Why America Needs Rank Choice Voting [FFON 214]

With the privatization of our election system, it has become evident that we need a new system to be put in place! One of the options that is being discussed is Ranked Choice Voting or Instant Run-off Voting. This system looks for a true majority in the election system, which is someone with at least 51% of the votes. 

Rank Choice voting sounds complicated, and it is if you’re only using 2 neurons at a time or the duopoly of neurons. But it’s really not as hard as you might think. If you have multiple candidates running you select which candidate is your number 1 choice, your number 2 choice, and so on. And if there is a candidate you’d never vote for ever, then you just don’t have to pick them, period. 

Rank choice voting goes through rounds of voting. All the number 1 choices are counted. Then the candidate with the least amount is eliminated and all their votes are redistributed amongst the rest of the candidates. This is where the ranking system comes into the play. The redistribution is based on who was their number 2 choice. And then we repeat till we reach a true majority. 

A lot of corporate candidates don’t like this system of voting because it’s not about the donor class. It also means they’d have to reach out to voters who don’t fit their base. So it’d mean Democrats talking to Conservatives in the middle of the country and not calling them ‘a basket of deplorables’ or conservative cuck magnets. And it would mean that Republicans talk to Liberals without calling them libtards and snowflakes. It’s also going to mean that Progressives and Independent candidates talking to neoliberals without calling them shills.

I know this sounds like it’d be a longer election process, but in reality it would mean we can have the same length for the electoral process but make it more worthwhile. The debates would be about discussing ideas and why they’re valuable to people of varying beliefs instead of each candidate trying to dunk on each other to see who can get the soundbite of the week! 

The claim is that this is less of a Democratic process because it doesn’t choose an instant winner but that’s also false. Rank Choice Voting is far more democratic because it means that people’s voices actually matter in the election system. It doesn’t force you to make a choice between the lesser of 2 evils, which is still voting for evil! 

We should really stop doing that. Voting for the lesser of two evils is the real version of when your friend asks “Gun to your head…”, and then says the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard! I don’t want to choose between getting kicked in the balls or directly inside in my asshole! This is why we don’t invite you out to things, Randy! Making the lesser of two evils argument is like having 2 people with guns to your head asking you to choose which bullet you’re willing to take. I get that’s an extreme example, but voting for evil is a pretty extreme decision. 

Rank Choice Voting eliminates that argument. Rank Choice Voting makes us more involved in our politics. You have to know what each candidate stands for and why they are your particular numbered choice. We become a more informed populace this way. It encourages conversations with people with differing ideologies because our leaders are doing it too! It’s no longer a passive relationship with politics & voting. This is the full hearted handjob we talked about earlier.

It’s a lot harder to manipulate election results with Rank Choice Voting. In the 2002 Irish Elections they counted over 16,000 pattern variations for 44,000 voters. Now the drawback is that this is going to take longer to verify and count the votes and that’s ok, because this is voting, not a drive-thru where you get something that barely passes for food!  

Ireland’s not the only country with Rank Choice Voting. Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Estonia and a lot of the EU countries have chosen to use it as their form of Democracy! In America cities like Minneapolis are adopting it. Maine has been using it for their elections. And even states like North Carolina have used it in judicial elections. They get rid of it when they realize that people are gaining a bit more power and money becomes meaningless in an election.  

Some people have called Rank Choice Voting a gimmick. But they fail to see how a photo op with a Bible is a gimmick or bringing a snowball into Congress to disprove climate change or pretending you care about Black People by wearing African garb is a gimmick! Rank Choice Voting isn’t a gimmick, our current voting system that leads to performative politics is! 

Rank Choice Voting lets you vote with your beliefs intact. It also shows the diversity of beliefs with how many pattern variations you can have in the rankings. This encourages us to be more understanding, intelligent and compassionate about ideas. We vote for ideas rather than mascots who tout they’re winners or losers.