’s own citizen’s welfare and safety. With little rent acknowledgment of rent freezes, America will hold steady on its debt based economy. Debt, mortgage and rent moratoriums mean that the payment of these things will be delayed. So if you can’t afford the rent this month, you make it next month. It all just gets back logged. Then the hucksters and fraudsters at the banks have a nice system of debt they can reap the rewards from. This way of running the economy is due to collapse, especially in the face of a pandemic. This is like taking the bottom most piece of the Jenga tower and expecting the top to stand still. And when it doesn’t, they blame the foundation piece for allowing itself to be removed instead the remover of the piece! 

I can’t remember all the symptoms of the novel coronavirus but is increased sociopathy one of them? Because the US coporatocracy sure seems to be ramping that up these days. This is nothing but an Economic War on the American people for the sake of Capitalist greed and keeping the oligarchical plutocratic, kleptocracy going!  

Now if you’re Europe, you get 70-90% of your income and some European countries are even considering implementing a permanent Universal Basic Income. In Spain they are looking to implement a version of Universal Basic Income permanently as a safe guard for their most vulnerable citizens and families. This would be using the idea of Universal Basic Income to expand the Social Security program. Unlike in the States where good Democrats like Joe Biden have been itching to cut Social Security and implement a treason order for anyone even thinking about Universal Basic Income. 

Now you do have Representatives like Ro Khana putting bills on the floor to implement a $2000/month payment to the American people till the unemployment levels go below pre-coronavirus days, but that’s a temporary solution to the constant Economic Wars waged on the American Working Class by the thieves of Wall St. Even Pope Francis said that we need to implement Universal Basic Income and let go of our profit motives in our societies. He said this on Easter, which is basically Catholicism: Rise of the Socialist! 

Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has frozen rents for commercial and residential spaces for 6 months in lieu of the pandemic. He’s banned the shut off telecoms and is ensuring that the grocery service is expanded to feed over 7 million families! He’s doing all this while totally locking down the country and sanitizing city centers and public spaces. He’s doing all this while facing harsh, unnecessary and illegal sanctions from the United States. That’s right in the middle of global pandemic against a virus we have no idea how to cure, America is continuing its economic warfare with the Socialist country who’s leader the CIA doesn’t like. 

Economic Sanctions are not just a form of Economic Warfare, but they are also incredibly childish. Remember when you were kid and you used to play pretend and your friend would summon some kind of strength that you weren’t clever enough to think of, the first thing you did was put a spell of imprisonment on them. They weren’t able use that super awesome move that liberated everyone and made them look like a rad hero. So you put these fake locks on them and unless you said the magic word they couldn’t us their spells. That’s what Economic Sanctions are. They’re a jealous, uncreative kid’s deadly way of playing pretend and also being a huge dick. 

Earlier this month, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo laid out plans about how to remove the sanctions on Venezuela and shockingly enough it wasn’t just, “We’re gonna go ahead and take off the pretend locks we have on the country”. No, it’s far more complicated than that. It starts with the United States putting a $15 million dollar bounty on the President of Venezuela and claiming it’s for justice! America has opened a hit on a legally elected world leader. Now they claim it’s for Narcotrafficking cocaine into America. This is an insane allegation with no proof, considering Venezuela doesn’t traffic cocaine and never has, and neither can it grow cocoa that’s needed to make the drug. It’s fun to play pretend with real mercenary attacks isn’t it?  

Now the countries that do produced, traffic and ship cocaine into the United Stages are countries like Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, all countries that have ties to the United States & the CIA. Look I know geography is hard for the American Establishment. I mean considering that there actually people outside of the United States that matter is a concept that hasn’t been thought of in 200 years, but come on! Google Maps is not that hard to operate! 

One of the proposals to stop the Economic War waged on Venezuela is run a proxy election against Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guido, the false American backed candidate who both Nancy Pelosi & Donald Trump adore. I wonder which one of them Guido will take to the Imperialist Prom! The election won’t include any of the other parities that present in Venezuela, effectively introducing a duopoly to a nation without consent. And then Pompeo would have International observers come in and make sure it’s legal election. Nothing say legitimate like a non-consensual duopoly running a fake election in someone’s country, right?! 

The only problem is they’ve already done this! In 2018, Nicolas Maduro won a legal election with 5 parties present in the race. The international observers adjudicated that it was one of the most fair elections in the world! The whole world recognizes Maduro as the legal legitimate leader of Venezuela. When came to America’s election on the other hand, the international observers put up a photo of a garbage can on fire. 

