John Bolton’s New Book Is Propaganda For The Intelligence Agencies! [The Dispatch]

John Bolton’s new book is called “The Room Where It Happened”, which really sounds like a tell all romance novel about Bolton’s first 3 way with Trump & Pompeo – an image now nobody can remove from their minds – or prompts us to ask Bolton, where on the Doll did the Trump touched him. Was it in the orephus where his genocidal rage comes from? Also an image we can’t unsee. Look I’m dedicated to using my comedy to speak truth to power so much that I’m inducing my own nightmares! So you’re welcome. 

Bolton’s new book talks about all his problems with Trump starting on Day 1! On Day 1, Bolton was upset that Trump couldn’t figure out how to bomb Syria. He was mad that a corporatist windbag couldn’t turn into a warmongering windbag. But as we remember – well maybe, in age of social media and corporate news most people have the attention span of a gnat! – Anyway, in April 2017, the US, UK and France did lead a bombing raid in Syria after it was said that Assad gassed his own people. We now know that to be false. 

The OPCW didn’t have a chance to go into Douma to investigate and by the time they did and realized that there was no chemical attack, the UN had to justify the attack. OPCW whistleblowers have come out and said they were pressured into coming up with evidence for the chemical attack. This like pressuring someone to have an erection. They don’t just happen. Unless you’re like 12, then they just happen all the time and you and your best friend are really confused about each other for little while. Or unless you’re a professional porn star, you don’t boner up on command. Just like unless you’re a professional war mongering liar you don’t come up with falsified evidence of chemical attacks on command. 

And I really shouldn’t have say this…but I do. This is not an endorsement for Assad. It’s say that we can go into countries drones-a-blazing just because we’re America! This is a long standing pattern of lying us into armed conflicts that all end up being to fill the pockets of a small number of people. So the point is that we need to use our logic and investigate these things before launching missiles into a nation. 

Now if the reasoning to go war in a country is the use of chemical weapons on its citizens, how come no one has waged war on America for using chemical weapons on our citizens? The Black Lives Matter protests were met with rubber bullets and tear gas, something that is banned by the Geneva Conventions. So does that mean that the countries that abide by the Geneva Conventions have the right to attack the United States government for gassing their own people? There’s also countless points in history where striking workers were met with Military Force. Does that mean that Denmark is allowed to attack air bases in America? If that’s the justification for the America War Economy to decimate a country, does it not work the other way around? 

Bolton’s book addresses none of these questions. Thinking about these questions actually makes his mustache shrink a centimeter per thought.  

But that was just the tip of the iceberg for Bolton. He also had issues with Trump attempting peace talks with Russia and North Korea. In his dramatic interview with ABC, where tells all and bears not just his soul but also the nudity of his war criminal mustache, he talks about how he was frozen in his seat when Trump and Putin met in Helsinki. Sounds like someone was promised alone time and didn’t get it. Sounds like someone was promised a little tug on their stache and didn’t get it. Sounds like someone is jealous as hell. 

This was right after there were accusations of Russian Hacking of the elections but the investigations into this accusation hadn’t even started! But corporate media had claimed the accusations alone were the proof they needed. America is a nation that turns history into its own choose your own adventure book. Not only that, but Putin said he’d be willing to cooperate with the investigation and give the FBI whatever they needed to figure this mess out. 

But of course that wasn’t the narrative that the media reported. Despite the FBI essentially proving that the Russiagate narrative was utter nonsense and a conspiracy, similar to QAnon, Rachel Maddow, the DNC and corporate Democrats find new ways to reignite the McCarthyist candle. And now they’re praising Bolton for his book. One of the reasons being that he validates Russiagate psychosis.  

The creme-de-resistance is in Bolton’s objection of trying make peace with North Korea. Now I doubt Trump was doing this altruistic reasons. I’m pretty sure when Trump hears the word altruism, his brain immediately shuts down and goes into Capitalistic rage and purchases a casino to bankrupt! He did it so people would like him and thought he was a great man or mediocre God-King or a watchable Reality TV star. 

Bolton claimed Trump had a ‘bromance’ with the North Korean dictator. Sounds like someone’s jealous that they didn’t take up the Day One offer of a militaristic mustache ride. Trump wanted to decrease the war games from the US military around North Korea to encourage peace talks with South Korea, which has a basically been treated as an American military colony since the Korean War. And to Trump’s credit, he kinda did set up peace talks in Hanoi. 

