The Citizen Revolution – September – December Shows!

The Citizen Revolution Shows are coming back for the Fall & Winter all through 2020! I’ll be doing 3 shows each month. Each show will be new material about a brand new socio-political topic.

I’m doing 3 shows a week because these shows take a lot to get done (from the research, writing, editing, graphics, presentation and then promoting the show & the release) and since I’m the only staff on the show, I’m going to need a little time off ever so often.

There’s options for 3 show passes and 6 show passes on some of these shows! That way you can attend all the shows for the month or 2 months with one ticket purchase. And as always, if you’ve hit financial hardships and would like a free ticket, let me know and I’m happy to get your a code for a free ticket.

I hope you can make it to these shows.