Democrat Or Republican, American Has Had A History Of Authoritarianism! [The Dispatch]

Portland, OR. The city that’s supposed out left all other cities in America with its progressive hubs of organic farmer’s markets, hemp as far the eye can see and people from all sorts of identity spectrums living in harmony with one another doing yoga in a park. It’s basically a nightmare for every Fox News watchin’, gun toting, paranoid American that believes Freedom is a pair of truck nuts and waving the American flag while disparaging minorities. But in the last few years Portland has become a hotbed for some of the most tumultuous protests across the nation. Left & Right wing demonstrations have been met with violence. But the cops have primarily only been involved in left wing protests. 

Recently Federal Agents from the US Marshal’s Special Operation Group and the Border Patrol Tactical Unit have been roving through the city in unmarked minivans & dressed like the military with no identification, abducting anyone they think is a Black Lives Matter activist or protester. There are a lot of confusing things about this situation. The first thing is the fact that Border Patrol is being deployed in Portland Oregon! I suppose the fear that Canadians will be coming down from their Socialist paradise, offering dangerous things like…medicine to the protesters, especially after they’ve been shot in the face by the cops!

I wish I were exaggerating about protesters being shot in the face but that’s literally what happened on Thursday July 16th. A Black Lives Matter protester was chanting and held a boombox over his head and the cops used a rubber bullet and shot him in the face! Either that cop really hates the John Cusack classic, “Say Anything” or is against Black Lives mattering! Regardless, that cop did get the White Supremacy Dragon Hood Award of 2020, because supremacists not only hate extra melanin, but also Hollywood Liberal elites that afford advanced technologies like boomboxes! The protester had to be rushed to the hospital and had to have reconstructive surgery. But the use of rubber bullets is justified because they are considered “less than lethal”! 

In the game of Halo, when you run out of ammo, the less than lethal way of killing someone is bludgeoning them in the face with the back of a shotgun. And that’s an acceptable form of killing because it’s not a lethal death. Basically the rubber bullet is like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4 instead of Lethal Weapon 1. Lethal Weapon 4 was the least lethal of all of those films. And not a lot of people know this, but the original title of the fourth film was supposed to Less Than Lethal Weapon. It’s was going to be a family film where an old anti-semite blows a hole through a bunch of people using household objects. 

There are a few people who have described their interaction with these Federal Agents in unmarked minivans. One man said this van pulls up, grabbed him, pull his beanie over his eyes and then took him an undisclosed location. They took him to the federal courthouse to process him for the crime of…wearing black at night. And this point every goth in America should be pissed and taking to the streets to combat this level of injustice and profiling. Can fans of My Chemical Romance and Ozzy not walk the streets and feel safe anymore? They rummaged through the man’s belongings, had him face the walls and took his photo. They released him saying “this is a whole of nothing”. I’d wager to disagree. I think this is a whole of lot of authoritarian abuse. 

Lawyer Juan Chavez told VICE that this is “stop & frisk meets Guantanamo Bay”. This is unconstitutional on various levels. This is like authoritarian catch & release. These unmarked and unidentified federal agents are arresting people on their own steroidal whims. They do not have just cause, aren’t reading people their rights and are in some instances are giving men false expectations. When an unmarked minivan pulls up, there’s a small part of men’s minds that’s hoping it’s a MILF and this is porn fantasy come true. But then that’s all taken away when it’s Federal Agents in Camo, kidnapping you and asking for the location of Antifa! And yes that leads to some very confusing boners too! I mean now how are these people supposed to watch fantastic pieces of propaganda like “American Sniper” or “Jack Ryan” when that’s going to elicit raging erections. This is psychological warfare!

Now this is all coming as a result to Trump’s order to protect all statues of racist imperialists…I’m sorry Federal Monuments. Because what’s more American than protecting property that looks like racist imperialists…I’m sorry Federal Monuments. And the trend of protecting inanimate objects over real human lives continues in the United States. The question is how something like this possible. How could it be that Trump can release Federal Agents to kidnap, maim and assault average citizens in the streets? 

