Julian Assange’s Is Being Tortured By The CIA! [FFON 221]

The most prominent case showing the true brutality of the Espionage Act is regarding the trial of Julian Assange. The Australian publisher is facing 175 years in prison if he is extradited to the United States for revealing how American soldiers are committing war crimes in the Middle East, the CIA is using smart devices to spy on citizens, UK credit card companies are defrauding their customers, how insane Scientology REALLY is and so much more!  Julian Assange & Wikileaks revealed so many different kinds of War crimes and Corporate Fraud that Skittles is coming out with a new bag of flavors to capitalize on these tragedies! Skittles: Taste The War Crimes!

Currently Julian Assange is in Belmarsh Prison, which is the UK’s Guantaemo Bay. The UK decided, why let America have all the fun! They can torture people willy nilly too! After all they are the OG Imperialists! And he is being tortured. UN Rapportuer on Torture, Nils Melzer has confirmed that Assange is a victim of torture! 

To recap why he’s in Belmarsh, Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy, where he had lived in asylum for 7 years, when the conservative President of Ecuador revoked his asylum and sent in the UK police. He was sent to prison was supposedly skipping bail for a trial in Sweden for a crime he did not commit. Even Sweden was like “wait what’s happening?” 

He was supposed to be in Belmarsh for 50 weeks. That was determined in April of 2019. He’s now well past that 50 week mark and is still in prison! And because of his deteriorating health conditions he’s at a high risk of getting COVID-19, especially in a prison where the guards and the prisoners are not wearing masks. I think by proxy that makes the Espionage Act anti-mask! 

Earlier this year, his extradition trial began where he was subject to disorienting conditions from being moved to different rooms, strip searched and kept in a clear box away from his attorneys during the trial. I’ve seen serial killers that have said they’re willing to eat the judges face receive better than this. Hell we let a war criminal finger paint and sell them on Etsy, while we keep a publisher in abhorrent conditions. 

While the UK courts and the American government are trying to win the “World’ Greatest Authoritarian” mug, corporate media has been spreading lies and smears about Julian Assange. Last year after his arrest CNN ran an expose, which revealed how horrible Julian Assange truly was. They claimed Assange smeared feces on the wall and punched guards in the face. When asked for proof, CNN threw a smoke bomb and disappeared into the Fox News building. CNN is smearing shit on the name of journalistic integrity. They’re the National Enquirer of corporate news. 

The reason CNN is running these type smears on Assange is because he revealed the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton Campaign in 2016. And because we have a 3 way love affair between paranoia, spy movies and no accountability, CNN & MSNBC went down the McCarthyist rabbit hole yet again! 

They began by saying Assange was turning the Ecuadorian Embassy into an Election Meddling HQ, like Julian Assange was part of the Exiled Legion of Doom who use their superpowers of the press to bring down to the Good guys of American government so that they may continue Drone Bombing innocent civilians…you know just like the good guys do! 

CNN claimed that he met with Russians! Which is true, he met the anti-Kremlin activist group called Pussy Riots. Perhaps CNN isn’t mature enough to say pussy without giggle for 48 minutes. We know Ben Shapiro can’t say the word at all, so that makes CNN the Ben Shapiro of corporate news! 

This is a typical McCarthyist move, to compare the people of Russia to its leaders. If all Russians are Kremlin puppets, would that make all Americans Trump Supporters! Wave those MAGA flags CNN! Let the global xenophobic hate over invisible lines commence! 

CNN also claims that Assange met with Russia Today, or RT, journalists. RT is Russian state television so it’s clearly connected and controlled by Russian Intelligence! Just like BBC is connected to MI-5 and NPR is funded by the American Military. Oh wait? It is! 

MSNBC, Fox News, NPR and CNN bolster CIA talking points, as CNN is did with that smear piece, so how can trust them? Besides we know that Former Director of the CIA & current Secretary of State and America’s Deadiest Carebear, Mike Pompeo was encouraged to lie in the CIA. The experiment being, how many times will these dopes believe our McCarthyist bullshit! Why would we believe anyone who’s part of a narrative of willful lies. Besides, the RT journalists went to interview Assange and get an accurate view of the story, something no Corporate American Journalist did!