In September of 2018 he actually got peace talks going! North and South Korea agreed on a few things like co-hosting the Olympics, decreasing the military demonstrations, removing guards from the demilitarized zone, and opening up tourism between the two countries. This was good for peace, but bad for war! Bolton’s mustache was shriveling. So at the last minute he changed the deal, but doesn’t outline this in the book! South Korea has come out and bashed Bolton for distorting the truth. They said this “Represents a violation of the basic principle of diplomacy which could harm the sincerity of future negotiations.” John Bolton single handedly couldn’t ignited an armed conflict in the Korea again feed the military industrial complex and that genocide orephus of his. 

Bolton also called Trump ‘soft’ on China, which was upsetting because Bolton really to see Trump hard. And he was upset about there wasn’t enough “war on Terror”. Translation: Trump didn’t spend more on war, divide the nation EVEN further and create MORE xenophobic hate! The question is how does a book like this get written? Especially if it’s revealing so called state secrets and behind the scenes decision making about the Presidency. 

Whistleblower, Radio host and author John Kiriakou has pointed out that books like these follow the “Marchetti Standard”. In the 70s, retired CIA analyst turned author, Victor Marchetti wrote a fiction book about the intelligence community. The CIA asked the Federal Courts to put a temporary injunction saying that he was revealing classified information. They won and edited Marchetti’s book down from 336 pages to 168. 

So when you see shows like “Jack Ryan” or movies like “Black Panther” where CIA agents are involved, the agency has combed through to ensure the narrative they want is being presented on screen. There’s a scene in Black Panther particularly where the CIA agent blatantly points out that they run coups in other countries! That’s done on purpose! This gives the audience the illusion that CIA coups only happen in the same world as a super solider, a country with a magic metal and the Hulk. And when you see people like John Kraczinski giving interviews talking about how great the CIA is, it’s done on purpose to bolster the image of the agency, especially when you have a president talking shit on them pretty constantly. 

Kiriakou himself had to fight back against the CIA after he served his time for blowing the whistle. But he pushed back against them. The Marchetti Standard says the CIA has 60 days to make the changes. During the release of his first book, Kiriakou had to hire an attorney and the CIA wanted him to redact 120 pages. But he fought them hard enough to get his book published the way he wanted. The second and third book he submitted for review the day after Christmas. They didn’t get to it for over 100 days and then still tried to ask for an extension. Kiriakou’s response was “Forget it, this is Arlington!” 

John Bolton did the same thing with his book. He worked closely with the state department and the White House to craft this book to be exactly what the intelligence community wants it to be. This now gives the Democrats a leg up by possibly using this as a way to make Trump a one term President. They could subpoena him and make the distorted reality presented in the book as official statements to once again justify the Russiagate narrative. The Democrats are willing to line up with a Republican war-monger to ensure they win. Is this really a party that any progressive would like to be entangled with? Or really any Democrat for that matter. 

And to recap, just incase a pigeon flew by going “coo…cooo…Russian coup!”…John Bolton is basically upset that President Donald Trump didn’t bomb the country of Syria fast enough and Afghanistan more! John Bolton is mad that North & South Korea entered into peace talks and sabotaged the whole thing. He thought getting out of the Iran Nuclear deal was a great idea. John Bolton thought trying to have diplomatic relations with Russia – something John F. Kennedy tried to do – was nefarious. And the Democrats believe John Bolton is their mustachioed savior for 2020. The only way the Democrats can ensure more death and destruction is by not approving Medicare For All during a global pandemic…oh wait…

I shouldn’t have to say this, but…I do. My criticism of the Democratic Party and a sociopathic war hawk like John Bolton isn’t an endorsement for Trump. Far from it! I don’t like the guy but I have enough neurons firing in my brain to be objective about certain things. I have watched the corporate media enough to know when I’m being fed lies, because they’re the same lies we were fed to go to war with any country that didn’t want use the petrodollar or thought wearing the American flag around your dick was awesome! All of that has justified xenophobic hate towards people that look like me just as much as Trump’s nonsensical, racist rhetoric. And the Democrats are praising…the less of two xenophobes…

John Bolton’s book is nothing more novelized propaganda. It’s normalizes nationalistic pride and machismo. It promotes manufacturing consent for more profit driven wars. It proves that we as a nation are an economy of War. John Bolton is not someone that deserves praise regardless of what room he is in.