Part of it is a result of the expanding his authoritative powers by renewing the Patriot Act. Most Democrats voted for this renewal of one of the most damaging and invasive pieces of legislation around. Now remember Democrat Nancy Pelosi said that the reauthorization of the Patriot Act was about strengthening our civil liberties, by taking all of them away. If you don’t have any, then the terrorist can’t take them away, which in turn makes us stronger! It’s the same philosophy the Democrats use for the election. If we fuck with our own election then how is some other country like…lets say Russia…going to do it! And if they get their hands caught in the proverbial cookie jar again, they just use the Red Scare and once again reauthorize the Patriot Act!  

Mix that with that fact 10 Senate Democrats joined Mitch McConnell in expanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA. This basically allows Attorney General William Barr and the FBI to conduct warrantless searches of people’s web history. After 9/11 this was a tool, in tandem with the Patriot Act that was supposedly used to combat terrorism. But it lets the intelligence community deem what is and isn’t a threat to the country. After 2016, the CIA basically said movements like Black Lives Matter are tools for Russian interference to sow divide in America. Because you know after hundreds of years of slavery, lynchings, propping up racist imperialists…sorry Federal Monuments…and the continued murder of minorities at the hand of law enforcement, racism was solved when we got that ONE Black President. So obviously protests are Russian coups! 

These ideologies have let police departments to deem certain protests and demonstrations unlawful. Portland police deemed the recent demonstration for the “fight for Black Lives” & “March for Black Education” unlawful. Just so we’re clear, according to the Portland Police, saying Black Lives Matter and educating people about Black Americans history is unlawful. It’s kinda like they’re saying “All Lives Matter” while systematically trying to take the lives of certain people. If you truly believe ALL Lives Matter, then you’d put the guns down and march in solidarity. Does camo come in various shades of hypocrisy?

All this is possible because of a history of authoritarian action, not just Trump’s. Trump is the most vocal about being dictatorial. Most Democrats and Republicans have been quiet and use propaganda and fear mongering to have us hand our rights over to them. Not only through the Patriot Act, which was introduced by Baby Boy Bush, but the demonization of Whistleblowers who reveal the paranoia of the United States government. Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was collecting data and was constantly surveilling the American People. Under the Obama Administration, his passport was revoked and he was stuck in Russia. If he was to come back to the United States, the Democrats have said that he wouldn’t face a fair trail! 

And the proof of not facing a fair trail is in the treatment of Julian Asange! Asange not only revealed American War Crimes but has revealed the crimes of the elites across the globe! Particularly the Vault 7 Leaks showed us that the CIA was using smart devices to spy into our homes. It’s why people put tape over their cameras on their computer. So Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel can’t spy on them masturbating. Asange, who was in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK, was dragged out of there in 2019 and is now facing trial under the 109 year old Espionage Act. He is purposefully treated terribly and despite the UN Special Rappartor on Torture saying that he’s being tortured, he remains in Belmarsh prison unlawfully! 

Speaking of the Espionage Act, Democrat Woodrow Wilson put the Espionage Act in place, to ensure that we’d have no opposing voices to entering World War 1. This prevented criticizing the military, including their outfits! Which makes me think, what did Woodrow Wilson want the American Military to wear during World War 1? Capes? But after a 1918 speech in Canton, OH, Socialist Presidential Candidate Eugene Debs was put into prison for speaking out against the war. Debs pointed out how the working class is cannon fodder for the rich and they don’t get to be involved in the treaties of the wars they fought in. 

Then of course you have Chelsea Manning who was recently released from prison after the courts tried to coerce her to testify against Julian Asange. Manning’s sentence wasn’t pardoned by Obama, but rather commented, which meant that another President could have her put back in prison to complete her sentence. Democratic President Barack Obama was no friend to anyone that stood up against the unlawful spying and war crimes of the United States. He punished whistleblowers for revealing the truth about the criminalities of the state. Had he actually cared about whistleblowers, he would have fully pardoned Manning, Asange and Snowden. Instead he half hearted commented Manning’s sentence. 

