ICE Has Repeatedly Committed Human Rights Violations [The Dispatch]

Over the last 20 years, there’s been a long debate about how to deal with Immigration in America. Immigration is a touchy subject in America, because it turns out that when you advertise that you have the best country where the earth itself is made of milk and honey, people kinda want in! A lot people have a lot of opinions on how to deal with the immigration crisis. At first there was a committee of 8 Congresspeople from both sides of the aisle came together like the Avengers to solve this complex problem. But then they just turned out be like the Zach Snyder Justice League; dark, long, lacking an actual vision and everyone’s chin was CGI’ed for no reason.  

But in 2009 under the Obama administration put forth the Immigration Customs Enforcement! That’s right, Immigration Cops. Because that’s what you need when you have an administrative issue, more guys with guns. It’s like if Rambo was trying to open a bank account and when they asked his signature, he killed everyone at the bank and wrote his name in blood on the outside of the safe. Logical and it looks cool as hell. 

Immigration Customs Enforcement, nicknamed ICE, because you have to be a real cold son of bitch to want to separate families, and ICE has done exactly that in cities all across America. Obama not only deported more immigrants with forceful use of ICE, but also built detention centers for undocumented immigrants. This was done while he wore smile and tan suit and spoke about granting amnesty to immigrants. He was saying one thing and doing another. It’s like watching a Nicholas Cage movie. It’s confusing but you can’t stop watching and you’re unsure if anything good is actually happening. And a lot of times these immigrants will get stuck in these detainment centers for years over small crimes. Interesting that an immigrant gets detained for years for a misdemeanor, but a banker doesn’t see an hour in a jail cell for creating an economic collapse.

Over the years we’ve seen the brutality of ICE ravage the immigrant communities, separate families all in the name of protecting America from…a few Taco trucks, subway franchises and hotel chains. Whew, that could’ve been really bad. Americans could’ve had flavor in their food and a decent place to sleep while traveling. Recently we saw ICE and the Department of Homeland Security offering classes to people to teach them how to spot immigrants and basically do their jobs. An ICE Militia! 

But before that the Trump Administration sent out Border Patrol tactical teams into Portland to use the same tactics they use against border activists and suspected undocumented immigrants on any activist they think are associated with Black Lives Matter. The idea was that BTAC, the Border Patrol agency, is so good at unwarrantedly profiling people that those racist skills can be very effective in the name of fascism! This was revealed by the Blue Leaks, published earlier this year by DDOS and reported on by the Intercept.  

And even before that ICE and the DHS prosecuted Scott Warren, of the Immigration Activist group “No More Death” for the devious crime of … giving water to immigrants crossing the Ajo Desert. Sure that sounds like the name of a great tasting salsa, but it’s one of the harshest stretches of deserts around. And look they had to arrest Warren. He was giving American water to Mexican humans, who were then going to carry that in their Mexican stomachs, duty free! That’s basically international aquatic warfare…or at least ICE and DHS thought it was. By attacking a group name “No More Deaths”, ICE and the DHS are literally saying they want all the deaths. It’s good to have goals…I guess. 

Now I wish I could say that’s the worst thing that’s happening with ICE, but recently a whistleblower out of a Georgia Private ICE Detention Center has found out that a doctor has performing unnecessary and non-consensual hysterectomies. Dawn Wooten, the nurse who blew whistle at LaSalle Prison in Georgia, said many women came forward and said a particular doctor has been performing hysterectomies on them without prior warning. In one case it was when a woman was in the middle of an operation and he made a judgment call to remove her Fallopian tubes and told her about it later. 

This news is abhorrent, but it’s part of a long line of sterilization experiments that American has taken part in. In the 70s, black women were used as “practice” for medical students and would receive C-sections and accidentally become sterile. America has been practicing unwanted sterilization on people of color for decades, so ICE is championing this proud tradition of violating human rights, which about as American as Apple Pie being forced down your throat whether you want it or not. Hey that’s freedom. 

Now there’s a bunch of Congresspeople that have come out and said they are going to investigate this matter. But ICE and the DHS have said that this is not possible and those women have received notice of what was going to be done to them. And of course we have to believe an upstanding organization like ICE and the DHS. It’s not like they have a history of violating human rights by ensuring people die in a desert, separating families, detaining children, attacking people’s first amendment rights…oh wait. 

If you didn’t why I said oh wait, go ahead rewind this to the beginning and you’ll get it. I hope. If you don’t, I think you might have some cognitive issue or you might be Joe Biden. 

If you were confused about why people protest against organizations like ICE, I think this should make it pretty clear. They are an inhumane way of addressing a problem that can be solved using forms and math. Immigration reform is a solution you can’t police away. Immigration reform is going to have to come from amnesty and self reflection. But considering both corporate parties have an anti-mirror policy, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. 

This recent violation of human rights is part of a compendium of ways ICE and DHS have clubbed the First & Fourth Amendment to death. There is no justifying their actions. There is no coy political way of arguing people’s death and illegal detention. And if you try to, you’re basically a toadie for fascism. We don’t need Immigration Customs Enforcement. So with everything that we know about this organization, its beyond time that we abolish ICE!