Obama Is Distracting Us From Biden’s Record! [The Dispatch]

Recently Former President and record setter for fastest graying of hair, Barack Obama condemned quippy slogans like “Defund the Police”. Claiming that it pushes people away from Criminal Justice reform and polarizes people. This continues the trend of revisionist history from the most handsome king of the Democratic Party, which ignores the hundreds and thousands of people that are still marching on the streets against police brutality. It ignores the continued killing of innocent people of color going about their day. And it very much ignores the real meaning behind a slogan like “Defund the Police”. 

Defunding the Police would mean that more money gets allocated to community driven law enforcement. That means that armed gunman with badges only show up when there’s a threat that needs an armed gunman. Calling someone with an arsenal befitting one of the Call of Duty games for a speeding ticket or the possibility of a counterfeit bill is LITERALLY over kill, considering cops kill people in those instances, especially if the person’s skin tone is darker than translucent. Traffic stops should be done by people who know and understand that it’s a speeding ticket not a war zone like in Call of Duty and there are no bonus points allotted to killing civilians. I’m almost certain that you’re not supposed kill innocent civilians in Call of Duty either.  

Community Law enforcement would also mean that the folks patrolling the streets live in the neighborhood they are patrolling. Most cops don’t. It would also mean that when there is a clear mental health issue, instead of filming the next Die Hard movie, you have a mental health professional that is called in to help the person instead of trying to John McClane the situation. Instead of “yippee kayee mother fucker” it’ll be “lets address your trauma mother fucker!”

And Defund the Police means exactly that too! The police budgets in a lot of trump the education budget, social services and definitely any kind of mental health services. Dropping the police budget and demilitarizing the police would mean better schools, thriving communities and less brutality in the streets from the boys in blue. Obama wants to call this a “quippy slogan”, but this is a big idea and the movement needed something to get people’s attention. “Defund the Police” sounds a whole lot more attractive than “Eradicate a racist criminal justice system that was birthed out of slave patrols, evolved to attacking strikers and socialists and now is in indiscriminately killing innocent black & brown all the across the country.” 

But then again, maybe Obama is just jealous that a movement came up a better and more substantive slogan than ‘Hope & Change’. Obama’s slogan now rings as a hollow reminder that we can’t trust those that want all that power. Really the slogan should’ve been ‘Hope For Change, but Fundamentally Nothing Will Change, see you in 4 years!” How’s that for quippy? 

Obama is justifying and now spearheading the new excuse for why Democrats lost seats in Congress. Democrats claim it’s because of bills that have come out of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement that made things too polarizing and hence why they lost their elections. The reality is that these bills that call for end for qualified immunity, decrease the transfer of military equipment to the police and reallocating funds to necessary social programs were left in limbo as hundreds and thousands of people marched on the streets! And these came with statements from Democrat after Democrat, that adamantly said they will not ever Defund the Police. 

And so as they usually do the Democrats called in the big guns, Barack Obama, to revise history and blame the lack of a power grab on the people. In his interview he calls out that people need to be focused on committing less crime. Yes, we do. The crimes of holding a sandwich like Casey Goodson. The crime of sleeping in ones own home like Breonna Taylor. The crime of sitting in a car like George Floyd. The crime of walking down the street like Atwon Rose & Eric Garner. The crime of being Bipolar like Walter Wallace. 

All of these crimes need to stop. America has turned a blind eye to walking, sandwich eating, mental health and car sitting criminal behavior for long enough. All of these are gateway crimes. Sandwich eating could give you strength and stamina needed to rob a bank. Walking could lead to running and eventually murdering the elderly. Car sitting can turn can into car jacking in a matter of seconds. And mental illness well…do I need to say more? 

Democrats lost because they didn’t do anything about police brutality. They used the movement for photo ops and twitter platitudes but when it came down to doing their job and making laws to ensure the public can feel safer with the criminal justice system they failed. And Obama failed too. Mike Brown and Eric Garner’s deaths happened under his administration. And those were the police killings that were televised, there were tons more that didn’t get as much media attention. 

This attack on the ‘Defund the Police’ is also a way to bolster the new Racist in Chief…I mean Commander…Commander in Chief, Joe Biden. Biden’s record on criminal justice and contributing heavily to the issue of police brutality and racism in the Criminal Justice system is astonishing, and Obama’s attack on the ‘Defund the Police’ movement is way to essentially delegitimize even bringing up Biden’s record as the source of the problem.

The issue of Joe Biden’s attack on people of color began with his flip flop on desegregating schools and bussing. He claimed “forced bussing” was an economic concern but then again so did some people that advocated to keep slavery intact. It’s good for the economy that we keep a group of people that have a specific skin tone enslaved and treat them as lesser. That’s just code for “My racism is good and noble because it keeps me rich! And I’m rich than America is rich!” Well he did point out how his home state of Delaware was proud to be a Southern state during the Civil War, so I suppose his racist flip flop on desegregation is just his heritage. 

In 1977 Biden said he didn’t want his kids to grow up in “racialized jungle”! They wouldn’t have been if you introduced them to black kids and helped them learn that the amount of melatonin in ones skin has nothing to do with who they are as a person. The only person racializing the argument is Joe Biden by saying race is a factor for who gets to go to school. 

Biden emboldened the police in the 80s by lobbying Regan for tougher Crime laws. Turns out the ol’ gipper wasn’t tough enough on Crime. He worked with Strom Thurmond, an even bigger racist Senator, to put out a bill that expanded penalties for marijuana, permitted punitive legal strategies and approved civil asset forfeiture where the cops are allowed to take your stuff. If Biden had continued to have his way, it wouldn’t have ended at penalties for the plant marijuana, but all plants, like Broccoli, which he was forced to eat as a kid. And much like his distaste for “forced bussing” he’s also against “forced vegetation”! 

In the 90s his greatest achievement to hand over more power and exceptions to racism came in the form of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, politely known as the ’94 Crime Bill. 60 new death penalties, 100k more cops, 125k more prison cells and 70 enhanced penalties AND a Kung-Fu grip on communities of color who would be disproportionately thrown into prison, the crime bill had it all…if you were sociopathic dictator trying a Prison Empire. Joe Biden is responsible for the increased police violence when he created bills that made cops look at the civilian populace as the enemy. 

And for a war monger like Joe Biden, having the cops fight a war where the opposition has no idea they’re in a war is perfect!

When Biden began running Obama didn’t even think he had a chance! He told one of the candidates this in Iowa. He’s also on record to Politico saying “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up!” So why would the DNC pick this guy as the candidate? Partly because they need to convert some of the Republican base over to beat Trump. Nothing like a Dixiecrat – which is code for Republican in Democrats clothing – get all those scared, rich suburbanites to vote for the Big D! Then you bring your big guns to vouch for the old racist coot! 

Both Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr. warned the true left about the white, moderate liberal. Both said they’d trick you into a false sense of security and then implement racist, authoritarian laws and policies but do it with a trusting smile on their face. Joe Biden is the biggest example of the White Moderate Liberal. He is the reason why we have to ‘Defund the Police’ and why so many people of color are living in fear of those that are mean to protect and serve. And now we can add the neoliberal, former black President to that as well. 

The Democratic Party is participating in revisionist history to cover their racist past and present. They’ll continue to blame massive movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Defund the Police’ and every labor movement that strikes a chord with the American people. They want to hold on their power and these REAL fundamental changes mean they lose all of it. Their hope lies in the lies preached by their most attractive mascot. Our hope lies in the truth and each other.