These Federal agents raiding Portland is also no different than the ICE raids that have been happening for the better part of the decade. The difference is now everyone is a target, not just immigrants. Trump didn’t create authoritarianism in America, he’s another pawn and beneficiary in the long line of authoritarians that have been elected into power by complacency & propagandized fear mongering.    

Now the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security says Portland has been “under siege for 47 days straight by a violent mob”. And that’s true, the police and these federal agents have been terrorizing peaceful protesters with banned chemical weapons since the start of the demonstrations. These state sanction terrorist thugs are responsible for most of the violence we are seeing across the country. Now the Portland Police is actually barred from using Tear Gas – a weapon that the Geneva Convention has banned – but these unmarked, unidentified Federal Agents very much can. If the Federal Courts didn’t want to see American citizens gassed by state owned thugs, then they should’ve banned the use of Tear Gas…PERIOD!

Customs & Border Patrols claim the names are not presented on the agents uniform to protect the agents from doxing. But the agents will 100% dox all protesters and detain them without just cause. And really isn’t the roided up Federal Agent with combat training, a full arsenal and literal body armor, the ones that need protecting? These protesters out there are armed things like…bottles of water and use garbage cans & grill lids as shields! These Woke McGuyvers are scary and need to be stopped. And those chants are as infectious as COVID, so that’s a double reason to stop them.  

Both Democratic Oregon Senators have talked about introducing legislation that would stop Trump from using Federal Agents against citizens, but we’ll see where that goes. AOC and Eleanor Holmes are introducing a bill that says these Federal Agents will have to clearly identify who they are and what agency they belong to. That’s nice these bills are put into place, but where is the bill to defund the police, protect minorities from law enforcement brutality and ensure that the protesters First Amendment rights are protected? Oh and also where are the bills that ensure that working class Americans have healthcare and basic needs covered? 

I know some of you want me to have faith in the legislative process, but I don’t. Look at the way this corporate product placement of a Congress has acted during a pandemic. Pelosi denied Medicare For All and a Universal Basic Income during a health crisis and the largest unemployment we’ve seen in a decade! Rent and Mortgages remain unconcealed and Cuomo wants to give billionaires in New York an even bigger tax break. Biden is claiming that reforming the police would involve shooting a victim in the leg and maiming them. The Republicans weren’t going to get close to any kind of basic human rights and needs because they don’t believe in those things. I wouldn’t be surprised if the legislation passes, but with the caveat of increasing the military budget and all of us have to be escorted around daily by a US Marshal, who properly identifies themselves everywhere we go. 

People should be concerned about this and there is no reason 100% of us should be against actions like this. There are ways to ensure the safety of protesters. For one, don’t protest alone. Be a pack. Be many. Be Legion. From all the footage I’ve seen from Portland and all the protests, what I see is a massive amount of solidarity. When someone gets injured or there’s tear gas flung, people come together to take care of those that are brutalized. They don’t do it for profit or glory. They do it because it’s the right thing to do.

And just recently a crowd of 2000 protesters in Portland pushed the Federal agents back into the federal courthouse. The Federal Agents retaliated by shooting “less than lethal” rounds at the protesters which included a group of parents called Wall of Moms. This is a far better substitute for MILF fantasies. But Trump is apparently going to continue to play is Escalation games by repeating this tactic in various other Democratically controlled cities. But now that we know the tactic, we know how to push to back, be heard and win!  

Look we aren’t here because of Trump. We are here because the United States of America has a history of imprisoning and brutalizing anyone that goes against its War Economy, foreign or domestic. This level of unconstitutional brutality has no party affiliation and is controlled by the highest religious order in the world…money. If you want things like this to end it’s time we pushed back against this duopoly that has a bipartisanship in striping rights from the American people. It’s time for use stop making excuses for charlatans like Obama because he had a ‘D’ by his name. It’s time to stop this siege against the American populace for revealing the ugliness of the upper class and win against these racist imperialists…and I mean racist imperialists!