The NYPD Justifies Attacking Protesters! [The Dispatch]

New York City Police Department’s Commission Dermot Shea defended the use of force by his officers during the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. The video of the 2 police cruisers trying to run down protesters went viral. The video shows one police cruiser lined up against a metal fence as protesters were trying to get them to pull back. A second cruiser arrives driving directly into the protesters, which then prompts the first cruiser to do the same. But according to the NYPD Commissioner sweet little Dermot, the police cruiser was not used as force. And NYPD also proved they’re not a use of a human brain. 

Commissioner Dermot says that the officers were fearing for their lives! Dermot points out how these mean protesters were throwing things like water bottles and even bags of garbage at the police officers! What were they to do with their suped-up police car and body armor!? Some of those water bottles gently lobbed in the air like a novice tennis player! This is a defense used by many police departments to justify firing projectiles at the speed of sound directly into the eyes of protesters and also children! And there is logic to this. Children are the future, which means in the future they could become protesters and hence forth they’re prevent crime before it happened! That’s Nobel Peace Prize worthy! 

The Portland police went on twitter to show that the protesters were throwing things like apples & White Claws! Look if cops are afraid of produce and white girl drinks then it’s definitely time to defund the police, replace it with some vastly different and get these cops into PTSD therapy so they visit a grocery store without murdering the elderly woman picking out a ripe Fuji. 

Now Commissioner Dermot claimed that officers didn’t have anywhere to go! They were trapped by these protesters calling out the cops for being murderous villains, so they had to…you know…become murderous villains! There’s a simple way call bullshit on that. As I mentioned there was a second cruiser that drove up from behind the first one. Why not try to back up and leave the situation that way. The NYPD used horror movie logic, to escape what they claimed was a dangerous situation. I suppose they can claim they had use to force because the protesters were resisting arrest and these people are so devious that they didn’t even know they were being arrested! 

New York Attorney General, Lelita James asked Dermot if he was familiar with this incident, to which Dermot responded that he’s “intimately familiar with that incident”. Probably because when he goes home it’s the only thing he can think of to get hard. Lelita James goes on to ask if these cops were in violation of the NYPD’s use of force policy and if the car was used as an appropriate use of force. Dermot denied the fact that force was even being used. He might as well have said “What force? Did you see force? The only force I see is that gay Star Wars movie! Suck my dick! NYPD For Life! Eat my balls! Dermot out!”

Dermot also claimed that 300 officers were injured in the protests. The question is how many people have been illegally murdered, attacked and injured by the police since JUST Memorial Day when George Floyd was killed? I bet it’s more than 300. And the same defenses that the cops use to justify attempted vehicular manslaughter and regular manslaughter doesn’t hold up in court for we the people. I’m a comedian that has been threatened to be killed while performing a few times, and if any of those times I jumped from the stage and choked out a racist with my microphone cord and then justified my actions by saying I was scared, I’d still go to prison. 

Dermot also said how sad it is that no one is coming to defend the cops and the cops are nervous because people might yell at them. Obviously Dermot hasn’t talked to a cop lately, because most of the interactions they have with people are screaming at them or trying to murder them or trying to financially ruin them. Dermot claims that only about 10 cops have had to be disciplined by the NYPD about their behavior in the protests. Basically he’s saying that using a cruiser to attack protesters, shoving protesters, illegally choking out their victims, attacking bicyclists crossing the street is all fair game for the NYPD! They’re just following the rules like the Nazi soldiers did. If they don’t beat bicyclists then they could healthy and health leads to apples which we know is one of the only things that can kill a cop. 

Dermot and the NYPD Union President want cops to be respected because their badges aren’t stained, but they’re just blinded to the grime and scum covering it. The grime and scum become the shine when you justify brutality and gaslight the American people over fictional tales of fear and cops being trapped by protesters. They are prime examples of  why we need a new system of policing and justice. When you employ paranoid, hyper-masculine psychopaths to enforce law & order, law & order become psychopathy that finds pleasure from its brutality.