A Blissful New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is one of those night that I’ve always enjoyed. When I was a kid it was the perfect refresh! As an adult its cause for celebration at an attempt to refresh. In year’s past, I’ve always tried find an event for New Year’s Eve, some of them more eventful than others.

A few years ago, I got myself booked for a New Year’s Eve show for an Indian Banquet. It was decent pay and the only stipulation was no major cursing. I was an adult I could handle that! When I got to the event, I found out the Emcee was a woman who I had some what terrorized as a child.

Ok so terrorized might not be right word here. I mouthed off to her a lot. Like a lot. This lady and I would get into heated verbal debates about the state of play. She tried to tell us children, the representation of the future, where we could and couldn’t play. She was trying to restrict the future and I wasn’t going to allow that, for I was a Child of Freedom. Usually, my arguments would end with cursing her out.

One of the major arguments with her was about my comedy. When I was high school and started comedy, I talked about what I knew…my mother & growing up in an immigrant household. And yes, I did the Indian Accent. To this woman, I was denigrating the Indian culture and making all Indians look bad by the mere act of telling jokes. And here we are, a decade later, I’m the featured guest of the event she’s Emceeing!

I bombed my ass off. I did 30 minutes of comedy to a crowd that was more enthusiastic about the free buffet and booze than anything I had to say. That was one of the better New Year’s Eve events I’ve been booked for.

Usually it’s Indian groups and usually I usually have to deal with a drunk Indian man who sees this to be the night that they’re going to come out of their white collar shell and show up the skinny comedian. And usually I tend to get them away and to shut up at the risk of loosing my pay or my temper.

At the end of these shows I’m usually exhausted, don’t want to be around people and am ready for bed and it’s only 10pm. After these types of shows I go back to a party with all my friends and hangout till a little after midnight.

New Year’s Eve 2019 was a little different. I had just ended things with my now ex-wife and previous months had a lot of emotional abuse and gaslighting. I had been exhausted for long while, so I didn’t book a show for New Year’s Eve.

I woke up with no plans for the evening. I exercised, showered and grabbed my laptop and went for a drive. By the evening, the weather was starting to turn and I had the itch to write. So I found a little dive bar with decent beer specials and sat in a booth and rewrote the entirety of “my show “Politely Angry”. I had 2-3 beers, finished working on my closer and decided to go home. I got home, made some tea and enjoyed some show I was watching at the time and fell asleep a little after midnight. I was perfect.

This year didn’t feel like an end or a refresh to anything. The last few months have been filled with personal struggles on top of the Pandemic. None of us could do the big party thing anyway, and honestly, I hadn’t thought about what New Year’s Eve would be. But all I knew was, I wanted it to be quiet.

This year, I spent the night with my girlfriend and our cat. There were drinks, smoke, anime and Star Trek. Until my girlfriend’s alarm went off at midnight, I didn’t realize we’d hit the New Year. It was perfect.

I hope you had the New Year’s Eve you wanted to have. I hope it was a moment of perfect in constant imperfect world.