Congress Is Criminalizing Protests Over Anti Police Brutality Demonstrations! [The Dispatch]

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen yet another murder of an innocent Black Man at the hands of an overpowered, over-militarized Police Force. George Floyd was murdered by Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin put his kneed on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes, which was all captured on camera! How is it that cops that haven’t figured that we the people are watching them constantly and there are cameras everywhere! For being the namesake of the police state, they’re not too bright about how one operates. Chauvin and his compatriots were fired, but not charged with anything for a full week. The Mayor of Minneapolis and the Hennepin County DA said they have to review all the evidence! Apparently their eyes don’t function well between Monday and Thursday. 

Eventually he was charged with 3rd Degree Murder, which after an autopsy has been bumped up to Second Degree. Even then the city claimed the death was a result of a heart condition. Oh yes, the heart condition that includes symptoms like a 200 pound officer on your neck. Does that make racist police a pre-existing condition? Chauvin committed First Degree murder and it was caught on film. The other 3 officers were accomplices and they all belong Prison for a long time!

The nation erupted into protests. Some of them turned violent and that became the narrative. The narrative wasn’t what to about violent policing and racism in the American Criminal Justice system but rather that a soccer mom can’t buy a new top at a reasonable price from Target because riots! Now most of the protests have been peaceful and then instigated by police presence. There is hundred of accounts of cops barreling through crowds of protesters, attacking journalists with batons and shields and firing tear gas into crowds of chanting protesters. The violent response from cops is getting so out of hand that when the FBI asked for violent agitators at protests, people sent them videos of police officers accosting protesters. I think the FBI was expecting photos of people pretending to be Tyler Durden.  

There are also stories of Undercover police officers or hired provocateurs instigating the violence, while the organizers and protesters try to stop these folks. There’s a video of a man dressed in all black, carrying an umbrella, breaking the windows of the Autozone in Minneapolis. Wearing all black and an umbrella! Clearly we’re looking for a super albino here! But if we put an APB on that guy, somehow the cops will still try to arrest an innocent black man claiming they matched the description of a super Albino! But that’s what you get when you forgo IQ for muscles, compliance and institutionalize racism. 

In Boston police were caught vandalizing their own cars and driving off. They’re clearly enforcing the “Stop Hitting Yourself” version of policing. This is employing the ‘broken window effect’ where if a group of people see a neighborhood with a broken window they’re more like to escalate acts of criminality and property destruction. The cops are manufacturing this effect. So to my fellow protester friends, be wise and lets do our best not get agitated by state sponsored property destruction. 

Now there are also non-cop agitators in the form of anarchist and even white nationalists that go in specifically to disrupt the protests. The Cops are nowhere in sight when these folks start their dirty shenanigans. But this fact has hit the ears of every member of the Republican Party and that’s why Ted Cruz put out a piece of legislation to ensure these bad apples don’t…get…picked from the tree….I lost the saying there. But Ted Cruz and his GOP Freedom Enthusiasts crafted a bill to make AntiFa illegal. The problem with the bill is that they use the term AntiFa and left wing protesters interchangably throughout the bill.

They denounce the actions of antifa & left wing protesters and use journalist Andy Ngo as an example of how violent AntiFa is. Andy Ngo  was attacked by Antifa associated protesters last year and was hospitalized. So the claim they make is that AntiFa is attacking journalists who are trying to do their jobs. Odd that the bill fails to mention that journalists are getting pummeled on camera by cops with rubber bullets, batons, tear gas and good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs? Wait, is the GOP alluding that cops are AntiFa now? According to this logic that means AntiFa and the Fa – short hand for Fascist – are one and the same. 

They also mention that ICE was threatened with violence and their personal information released. Boy they’re going to have a real tough time with how much the cops and ICE threaten violence. The cops during these protests alone have said, on camera, they’re going to “beat the fuck out of people”. Is there legislation written by Ted Cruz and the GOP thugs to prevent that? The answer is no. This is like a orabourus – you know the image of the snake eating itself – of boot licking. Legislation like this protects law enforcement’s efforts to brutalize protesters and citizens, while they protect these lawmakers who write authoritarian, racist and unconstitutional laws that the police get to enforce.

As if that wasn’t enough, earlier in the week President Donald Trump, after making people wait approximately 32 minutes, starring at an empty podium, said he was ready to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807! This lets the President call in Armed Forces and the National Guard when there’s an uprising or insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination and conspiracy in any state that depraves Constitutional Rights. This act was modified twice. In 1861 to add the National Guard and in 1871 to protect Black folks after the KKK wanted to attack them. It ensured the addition of the Equal Protections Clause. So in reality this act should have been invoked to ensure that military would protect its own citizens from the police that constantly keep killing all of us, particularly those of the melinated variety!

Now the Insurrection Act has been invoked a few times in our history. In the 1800s it was used to stop the labor movement during the Pullman Strike. It was used against the people during the 1968 and the 1992 riots! It was used against the people after Hurricane Hugo and Katrina! The only time this was used for good was to suppress Klan in the 1800s and to ensure desegregation would stick in the 50s and 60s. So in our torrid history this Act has only be used to protect Americans values two, maybe 3 times. 

So the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, can Trump do this? Can he deploy the military against his own citizens under the false pretense of civil unrest? Unfortunately, yes he can! Like Lyndon B. Johnson did in 1968 and Daddy Bush in 1992, he has the authority to release the troops on us if he chooses and thinks the nation is in trouble. And to him it is. Think about it, the previous night he was hidden in an underground bunker beneath the White House because some of the protesters were…chanting. That’s very scary. Because what he starts chanting and the cops think he’s like an AntiFa and start shooting him!?

