Teachers Unions Will Save Schools! [The Dispatch]

As we’re all enjoying our summer vacations, with blistering waves of heat, screaming matches over masks and of course how Russia is infiltrating our mindscape using Communist telepathy, we can add going back to school on the list of concerns as well. As I’ve talked about before America is facing higher rates of positive cases for SARS-CoV-2 with less financial assistance given to citizens and a new housing crisis created by the lack of empathy by our elected officials, America is approaching the glory of becoming a failed state. But fear not, we’ll still get the imperialist participation trophy. Despite that, the Trump Administration is urging to reopen the schools in the Fall, when we are likely to see a second wave. 

The Trump Administration is coming out and saying “Well Denmark did it! Are you saying America is not as good as Denmark?” YES! We are absolutely saying that! Denmark used logic, patience, empathy and kindness to decrease the rate of cases and slowly started to reopen their businesses and public spaces with restrictions and guidelines that the people actually followed! America went from stay at home orders to we can try opening bars to lets rub our junks in the dive bar bathroom in matter of hours because the Flag makes us invincible! America is not better than Denmark! If Trump was more honest – which he will never be – his slogan would’ve been “Make America Great For The First Time” MAGTFT!

America had COVID Parties! You what country didn’t…Denmark! Or Sweden and they’re the red headed step child of the Nordic nations right now and even they said “coughing on each other with a side of Bud Light seems like a bad idea”! I’m pretty sure most orgies were voluntarily canceled. Denmark can open its schools because they’re taking an over whelming amount of precautions. They’re using social distancing, alternating times for kids to come into schools, sanitizing equipment twice a day. America wasn’t doing that in their schools pre-pandemic. American schools were sticky and musty all the time, and part of that because we’re too busy funding the military and killer cop over learning about our how own authoritarian history! Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has adopted the idea that schools should be reopened by the Fall because how else is she going to pump moldable minds with heavy doses of Nationalistic Propaganda. 

But there is an organization that can block this health & safety violation this fall – The American Federation of Teachers or AFT for short. The Teacher’s Union can come together to organize and push against unethical orders like. While Betsy DeVos doesn’t have a plan on how to make schooling happening during a pandemic, the AFT has put out a 22 page guideline for what we’d need to see in order to send American children and teachers back to school. While Betsy DeVos has a leaflet how about how they’re just going to send kids willy nilly into a hermetically sealed building with central air, something this virus loves more than killing the elderly. The leaflet doesn’t even really mention teachers or books. I don’t think Betsy DeVos understands what a school is.  

The AFT requirements say that we’d need a major decline in new cases and schools should have a resources to “test, trace and isolate” new cases. I feel like this should go without saying, but myself and everyone at the AFT have to say to because America is having COVID parties! Parties where the thing do is cough and lick each other in a non sexual manner to get an infectious and deadly virus with no way to treat it! America had a celebration for death since they couldn’t celebrate Fourth of July. So yeah, we need to put that shit in writing. And this is also why we need a better education system! 

The next thing the AFT addresses is “deploying public heath tools to prevent the spread of the virus”, and yes that means masks, gloves and sanitizer! In spaces where you can’t socially distance, having mask is crucial! Ensuring that teachers have extra masks for themselves and kids would be important. Let’s be honest, kids forget shit all the time. Hell at this point the pandemic, most of us forget to put on pants until the cashier at the Aldi’s points it out and lets us go with a warning! By the way, thank you Joseph! So really for safety sakes, we should have extra masks and pants at schools, just in case the parents forget something as they drop their kids off. 

As of now, the United States government has not even given masks or any protective equipment to doctors, nurses or any front line workers. But we did spend a shit ton of money on a Nationalistic Display of Theatrics by spelling the ‘Heroes’ with fighter jets! A reallocation of those funds could’ve been used to get millions of people N-95 masks to ensure the safety of workers. But America isn’t about safety, its about blowing shit up and spelling things with explosions! Why did we learn curvsive if it wasn’t to spell thing with fire, which is the cursive of nature. 

