Julian Assange Is Absolutely A Journalist! [The Dispatch]

When Journalist John Pilger asked Julian Assange why he started Wikileaks he answered: “Transparency & accountability are moral issues that must be the essence of public life and journalism!” Pilger recounts in a recent article on Consortium News, that Julian Assange believes journalists are agents for the people, not for those in power. This means that Press Freedoms includes knowing when a powerful mascot of a political party has been lying to us. And that’s what Julian Assange has done with Wikileaks! He’s revealed some of the most heinous crimes of the elites!

His challenge of the elites has made him a target and hence is on a show trial that has moved from UK to the United States. Because nobody is better at violating the Constitution than America! USA! USA! USA! This trial is about making Julian Assange an example of what happens when you shed light on the ugliness of the Hollywood for Ugly People and Hollywood for Hollywood people. At this point, there is mounting evidence that proves that this should’ve been a mistrial to begin with. 

A private Spanish security firm named UC Global was hired to protect the Ecuadorian Embassy when Assange was in asylum there. It turned out David Morales, the head of UC Global was working with the CIA to spy on Assange, including the times when he met with his lawyer. Furthermore, you can’t put a journalist on trial for being a journalist! That’s like firing Johnny Carson for being too funny. And that is what this has come down to, the definition of a journalist!

In my opinion, the job of a journalist is to shine a light on what is happening in the world to help the average citizen make sense of it all. There are journalists that do. They talk to people, experts, politicians to get the scoop and reveal the story to the people. Sometimes they get help from sources, anonymous or otherwise. In today’s society there aren’t too many people that doing this.

Some of the top journalism and news organizations like CNN, MSNBC and Fox are owned by advertisers and corporations. That means if they want to talk about corporate malfeasance or American war crimes, they loose ad dollars. This means that these large network news aren’t agents for the people, but rather a mouth piece for power. They have become and continue to be the Propaganda wing of the American War Economy. 

Julian Assange published and revealed the crimes that these other news organizations wouldn’t go near, because Raytheon had them by their very shaved balls. Instead of our government calling to investigate the killing of civilians and 2 Reuters journalists in Afghanistan but the American military, they chastised, smeared and attacked the man revealed the crime. They’re literally trying to kill the messenger. That’s like a principle finding evidence of bullying and then giving the nerdy kid a swirly. 

The term that the corporate news whores – I’m refusing to call them journalists at this point – use for Assange is a hacker. And this is a bipartisan stance. Republicans call him a hacker to sound like they know what’s happening with computers and the Interwebs. According to the Republicans, “Oh yeah, we will Facebook. We will Facebook the crap out of Assange!”. I’m pretty sure they think that’s a coy way of saying waterboarding. And Democrats call him a hacker because they claim he hacked into the DNC and stole the Hilary Clinton emails, despite there being no proof the sort. It was a leak. Similar to what happens to most elderly Congresspeople every night. It was a leak. 

Former NSA cryptographer and technical director at the NSA and current NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney says it’s very obviously leak. In a recent Sputnik News interview he outlines the files published on Wikileaks were from a File Allocation Table  or FAT.  This means that it had to have been removed from a server, put on a disk, transported to Wikileaks and then delivered to them to be published. And the that is determined by the dates and timestamps used on the files. 

Right now, a lot of Republican Congresspeople are logging into their AOL accounts to look up a lot of what I said and the Democrats are tiring to figure out if they can cancel me for fat shaming.

This proves that Wikileaks and Julian Assange didn’t hack into the servers but rather published the information that they got from a source within the DNC. Which would make them…everyone together…publishers! I think this is more than enough proof than we need to end this show trial now. But just incase its not because life isn’t a procedural drama, let’s look at what Shawn Henry said. Shawn Henry is the CEO of the Cyber Security firm, Crowdstrike, that was hired by the DNC. He said during a Congressional hearing there was evidence the files were exfiltrated and they never saw the exfiltrated data. 

But this is good for the Democrats, because if Assange is made an example of, then they get to keep up their pattern of blaming everyone else for their loss in 2016. This is not the party of the people. The party of the people would not be attacking an Agent of the People. 

Look at this point if you’re against Julian Assange, then it really sounds like you’re against Press Freedoms and for election fraud and war crimes and letting the CIA watch you masturbate. And I’m not kink-shaming anyone here, but you should choose to let the CIA watch you masturbate, they shouldn’t just do it to everyone. Julian Assange is without a doubt a journalist, a publisher and an agent for the people. 

As an artist that believes the role of art is to speak truth to power, knowing that this is how Assange feels about journalism means a lot to me. I can also empathize with his peers attacking him. Political comedians face the same challenge. The amount of comedians that talk about the mundane that come after comedians like me far outweighs comedians that speak truth to power. The same goes for journalism. We need more journalists like Julian Assange and less unconstitutional extradition trials.