America is the only country that seems to have a problem with Venezuela’s election process. Perhaps it’s because they’re obsessed with having ONLY 2 parties. Perhaps understanding anything beyond the duopoly is hard for Pompeo’s limited xenophobic brain. Now Pompeo claims that there was fraud in Maduo’s election. And what he’s referring to the staged opposition that was led was the CIA puppet, Juan Guido. Guiado, who famously mooned the Venezuelan people, proving that he was the ass of the people, the taint of a staged coup, the dingleberry of the intelligence community! This was as an act of defiance during this CIA-staged protest. Now that’s not fraud, that’s a 10 year’s prank! But I very much doubt that Pompeo really understands that the word ‘fraud’ really means.

Mike Pompeo has also said “Maduro will never govern Venezuela again!” What right does America have to say that a legally elected President of a foreign nation with a different political and economic ideology cannot govern their own country. If that’s the case I’d like say that every single member of the current American Congress will never govern in America again! And I’m slapping sanctions on them and putting in a transition government of me and a few of my friends that’ll take care of the place. If that sounds insane to you, good! That’s what former director of the CIA Mike Pompeo is saying about Venezuela!This would be a mockery of what real Democracy looks like! REAL Democracy isn’t dictated by a sociopathic, CIA torturer. 

Venezuela isn’t the only country that American Capitalism is crushing with Sanctions during the time of global pandemic. Nicaragua has also been effected by them. Nicaragua is another country where the primary leadership is Lefty Socialists! Even the Human Rights Watch pushed for the overthrowing of the government in Nicaragua. But that’s to be expected, the Human Rights Watch is a billionaire funded Neo-liberal corporatist group that has approved of every War in the last 25 years! The Human Rights Watch did exactly as the name suggests. They stood by and watched the War Machine violate every human right in the book! Hey maybe if they support all the illegal wars they’ll finally be able to check off all the Human Rights violated in their little watch book. You know like birdwatchers check off birds they’ve seen. Just like that, but for human rights and war crimes!Once they check off all of them, they get a feather in their cap that vaguely resembles Mike Pompeo’s face! 

As most of the world is calling for a cease fire in the face of the pandemic America is escalating its Economic Wars mixed with Hot Wars to destroy countries like Iran and Iraq! Iran is currently getting decimated by COVID-19 due to the American sanctions that prevents them getting medical supplies they need to take care of their sick. This was the result of over 800 sanctions on the country, and there were more added as of March 26th, 3 weeks into the age of quarantine. In Iraq, America has openly stated that it hopes that COVID would take care of the Iranian militias, which is really code for Anti-US Iraqis! On March 13 there was air raid conducted by American troops and on the 14th it was revealed that a prominent Iraqi General was murdered by the raids. This was a similar incident to when America illegally assassinated General Soleimani of Iran during a peace mission.

Perhaps this is that childish jealousy American Imperialism has towards COVID-19. America can only do so much with its militaristic might, but this virus can really damage the population like we’ve never seen before. The large might of American Exceptionalism being overshadowed by something so small must be maddening for the murderous elites in charge. Perhaps that why in the United Arab Emirates the United States is running simulations to take over Iran. They’ve literally built a proxy city in the UAE to reflect Iranian cities! But giving the American citizens more than a pittance of $1200 to cover several months of rent, bills and debt is all they can afford. America has to show this virus who’s really swinging that big dick, and the only why they can do it is frivolous military spending and Economic warfare. 

Even Pope Francis said this: “I hope that this time of danger will free us from operating on automatic pilot, shake our sleepy consciences and allow a humanist and ecological conversion that puts an end to the idolatry of money.” We do idolize money don’t we! We create fake money for kids, gamify ruthless business dealings in Monopoly and we even make chocolate look like money so kids can eat it. It’s a metaphor. You guys get it, because we’re eating something that sweet but too much of it will rot you from you inside out, but you’re told you need more it and the only ones that can get it for your Capitalist overlord parents. It’s also a desperate attempt for the elites to say that you can absolutely eat money!

For speaking against the big swinging of dick of Capitalism, Capitalism’s biggest dick, Mike Pompeo is probably going to add Pope Francis and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ on the most wanted list. Then he’s going to plan a coup d’eta on Heaven itself to see if this God and his Kingdom won’t bend to will of American Exceptionalism. There will be no Socialism in the land of the living or dead if Pompeo and his Capitalist masters have their way! 

John Stockwell, a former head of the CIA in 1989, boldly stated that crushing a country’s economy to make their citizens suffer so they bend to American will is the way America gets to control other country’s leadership. I believe that’s the truest definition of American Exceptionalism if I’ve ever heard one! Economic War is what these parasites of Capitalist greed need to ensure that the world doesn’t how well a Socialist government can operate. Mixed with logic and an understanding of each other’s collective humanity, Socialist nations might be able to provide the working class a chance to flourish and live well. And that’s why we need to push back on the Capitalist regime that’s trying to gaslight us into subservience. It’s time to pushback by striking against the wealth of the of the rich and standing up to corporate greed. With solidarity on our side, we can slap some Economic Sanctions on greed and ensure there is equality for all of us.