The Federal Reserve Created All Of America’s Greatest Economic Crashes! [FFON 225]

Mayer Amschel Rothschild said “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its law”. This is an admission that a nation isn’t its people, its laws or its Constitution, but rather its money. The creation of the Fed was pitched as an economic stabilizer. But it is responsible for some of the most heinous acts of violence we’ve seen in the 20th century! This system has consistently widened the gap of wealth and power in this country and should be seen as an insult to the what the United States of America stands for. 

The Fed is responsible for virtually every single one of America’s economic crashes. Now when it was first created, you can see how that’s possible. It’s still young and trying to figure things out, like a toddler learning to walk. Accidents will happen. Milk will be spilled. Someone’s gonna take a shit on a carpet. But after over a 100 years, you’d figure the Fed would have it’s shit together, but it’s just drunk on power and we all know that drunks are just big smelly toddlers that curse too much.

After the Federal Reserve Act was signed in 1913, the first thing they did was get ready to cause a crash. From 1914-1919, the Fed doubled the money supply and then in 1919 said the country was broke so it was calling in all the loans! This is what they claimed was happening in 1907 so really they’re just played their number 1 hit single for 4 years. 

By 1920 there were panics everywhere. People were pulling their money out of their banks and these smaller community banks were going bankrupt. So they were bought up and consolidated into the bigger banks who had connections to the Fed. 

Senator Charles Lindberg said “Under the federal reserve act. Panics are Scientifically created. The present panic is the first scientifically created one, worked out as we figure out a mathematical equation!” This is the power of Math! If it can create an astronomical amount of panic when it’s used for evil, think of how awesome it would be if it was used for good! We’d be well on our way to the Star Trek universe!

After seeing what the Fed actually was up to, President Florida-Man, Woodrow Wilson made a statement at the end of his Presidency stating, “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of a majority but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men”.

Senator Louis McFadden pointed out that the Fed had usurped the United States government and was a proponent on pushing back against them. In 1921 the Fed introduced something new to ensure people would have faith in the market again. They called it a Margin loan. You purchase a stock option at 10% of the value and then get a loan from the bank for the rest of the 90%. That way it appreciates and at the end you can pay off the loan and make more money. But the catch is that loan can be called in at any moment and you have 24 hours to pay it. This would be like having a child play with Star Wars toy but then store says it wants the toy back and you one day to box it up perfectly! That’s some real Dark Side shit right there! 

Also this is the laziest way of of making money ever! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make an honest living you monetary maniacs! Now in 1929, JD Rockerfeller, JP Morgan, Rothschild and of the like pulled their money out of the market, which was investing a lot in the Margin Loans. Once they did, the market crashed and all the loans were called in after they had depreciated. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost everything and it’s considered one worst of moments of American history. 

This is what we now know as the Great Depression. The economy looked at what the Fed was doing and was so upset about it, that it tried to kill itself and the Fed wouldn’t let it die. Now Louis McFadden did try to hold an impeachment trial to disband the Fed after this, but he had 2 assassination attempts on his life and then was finally poisoned! 

These tactics were repeated again in 2008. The Fed cut interest rates for the banks to ensure that they can lend more money to people. Wall Street and the Banks loaned out money at higher interest rates and when the market crashed, the people were left in the wake. This is a remix of their number 1 hit single “Manipulate the Market To Create Panic”! It’s not the most catchy title but remember this was hit that was written in 1914 and click bait didn’t exist then! 

And now they’re doing it again! Back in March, the New York Fed said it’ll offer banks $1 TRILLION in overnight loans with no interest in addition to pumping another $1 Trillion in 14 day loans on a weekly basis! This was meant to soothe banks like a child that was not just born with a silver spoon its mouth but also has a silver spoon to melt portions of the economy to inject directly into its own ass. 

Back in 1913 the idea of the Fed was pitched as an economic stabilizer and once again things are no different. Macroeconomist Steven Friedman says that the Fed is a “shock absorber” and he’s right. It absorbed the shock of a crash it created only to electrocute the American public with poverty and stress included comas. 

Also in March, we saw Senators sell their share of stocks before the markets crashed and make millions of dollars right before a global pandemic. This is no different than 1929 when the robber Barrons sold their stocks because they knew what was coming. They knew what was coming because they orchestrated it! They’re the friend that gets your drunk on the Fourth of July and tells you fire off bottle rockets everywhere setting the rest of your homies cars on fire. But this evil friend took a cab and also insures everyones cars.

Now the concern for the Fed today is that people are selling their stocks, because they’re realizing that it has no real value! It would be like trying to buy food actual Monopoly money. The stock market can’t buy you food. It’s a vehicle to make rich people feel like their important and average working class people feel like they aren’t working hard enough. The reason the Fed wants to give the banks more money is because it makes more money on the interest. 

Look this is a clear indication from the people that this faith based currency that the Fed has control over is not the power we want in charge. People don’t want stocks, they want food, water, health, shelter and safety. Instead of Harry Pottering an economy by using a Banking spell, the Fed could’ve used the Trillions on purchasing food from community farmers, milk from dairy farmers to feed people and helped fund medical equipment for hospitals. 

The Fed has proven time and time again that it’s need to have power through wealth will mean that we the people will be the victim of its tyrannical greed. The markets aren’t real but our health crisis is and this creature from the Capitalist Lagoon will be the end of us by not letting us die a natural death in peace.