Comedians & Activists Fight For Veterans! [The Dispatch]

With a new President being prepped to take over the American Empire, everyone is wondering who will the elderly Champion of Neoliberalism, Joe Biden, pick to add to his Cabinet. People like the GOAT of all octogenarians, Bernie Sanders is being floated as the head of the Department of Labor. This is department is so in the fringes of American politics, most people thought it was neoliberal satire against socialism. This is one of those departments that’s so disrespected by neoliberal-neofascists, it’s main office is in the sub-basement of a sub-basement with a rotary phone the Lisa computer. 

America’s gramma with a plan, Elizabeth Warren is also being floated for the Department of Treasury. And this works out great since her plan to tax billionaires is to hit them where it hurts…after the first $50 billion! Look if you really want to hit the billionaires where it hurts, ban them. If you make more than a billion dollars, then you’re taxed at 90% of your wealth and all your employees get free healthcare forever. If you’re not going be benevolent then I guess we’ll have to force it on you. And by we I mean the people that will be taking over the government and running more efficiently than the over-paid bags of flatulence we call American Politicians. 

Lets be honest with ourselves here, can we really expect a President that has a track record of overfunding killer cops, voting for ever war with the excitement of a child opening presents on Christmas and putting an large amount of black people in prison since the 70s, to choose progressives and mildly liberal politicians to be in-charge of any department of the government? No. No we cannot. And if you think we can, you haven’t paid attention to the last 3 months of American history, let alone the last 3 decades or the 3 centuries. 

If anything Biden’s cabinet will be filled with former Obama & Clinton intelligence actors and war architects, so that the American Empire’s military budget doesn’t go to waste! The GOP controlled Senate just approved a $696 billion military budget, while the McResistance in the House of Representatives approved a $694 billion military budget! And that $2 billion will be used to manufacture Black Lives Matter and Rainbow ribbons to tie on all the drone bombs both parties want to drop on all those pesky brown & socialist countries. Unity…but with explosions! 

It’s good to know that American Imperialism has the maturity of a 7th grader. “I wanna be friends with everyone, but also let’s blow shit up!” I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, America is a Teenager and it needs to put its boner away!

Now you’d assume that this obscenely large amount money would be used not only to pay the folks currently in the military but a larger amount would go into ensuring that the working class that were sent to fight in these wars. Alas, the Department of Veterans Affairs barely even gets a percent of that budget. Veterans are left with no health services and a bevy of mental & physical health issues caused by their time serving the ambitions of the rich. 

Funding Mike Pompeo’s lies gets a higher percentage of the budget than getting Veterans healthcare. Funding a person to constantly take care of John Bolton mustache gets a higher percentage of the budget than Veteran healthcare. I’d give you a 3rd example to fulfill the rule of 3’s here, but the funding for that joke was absorbed by the Military Industrial Complex. That’s right they’re weaponizing jokes…considering most of the comedians on national TV never address our raging war erections and the ones that do are heavily suppressed.  

One of these healthcare battles is to get those that have been negatively affected by burn pits healthcare. These burn pits were used to get rid of waste which included plastic and styrofoam using Jet fuel. This releases dioxins which are known to be cancerous. The same dioxins were found in debris of 9/11 too. Now Trump did ban Burnpits, but there is no politician that is fighting for the victims of Burn Pits, but a comedian and a 9/11 activist are.  

Former host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart and anti-war activist John Feal are pushing to get the victims of the cancerous burn pits healthcare to make sure they don’t have to be punished for the decisions made by sociopathic oligarchs. This includes President-Elect Biden who claims his own son got brain damage because of burn pits. Yet, there’s not regret for approving the war that led to the burn pits that caused his son’s cancer. 

Maybe we can push Biden to the left and green up our military, where not only do we compost the waste but our enemies too. Or how a better idea, we stop engaging pointless endless wars based on lies to profit the already wealthy. Waging wars is not only detrimental to human life but the life of this planet. Wars are one of the largest factors of perpetuating climate change. 

Look I’m not saying that Stewart and Feal’s mission is a waste of time, rather the opposite. I hope they can get their legislation passed, considering Congress’ work is done for them. At this point all Congress has to do is say yes to taking care of Veterans. Congress is basically that kid in group projects, that plays video games and downloads porn on your parent’s computer, while the rest of the group does all the work and then at the end adds their name to it and takes all the credit. They’re douchebag kid, who’s parent’s skipped a few hugs and now is someone that likes to watch the world burn because that’s how they know how to show love. But the love isn’t for the world, its for themselves. 

Hug your kids, parents or you might make a new generation of Mitch McConnells or Joe Biden’s or Nancy Pelosi’s. 

Stewart and Feal already helped 9/11 first responders medical bills covered! And it wasn’t because the neoliberals and neocons of the United States Congress felt like it was the right thing to do, but they were guilted into it. And maybe they can do that for this as well. But unfortunately I don’t think the neoliberals and neocons will be guilted into getting all Veterans health coverage, ending all the wars and not engage in expanding the American Empire more veraciously than the coronavirus. Imperialist War Mongering is a virus that has no vaccine…well except for anti-war activists and comedians. But thanks to propaganda, when it comes to supporting anti-war activists and comedians, the American populace becomes vaccine deniers. 

With this is mind, I doubt the Biden administration is going to be filled anyone remotely progressive considering most of the progressives that are part of the American Pop-Politics Reality Show are against the Neoliberal, expansion of the American Military. Biden claims his cabinet will represent America, but I don’t remember the American citizenry filled with proud, nationalistic, war criminals that hypocritically preach unity while dropping on bombs on every brown country that wants to give their people healthcare. In fact most Americans are against the perpetual endless wars and lack of care for most of our Veterans. 

Right now, we the people need to be more vehemently anti-war and anti-imperialist. This would mean that not only would we push back against the expansion of the American military into global communities, but also the prevention of the militaristic police expanding into our communities. It means the American people are going to have to organize, speak up and demonstrate against this War Machine. If you’re someone that wants to see an end to American Empirism, Joe Biden isn’t your President. He is a part long of history of a President for the War Mongering Oligarchs.