CNN also claimed that Putin rushed to Assange’s aid like the ending of Rom Com, where the hero has to run through an airport to get to his lover! Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Committee to Protect Journalists, ACLU, Reporters Without Borders, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Center for Constitutional Rights are all defending Asange. Are they Kremlins toadies now? This is what binary thinking does, it’s strips away your logic.

Now all of CNN’s information comes from a security company from Spain that was hired by the Ecuadorian Embassy to protect it in case anyone came to harm Assange. The company, Undercover Global, set up cameras & audio recording equipment to keep an eye on Assange. As Fidel Narvaez, a former Ecuador Embassy Diplomat, says, an embassy isn’t a prison, so UC Global’s surveillance was treating Assange as a criminal.  

UC Global sold their surveillance tapes to the CIA and amplified their spying on behalf of the CIA. In fact David Morales, UC Global’s CEO would call them his “American Friends” in meetings. They went as far as putting cameras in the women’s bathroom to spy on Assange’s meetings.  Not just that, but when they found out about Assange’s fiancé and kids, he tried to hire someone to steal dirty diapers from the trash to get a DNA sample from the feces. Congrats, Mr. Morales, you’re now officially grosser than Jeff Bezos! What an accomplishment!  

Spying on Assange especially in the women’s bathroom is a clear violation of Attorney-Client privileges and Lady-Bathroom privileges. All of this was done was validate and bolster the Espionage Act to ensure that those in power are able to commit their corporate war crimes without accountability or punishment. There is no reason this trial should continue and there is no reason why Julian Assange should remain in prison! 

Remember Daniel Ellsberg’s case was done when they found out the Nixon was trying to steal documents from Ellsberg’s doctor. Julian Assange was spied on and tortured by the American government and is still undergoing a trial. The UK judge was aware of UC Global’s actions within the embassy and is still allowing it! This is a desperate attempt to ensure that the Espionage Act can crush dissent as Woodrow Wilson wanted. 

The case now is about whether Julian Assange caused harm instead of just inform the public about government misdeeds. And both those things are right. To those in power, what Assange and any whistleblower reveals is to inform the public about the wrongdoings of those in power. The only people that are harmed by this are THOSE IN POWER!

These people don’t have defense for their criminal activities so they use propaganda and authoritarian tactics to smear Assange’s character. Look at the way Mike Pompeo talks about this man. First of all Assange doesn’t have a state because he’s not from the United States, he’s Australian.

That’s hard slam too, he took away Assange’s state! Is he solid? Gaseous? Liquid? Pompeo just took all those qualities away because he and the CIA got caught spying on the citizens of America and Assange himself. Assange doesn’t need a state because he’s transcended that. The Truth has no state, it just is. 

Assange’s trial sets the precedent that the US Government will be able to arrest people for publishing information that isn’t flattering to them. Basically when the US government asks “Does this law or war make me look like an authoritarian dictator with an assassination complex?”, and we answer YES, because that’s the truth, they get to imprison and torture us! 

This opens the door to any global government to extradite people from the US and try them under their version of the Espionage Act. This affects the people’s right to know. It’s about transparency. Corporate Ad Gag laws, which are laws that prevent journalists from talking about the horrors of things like factory farms, in tandem with an authoritarian governments & legislation like the Espionage Act would mean that we don’t know where our food comes from, how we are endangering the planet, why we are at war and how the Intelligence Industrial Complex is going to create another false coup!

This is about our Freedoms. Our freedom to criticize and push back against a government that distrusts us and uses fear as a prime motive to strip us of our rights. This is about ensuring that when these people in power are caught with their pants down committing heinous crimes they are punished for it. We don’t have any freedoms if whistleblowers are kept in prison under the Espionage Act.


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