America Would Rather Spend Money On War Than UBI! [The Dispatch]

Germany is the next country to jump on the Universal Basic Income train to help decrease income inequality and create an overall happier populace. Universal Basic Income, or UBI, for those not in the know or have just been so far up the ass of Capitalist Billionaires that you can’t hear anything that doesn’t say profit margin, is a lump sum given to every citizen of a nation to pay for food, water, shelter and health. Germany’s program will have $1400/month given to 120 people for 3 years. 

Much like Finland in 2017, Germany wants to quantify people’s moods and mental health from receiving a lump sum of money to take care of their needs. In Finland, people were happier, but it didn’t lead to more people getting jobs, but it didn’t lead to more people quitting their jobs or choosing unemployment. This could mean that there are less meaningful jobs to be had in Finland, not that people are lazy and only want to learn to play Wonderwall on the acoustic guitar. Finland’s government wasn’t happy with its results because they were seeing if UBI would improve employment. 

But UBI doesn’t invent jobs and that’s not its point either. UBI’s purpose is to ensure that humanity doesn’t need to do meaningless repetitive tasks and jobs. Rather we can look improve our species with jobs that have a purpose, build better communities and help the world around us without money being a limiter. It’s an economic balancer, not a magic job well.  

Here is the problem with a study like this. In order to truly see if a Universal Basic Income is going to work, it has to be granted to everyone. That’s the only way to determine how it will effected the job market as a whole. When only a small percentage of people are given UBI it creates the same issues as the Social Security or Welfare programs. It creates competition within poverty. 

But most European nations are enacting UBI especially in the face of the pandemic. Like Spain decided to put a UBI in effect so they wouldn’t be caught in a financial collapse because of any sort of global emergency again. In America UBI has been floated around for years by obscure lefty socialist comedians, but it was brought into popularity by former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. And in the face of a pandemic Senator Bernie Sanders & Representative Tulsi Gabbard have proposed a UBI to help average Americans. This was then bandwagoned by various other Democrats only after they gave Trillions to the banks!

Democratic Senator Ed Markley recently went to tweet to tweet with Republican Senator & man most likely to be a serial killer, Ted Cruz over the subject of UBI. Senator Markley tweeted the general gist of what the UBI should be; $2000/month for every American, retroactive to March and for the duration of the pandemic and 3 months after that. Ted Cruz asked why be so cheap and counter proposed a million bucks a day forever and 3 soy lattes a day. Wait, it has to be soy? What about oat milk, regular milk or coconut milk? Aren’t the GOP all about choices…well except when it comes to a woman’s body.

Cruz is such a capitalist that the only way to counter something that would help the American people is by saying we need to be greedy about it. Teddy it’s called Universal BASIC Income, not Universal Bezos Income. Besides Universal Bezos Income is just called Congress, who give billionaires more tax breaks than they do Americans in poverty. And it seems like he agrees that the UBI is cheap. If it’s that cheap then why not do it? Seems like it would make sense. His biggest counter in the tweet is that we have a “Magic money tree” and we should go ahead use that. He’s right, we do. It’s called the Federal Reserve and it bailed out Wall St. before the American people. The magic money tree isn’t for the dirty pleabs. It’s for people like Ted Cruz who can actually afford 3 Soy Lattes a day. 

In face of the largest eviction crisis of the past 2 decades which increase the spread of a highly infectious disease, record unemployment due to a global pandemic, Ted Cruz wants to deny people BASIC needs but did approve a $740 billion military budget. That’s just over $2 BILLION a day for the American Military and Ted Cruz and the conservatives and the neoliberals are complaining about $2000/month for the American people! Ted Cruz not just signed a death warrant for the brown people that’ll be killed by the American Military but also the American people who die alone in the streets. But they get to know that their invisible lines in the sand were safe from invisible enemies Ted Cruz made up. 

Despite its slow incremental adaptation of Universal Basic Income, most European countries are willing to take the steps forward to implement a plan to help their people. When you have leadership that’s either spineless or callous like we do in America you have guaranteed yourself a failed state. The approval of a $740 BILLION military budget when we don’t need to be at war is proof that America is more concerned with creating enemies than ensuring its citizen’s REAL safety.