The AFT wants to make sure that the schools involve parents in all different kinds of work. They want to make sure that the working class and unions are accounted for. The AFT understands that parents aren’t a monolith, and some parents work as front line employees and others work from home. This is why the Teacher’s Union fights for a variety of social justice issues from eliminating racism in healthcare, defunding the police, paid sick leave for all employees, mental healthcare and many more things they address as “bargaining for the common good”.  They see these as a necessary elements to ensure a safe, secure and healthy foundation to educate the next generation of American minds.

And right now the Teacher’s Unions have more power to leverage for these issues. In 2019 Teachers in LA, Chicago, Colorado and West Virginia went on strike for better pay, better treatment and to have nurses in every school. As the President of The United Teachers of LA, Ceclily Myart-Cruz, points out “COVID is laying bare to every inequality in the book around BIPOC folks.” And this is true. BIPOC folks have systematically had a harder time with many of the issues I just mentioned. And there are politicians that put forth legislation to make those factors worse. 

Former Presidential Candidate and Senatorial Cop, Kamala Harris had approved arresting parents of truant kids. This creates not just a financial crisis of single and low to middle income parents to pay bail, but increased stress. That’s not a pre-existing condition. That’s manufactured one…by Kamala Harris! And of course if that heightened stress causes the parents to get an ulcer they don’t have days to take off and get paid because somehow it’s their fault that Kamala Harris is missing the empathy section of her brain. But no one has bother to ask why the kid didn’t want to be at school and why the cops are getting involved in a matter of educational and personal affairs? That kid probably needs guidance, compassion, love and a hug. In fact I bet if Kamala Harris was hugged more as a child, maybe she wouldn’t have turned out be Hilary Clinton 2.0. Nobody likes a sequel especially sociopathic ones. 

In Chicago the Teacher’s Union with the entire community of parents are calling for Virtual Classes for the Fall. CTU’s Vice President Stacy Davis points out that this is “a collective fight”. In Wisconsin 5 Teachers Unions have penned letters to the Governor and the CDC pushing for virtual classrooms. The CDC has delayed it’s guidelines for reopening schools to the end of July. I suppose their summer reading involves the 22 page document the American Federation of Teachers put out before the department that’s actually supposed to. It’s almost like the CDC is copying off the AFT! Is there a Hall Monitor for government agencies? 

In Florida, the Florida Education Association or FEA has filed a lawsuit in tandem with concerned parents against Governor Ron Desantis. DeSantis is hellbent on opening the state’s schools to ensure it fulfills Trump’s order and the law that schools have to in session for 180 days. So DeSantis is basically turning the school into a Darwinism gauntlet. For a man that clearly doesn’t believe science, he sure does love using evolution as a weapon. 

Florida has become the new North American epicenter of the global pandemic. Take that New York City, you’re not that cool anymore! Florida has become America’s diseased dong, that trying to fuck everyone without a condom, while claiming it burns when it pees. It’s the COVID party of states and Ron DeSantis is the COVID Parties of Governors. 

Conservative led states are attempting to push through these orders from Trump but the Teacher’s Unions are fighting back. As they should! This is about the safety of not just the kids and teacher but the parents and the communities at large. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of August we see another groundswell of Strike led by the AFT and the nation’s teachers, especially considering the Trump Administration’s threats of defunding the schools. Now, where are those vocal opponents of defunding institutions. You know the ones the screamed when the Defund the Police movement gained momentum? Where are those folks when they hear Defund the Teachers? They’re sitting silent because they are indoctrinated by the normalization of violence in America. Remember we celebrate our frontline heroes, not by giving them the equipment they need, but a display of military theatrics. 

And just be clear here, I saw conservatives, moderates and liberals speak out against Defunding the Police. But right now I don’t see any of those same folks speaking out against Defunding Teachers!

Since March we’ve seen over 2000 strikes take places in America. Corporate media and the Trump Administration doesn’t want to shed light to fact that workers are pushing back against the mishandling of this pandemic. If we are going to drive change and push for a more logical and compassionate society, it’s going to from the supporting the labor movement and America’s working class. I’m not a parent, but I have a lot of friends that are. Which means I know some incredible kids that give me hope for the future. I for one am not willing to risk their lives for the sake nationalistic pride. Education is commodity to be shared, not weaponized and manipulated. And a more educated populace would mean less parties where Americans try to infect each other with deadly diseases.