Defunding The Police Mean More Community Driven Programs [FFON 210]

So we go to the next solution; Defunding the Police and pushing community driven efforts to eliminate state sponsored violence in black, brown and low income communities. The eventuality is that we’d see communities that don’t need any police at all! This is why the Police are so scared of the term “Defund the Police!” 

Right now, the LAPD’s budget is $1.8 BILLION, NYPD’s budget is $6 BILLION, and Philly spends close to a billion dollars on their police. There are plenty of Mayors that are heeding the call to defund their police but are taking half hearted measures. Jacob Frey of Minneapolis, the city that sparked the movement said he doesn’t support defunding the police. The Citizens & City Council has decided otherwise.

In Los Angeles the mayor said he was ready to cut $150 million of the $1.8 BILLION budget, which would leave about $1.78 BILLION in their budget. Let’s remember that a billion is a 100, 100 millions. It’s an exponentially larger than a million. This is like putting out a skyscraper on fire with a water pistol, while the plastic is melting from all the heat. BLM LA called to drop the budget from 44% to 5.7%. That means the LAPD Police Budget would go down to $100 million, which is an astronomical amount of money! It’s about as much money that Jeff Bezos makes when he farts. 

To understand the justification of why cities would give 44% or more of their budgets to the police departments, we have to go back to the 1960s. Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson started a War on Crime which was fully engaged by Republican President Paranoia Richard Marion Nixon. 

Nixon ran on Law & Order promising to wage war on Drugs, Crime and of course Black People – also puppies! So the cops had to be more militarized if they are fighting a war! So they manufactured fear and created legislation to give surplus military gear to cops. Almost like they redistributed the military gear. Ah yes, America’s greatest socialist secret, the military! 

Sidebar: It’s important to note that LBJ a Democrat, passed the Crime war over to Nixon. Just like Bush passed 2 wars to Obama who made it into 7 wars and boy howdy is Trump trying to make it 14. Obama also passed on the immigrant detention centers and an expansive surveillance programs over to Trump. This is how each President lets go of their party affiliation to make sure that people remain subservient. Another reason why reform isn’t the answer. 

Since the 60s, the Police has been getting more and more militarized despite the fact most of the calls they answer are for non-violent, non-emergency calls. But the cops look at those as life or death, because they’re convinced it’s a war against the populace. To the police, everyone is high, armed, and also a possibly a Communist Dragon in disguise. And this militarization mixed with a paranoid war, leads to cops killing more innocent people, particularly those with same skin complexion as Jesus, if not darker. Don’t forget, that Pontus Pilot was a cop!

This use of militarized force makes sense! When you’re a child and you get a new toy, what’s the first thing you do? Take it out of the box and play with it immediately! You don’t put it on a shelf and look for a reasonable time to play with it! And then you want all your friends to have these toys too so you can all play with them. That’s what the cops are doing with their over militarized equipment, they’re children playing with deadly toys given to them by their psychopath parents…aka the government.

As Kamau Walton, Philly Member of Critical Resistance says “At a drop of a dime, they can find money for uber-militarized tanks and fly helicopters all over the city and shoot rubber bullets, but we can’t put people in houses?” It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t. So Defunding the police takes away their death toys lets we the people rebuild our communities and take care of them without waging a manufactured war on OUR streets!

Defunding the police will mean we start funding and rethinking the role of mental health, education, mediation, and basic needs in every American community. So instead of the cops getting called on a drunk man asleep at the drive through, we call the paramedics and his friend. Instead of the cops getting called for a counterfeit bill, we call a fund that helps businesses take care of this sort of thing. Domestic disputes are taken care of by mediators with books instead of guys with tanks. We can heal our communities and keeping building a better future. 

We’d completely restructure our society, and yes it means we have go through a transition phase with boners and boob growth, but if it means we look at these so called crimes under the lens of compassion, instead of the brute force of law & order, I’m all for a few awkward years.