Trump has the legal authorization to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 which counteracts the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prevents troops deployed on American people without Congressional authorization. But it wouldn’t even matter, because let’s be honest most of Congress would be on his side! You have Republicans like Ted Cruz with their ‘No No Protests’ bill, and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just reauthorized the Patriot Act, which was one of the most invasive and destructive bill to American civil liberties. 

According to Ice-Cream Yas Queen, Nancy Pelosi the reauthorization is about strengthening our civil liberties. She says “Central to that defense is how we do protect and defend. It’s about our values, which are part of our strength. It’s about the health, education and well-being of our people, our children, our future, which is part of our strength. Our military might is part of our strength. And our intelligence is very much a part of our strength, in order to provide force protection for our men and women in uniform, when they go out there to protect and defend our country, force protection,” She wants to force protection on us! You don’t have our consent Pelosi! We want consensual protection! We don’t want you jam a condom in or on genitals! The Military isn’t part our strength, the workers are! We don’t want more militarism, we want a UBI, healthcare for all and for you stop posing for photo ops and do your fucking job! 

Not only has this created a stir for the civilians in this nation, but also for the troops. Because a lot of National Guardsmen and Military Soldiers have reached out to the GI Rights Network who are actively working on putting together conscientious objectors packets. A Guardsman that is having doubts about deployment and joined the National Guard because of his financial situation said, “Most of all, I feel that I cannot be complicit in any way when I’ve seen so many examples of soldiers and police acting in bad faith.” 

Much like the police the Guardsmen training doesn’t involve deescalation in these scenarios. And they have been said to only use “less than lethal weapons” like rubber bullets and tear gas. The problem here is that the Guard, nor the cops, are properly trained to use these weapons. They still fire them like lethal weapons, which means they still cause irreparable damage! Like how a pencil during a tornado can become a missile, a cop or an Army Ranger with a rubber bullet can still kill someone. This will only escalate thing further.

And tear gas is far worse than a rubber bullet because it’s illegal chemical warfare, that hasn’t been used in war since World War 1! The Geneva Conventions considers it a form of torture and too dangerous because it hits unintended targets and when fired into an enclosed space it becomes combustible! Individual governments said it was their only way to disperse protesters without force. Or another way is to listen to what the fuck we’re saying! We’ve been talking about police brutality peacefully for decades and decades and that itself is met with tear gas and rubber bullets! What are the people supposed to do when you gas and shoot them when they use peaceful tactics!?

Some guardsmen and soldiers are excited to “earn their stripes” but Former Army Reserve Captain DeBarros says they’re not thinking soberly about the moral injury of their actions. And at the end of the day, the PTSD and other mental strife won’t be addressed or taken care of by this government. It’ll be we the people, the sons & daughters of those that were fired upon that will help these former soldiers pick up the pieces and get their life and morality back in order. And if there are those that are saying “well they won’t actually fire at citizens”, you’ve clearly not been paying attention and missed the various points in history where that’s exactly what happened. Kent State, Blair Mountain, Black Wall St., Seattle 1919, San Francisco 1934, the list keeps going and we’re about add America 2020 to it! 

This is an escalation from the parts of those at the top that are securing their positions of power with authoritarian force and calling it protection and civil rights. 

But there is one piece of legislation that is being taken into account that sheds some hope in this situation. Representative Justin Amash, who is a Libertarian, proposed the “Ending Qualified Immunity Act”. This would ensure that cops are not protected after they murder someone in cold blood as we have seen time and time again. So it wasn’t a Democrat that proposed this idea, but a third party Libertarian. Remember the Democrats expanded the Republican president’s spying powers. The Libertarian wants to reduce injustices. If you’re confused about why we need more parties in our electoral process, just loop this part over and over again till you get it.

Now there are those that see this legislation as a hinderance to policing. Lt. Bob Kroll, the President of the Police Union in Minneapolis has said he’s killed some people and hasn’t been bothered by any of them. “I’ve been involved in shootings and not one has bothered me…Maybe I’m different”. Yes, he is different. He is a psychopath that belongs behind bars in an underground bunker, far away from society! He goes on to complain about the fact that city spends money settling police violence and murder claims and can’t afford to give cops raises. Maybe if they stop beating the shit out of and killing people, this wouldn’t be an issue. He says the notion that cops are supposed to deescalate is bullshit because they’re supposed to go in guns a-blazing in all situations. Cops are supposed to protect and serve communities, not live in a Michael Bay jerk-off fantasy. You don’t get a raise for murder. Well in America, if you’re blue collar, you don’t get a raise, period!

We have arrived at a pivotal moment in our history. A moment where a lot of us are seeing the system for what it is. An uncaring, callous, greed driven void where human lives are less important than authoritarian fantasies, consumerism and points on the Stock Market. We the people have said no more time and time again and now we’re screaming it. It is becoming impossible for those on high to ignore us. As a Pennsylvania Guardsmen said “In this moment, the people who stay in need to very much think about what side of history they want to be on. They really need to sit down and think about what they’re willing to do for an oath that means trampling on their neighbors.” This oath not only goes for soldiers for us as citizens. What side of history are we choosing to be on? The side that champions a better future for all of us, or the side that sacrifices us for establishment complacencies?