Why I Won’t Vote Any Blue No Matter Who! [FFON 212]

It’s Election Year in the United States. That means a lot of people will be yelling on social media about how if you don’t vote their candidate of choice, you’re probably just as bad as Hitler and you should be cancelled as a person. And this year the contention is at an all time high. There are some who believe the only way forward is Voting Blue No Matter Who. This is the people’s desperate attempt to just get Trump out of the White House. This is the Establishment Democrats’ desperate attempt to keep gaslighting the American people into thinking that they’re the party of morality!

Voting Blue No Matter Who won’t fix things! The harsh reality is that Donald J. Trump did not create racism. He does use it to his advantage, because he’s a representative of a broken system. The same broken system that Joe Biden is a part of! The same broken system that has both parties gleefully practicing discrimination of all kinds. Lest we forget that Queen of the War Mongers & Democratic High Priestess, Hilary Clinton called black kids ‘Super-predators’ and was against gay marriage.

Democrats have co-signed Tough On Crime bills which disproportionately put black people in Prison. Barack Obama, aka King Progressive NeoLiberal – which is a gross statement to say out loud – deported more immigrants than his Republican Predecessors. And this isn’t an excuse to let Republicans off the hook. They’re just more blatant with their ignorance and dislike for civil rights! 

It’s like going to see a band you like. You know they’re going to play the hits, and the Republicans consistently play the hits of homophobia, racism and a dash of anti-Socialism. The Democrats are pretending like they have new songs, but then wind up playing the hits and then you realize most of their band is from the Republican’s band! So in reality the Democrats are just a Republican cover band!    

Trump also didn’t invent Greed. He’s one of many benefactors of it. Obama did put Citibank in charge of his cabinet and then received half a million dollars in speeches to Wall St. You don’t get paid that much money to to call them bags of rotting cocks wrapped up pus covered greed for an hour! You get paid that much to be a celebrity, smile at them and say “good job, all your dads love you!” for like 30 minutes.  

Remember in this most recent pandemic, both parties doled out money to help Wall St. while the American people had to wait for a month for one payment of $1200! That was an agreement made behind closed doors with no representation of the people. Apparently the meeting went until 2am, which is well past the bedtime of the average oppressor. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sealed the deal over a blood orgy sponsored by Coca Cola! 

And with that we must remember that Trump didn’t create poverty. He did redefine it though. Poverty and the income divide was growing larger and more cavernous for the past decade. And that’s what happens when you leave the economy to a bunch of hucksters, fraudsters, cheats, liars, fuckwads and tricksters! 

These two parties are one and the same. And if we can start from there, we can realize that voting blue no matter who won’t work. We will wind up seeing the same history start over again. If they lose the Democratic Party will go back to blaming Bernie Sanders, third parties, Russia, you mother, Russia’s mother and continue a McCarthyist temper tantrum like a spoiled teenager trying to celebrate their bot mitzvah-quinceanera, despite being white and Catholic! 

And if they win, we’ll have the same corporatist system we had before. Which will give another fake populist billionaire to come in and say all the things the working class wants to hear only to cheat them in the end! So why take a step backward to repeat the vicious cycle of abuse again? How many times do we need to hear the hits till we’re sick of it! I don’t know about you but I’m pretty burnt out by listening to Free-Market-bird!

The Duopoly has asked you to pick a color and drop your values. That’s literally what ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who’ is asking you to do! And you HAVE to pick between ONLY Red or Blue! For fucks sake, Crayola gives you more options than that! The Democratic Party claims to be for inclusion and diversity but has forgotten how diverse the color spectrum actually is! It’s ROYGBIV, not RB! What about OYGIV!? This is spectral discrimination and I for one won’t stand for it! So why are we not building a system that allows for more options instead narrowing the field down to 2 bands of color, both representing corporate and private interests. 

After 22 years of living in America, aka the Corporates States of the United American Exceptionalism, I got my citizenship. This means I finally have the right to vote. The only reason I decided to do this and give up my Indian citizenship was to vote for either Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders. And because of the duopoly the options are now between 2 corporate, war mongering, woman hating, egotistic, walking flesh piles of narcissism that have never cared about me as a citizen or immigrant. And I refuse to vote for either of them. 

Now I have a bunch of lefties, liberals, progressives, family and friends telling me that I have to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of 2 evils! Voting shouldn’t be treated like it’s a fish market! You shouldn’t hold your nose, make a decision and then hope that the smell doesn’t follow you home. It will and it will linger for decades and the whole country will smell like rotting fish carcasses! 

Voting for me and every other immigrant that had to fight through xenophobia, racism and pay a bunch of money to ascertain the right vote, isn’t something that we take lightly. And neither should you as a someone who’s had the right and privilege to vote! Americans have a passive, passing relationship with voting. Americans pull a lever and feel like the job is done and then they can sit back and keep watching NCIS till the cows come home. Voting isn’t a half hearted handjob that you get through watching Scott Bakula keep New Orleans safe! It means something! It’s about making sure your beliefs are represented by that person you pull the lever for…it’s like a full hearted handjob with the TV off and a lot of eye contact! 

Vote Blue No Matter Who is a kitchie way of saying “give up on who you actually are and be who we tell you to be!” It encourages you to be disassociated with politics which influences your day to day life! Vote Blue No Matter Who is an incredibly offensive idea, and is what we should be fighting against. Instead of cancelling each other, we should be cancelling Voting Blue No Matter Who!