Trump Wants A War With Iran; Biden Wants A COLD War With Iran! [The Dispatch]

Recently all of American media wondered if Donald Trump was going to pull troops out of Afghanistan, and if he does, who will continue waging a war on terror. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but since the beginning of our war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, & Libya amongst various proxy wars, global terror has been down. As long as you ignore the terror that the American Military imposes on countries that don’t want us there and of course the terror implemented by the Militarized American Police. As long as you ignore all that and focus your attention solely on the fact that brown people with beards and a phlegmy accent are the only cause of terror, America is nailing it on the war against Terror! 

Raytheon Lobbyist & Weapon’s Pimp, Mark Esper was recently fired by Trump from his position as the Secretary of Defense. His dismissal was seen as a possible exodus from Afghanistan, but don’t worry guys, his replacement Christopher Miller wants to turn Afghanistan into a glass laden parking lot! Remember that old gem from the right wingers when the Iraq War started!? We’re bringing it back because trends in xenophobia and racism are cyclical. As Abby Martin of Empire Files reported Miller is quoted to say “The war isn’t over…we must avoid our past strategic failings to see the fight through the finish!” But how do you finish an infinite war? Does Christopher Miller know some kind of secret of the universe we don’t know!?

No, he doesn’t. He’s a war hawk willing to sacrifice the lives of the working class to ensure a small amount of people stay rich while throwing out platitudes about victory and other nationalistic propaganda. 

Esper was fired for his disloyalty to Trump’s desire to engage in a war with Iran. If we remember earlier this year, America assassinated one of Iran’s top military leaders, General Soliemani, who was on peace mission in Iraq. This is a leader that has led his troops into battle defeating the terror group ISIS in Syrias, especially when American troops were failing. A war with Iran would be catastrophic and would lead to the deaths of more American Citizens. 

America has been flooding Iran with Economic Sanctions which is basically Economic Wars, by cutting access to medical supplies during a Pandemic. Proving yet again that American Capitalism doesn’t give a shit about human lives as long as it can prove it’s best because daddy didn’t hug it enough. Well maybe Capitalism could’ve stopped trying to get it’s dad, Ayn Rand’s approval it wouldn’t feel the need to impose it’s militaristic might on countries that clearly said NO. And maybe if it thought to help people like it’s friend Socialism people would want to come to its birthday parties more often. Also stop charging a cover for your birthday parties, Capitalism. It’s in poor taste. FYI, Ayn Rand is both Capitalism’s mom and dad because that’s how ruggedly individualistic she was! 

As Abby Martin reports, the Trump Administration is putting new sanctions on Iran every week to destabilize it’s military capabilities. I’m fairly certain that Iran’s goals isn’t attack America in the midst of a global pandemic that they themselves are suffering from! BUT when the American media validates Trump, the mascot of American Capitalism, for bombing the shit out of countries in the Middle East, what more can you really expect? Iran has less nuclear capabilities than they did in 2015! Let’s pretend its daylight savings again and dial the nuclear clock back a little. Thought corporate media would like you to believe otherwise. Similar to how they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. How many times before they cry “WMDs” till the people say, “Shut the fuck up American Media!”? 

America has sold over $23 billion in weapons to the United Arab Emirates or the UAE, a dictatorial monarchy, with a hatred for Iran. Look this makes perfect sense, because who knows how to defend freedoms and liberties more than a dictatorial monarch. And if you don’t say dictatorial monarchs you’ll be put to death in the town square.

Now there’s about 60 some odd days till Biden’s inauguration and he did pen a op-ed in CNN about what he’d do about Iran. Really if he wanted Trump to see if would’ve gone on Fox News and broke it down. But we can’t really let Biden on TV too much, because the subject of Black America and his record might come up and he’d lose it! 

Biden claims that he will prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. First of all, what makes America the arbiter of nuclear weapons? Because we were willing to use them first?  As the saying goes, “First the worst, second is the best…” Oh shit that’s right we were also the second in using Nuclear weapons. It’d seem that since we’re the only nation that has used nuclear weapons, maybe the rest of the world should be putting sanctions on us for sake of safety.  

If he was really worth salt as a diplomat and a peacekeeper, Biden would call for nuclear disarmament, globally! And if Iran says they are responsible enough to have nuclear weapons, then what? Does that mean that, after criticizing Trump for bringing America into the brink of another war, Biden would get even brinkier with a war with Iran?  

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Biden wants the release of innocent political prisoners from Iran. This coming from the soon to be leader of a nation that is holding a journalist as a political prisoner. If Biden wants to stand true with the release of political prisoners he’d start with pardoning Julian Assange, move the Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden and wrap it up by pardoning all imprisoned Black Panthers. And he’d end with putting himself and every architect of war in prison for committing crimes against humanity with their endless wars for profit. 

Biden is saying that he’s willing to lift sanctions that prevent Iran from fighting COVID-19, but is keeping sanctions on military operations. So if the UAE decides it wants to get into a fire fight with Iran, the US has put dollar billed schakles on this country. These sanctions are primarily to protect Israel. Yet again we see Biden’s hypocrisy of not escalating conflict when he’s clearly chosen a side. It’s like America is playing Middle East Chess and Iran the queen. This brings a whole new meaning to the term war games! 

Biden’s plan is about making America great again…through faux diplomacy and continued economic warfare. How do you show the world that America is back on top? You use the only thing of real value in America, the military and weapons sales. Both Biden and Trump are the perfect mascots of America Capitalism. They’re old. They’re failing. They got rich by screwing over everyone else. And all they want to do wage war. Thinking that peace will be achieved with a blue party in the White House is naive. Peace will only come if we reject both colors of war.