The Federal Reserves Profits Off Endless Wars & N A Z I S! [FFON 226]

One of the other major purposes of the Fed is to loan money out to the government. This means that for every dollar the government gets from the Fed, it has to pay back that dollar, plus the interest. So the only way to keep ahead is for the government to borrow more money with more interests and the cycle keeps going. Remember the government really doesn’t make money, but rather comes up with a budget for the Fed to loan out. This is the trappings of a debt economy and this why Capitalism is a snake eating itself and vomiting itself out simultaneously. 

When it comes to debt as a form of control, nothing locks in social control like War Debt! The Fed loans more to the Government when they’re at war so to the Fed, wars are incredibly lucrative. The harsh truth is that for all the chest thumping, flag waving and dick measuring Americans do, most Americans don’t want to go to war. But they’re usually coaxed into the supporting it.

For America to get involved in World War 1, the ship Lusitania was deliberately sent into German Waters. Despite going into war torn waters this was still safer & cleaner than a Carnival Cruise line! The Germans sent a warning that said “Come on guys, this is dumb and you know it!” by putting an ad in the New York Times! But after the ship was attacked, America caught War fever and spent $30 billion on the war effort. JD Rockerfeller personally made $200 million in 1919. 

During World War 2, FDR used economic sanctions on Japan to provoke an attack. He halted trade, froze Japanese assets, aided Japan’s enemies with supplies, which are all against the rules of war for a neutral party like America. You can’t passively help one side and still claim neutrality. This is like when guys say “just the tip” when they really mean they want to fuck! It’s stupid, dishonest and nobody wants to see your dick or even if it’s just the tip! 

3 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Australian intelligence told America about the attack and it was ignored. After the attack 1 million soldiers volunteered for service. 

But that’s not all. JD Rockerfeller was profiting from both sides. His company U.S. Standard Oil was partnered with IG Farben the company provided explosives and chemical weapons to the Nazis. U.S. Standard Oil provided fuel with a specific additive to help Nazi fighter planes bomb London. Rockerfeller was one of the men responsible for pushing the Federal Reserve Act and an OG in war for oil. 

But that’s not all! The Union Bank in New York was a Nazi money laundering front that was called into trial after the war. The Vice President of The Union Bank of New York was Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush. The Bushes really made war crimes a family activity. Something you pass down from generation to generation like commemorative plates or Huntington’s Disease!  

America like likes it’s never-ending wars and the Fed is in love with them! If a war never ends then the government never needs to stop borrowing money. This is why the America’s real export is war! We have an economic system built on it. And the rich never have to see the horrors of war but get all its spoils. 

Remember how I’ve mentioned that 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are burdened 3/4 of the debt in this country. Well there’s an easy way out if join the military. If you create the debt and then use military service as a way to pay the debt off it creates this forced voluntary military to justify fighting more wars for longer periods of time which furthers the wealth of the Fed. The Fed is the key to the functionality of the American War Economy. It is the primary funder of the never ending wars and its biggest beneficiary. This means that American economic stability is based on the destruction of other nations, that we gleefully take part in after we’re manipulated to get drunk on our own ignorance.